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  1. haha yes the waiting for pripyat was totally intentional in other news, been adulting a lot, errands all kinds of, gasp, errands ill be swinging back to this, once other things stabilize, iv got vague ideas in mind and should be able to reply relatively soon
  2. Sure, I guess I'm fine with that. Been doing a lot of adult stuff this past week, so waiting worked with me--I'll be brainstorming a bit today, see if I can string this along.
  3. I have not forgotten this roleplay, I am still waiting for anyone else to post character reactions such as Shadow Star. Will resume posting later today
  4. Waitin' a bit so everyone has fair chance to react.
  5. The mare had only just made her way to Granite Rose's table. Silver barely had any time to finish his water. Lruf had just poured Shadow Star another drink, before noises began to sound outside. The warm atmosphere seemed to almost die off, as yelling was heard beyond the door. Slamming was heard. Carriages being sent across town, in every which road, it wasn't long before everyone could hear the hoofsteps approaching the door. Meanwhile a cloaked figure escaped through the backdoor... The massive oak doors swung open, slamming loudly against the stone wall. A royal guard, elite by the insignia of the sun over his heart, flew in--rising higher, before speaking over the tavern. "The Princesses have decreed a quest. Our allies call for aid across the waters, more than what we can spare. She has ordered that we search every corner of Canterlot, for..." He raised the paper he'd been reading from, the seal of the alicorn flashing for all to see. A royal-tier job, usually reserved for the likes of the Elements. "Heroes!" The decree resounded through the room. The proposition hanging in the air, refusing to budge regardless of any silence that followed. The guard glared down at all of them, and one by one ponies began to duck their heads...Shuffle in the shadows, stare at their drinks. Clearly fearful of what might lie in wait...
  6. So we have a scarf... A young'un. A merc. A drunk, a gardener... And a veteran. We have enough characters. Time to begin the actual story; as of now, everyone is just sitting within the tavern...
  7. I got illiad and kronos mixed up But that's fine, we can just assume they were getting food for dinner. Dont rp after waking up kids, it's a bad habit
  8. "Strongest whiskey?" The Yak chuckled, catching the bits in a wide sweep as they bounced once on the counter. "You're being modest tonight." He commented, pushing another shot glass towards her--the exact same he'd just given to Silver. Of whom the Yak, at some point while serving the new mare, smoothly pushed a glass of water next to. Fresh and cold, one would think it came from the snow outside, as the yak continued talking to the mare. --- The mare was making her way back. Scanning the room once, to find her customer--she nimbly weaved through the crowds, towards the two. She was carrying a platter of food; slabs of meat piled high, a pint of cider, a pie held in her magic above the crowd, setting the food down between the two. "I'll bring you your tab by the end of tonight...In case you wanna buy more after this." She made a small smile at Renegade, already familiar with how long he'd been there, "nice to see you're making friends~"
  9. Oooh, sounds exciting! I'll be sure to keep an eye on things.
  10. He looks good, but, remember what I said--this is going to be a story-driven roleplay, that spans over different areas. Adventure, with conflict and stakes--are you sure you'd like him to play a role in it? Not saying he cant. Just pointing it out before okay'ing the character
  11. To be fair, again, the inside of the tavern is the 'starting line' of the roleplay. There's no consequence to posting more, or less, because when the story kicks off, everyone will still just be there. Some people could not even post at all, until the story starts, or, be a social butterfly.
  12. He stared down at Silver. Raised a hoof, to brush fur aside to glare with one eye, inspecting the young boy. Before turning, to fix a drink. "In Yak culture, long as you can hold your liquor ...Then you are of age to drink with elders." He turned back around, pushing a single shot glass to him. The smell intensified, and a slightly educated guess would signal that this was whiskey. "Two bits, one shot." She winked back, clearly fluent in the banter. "I'll be sure to. Mr. Big Spender can get the best meals we got~" It only took a moment, as she stepped away, for the bustle of the tavern's crowds to cover her. Nimbly stepping between ponies, making her way back to the counter, a waitress of seasoned footwork...
  13. I'm off today so I'm cool to post throughout today