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  1. Since it’s been a few days here’s my favorite episodes of season 9 in no particular order

    Beginning of the End

    Common Ground 

    Sparkle’s Seven 

    Between Dawn and Dusk

    The Last Crusade 

    A Big Mac Question 

    Ending of the End and Last Problem 

  2.  promoting a friends great video.

  3. TFW MLP has a better ending then Game of Thrones.
  4. Something that really bursted my emotional veins. Was the implications Granny Smith and Golden Delicious passed away. The biggest part being they’ve probably reunited with Bright Mac and Buttercup
  5. The best part to take away from all this is it’s set in stone MLP FIM ended on a high note and all the good it’s done will be fondly remembered for all time. Which is much better then the alternative and have it decline in quality and everyone remembering it as a decaying zombie that won’t ever Rest In Peace.
  6. I cried twice watching this finale and have no regrets
  7. I’m so emotionally affected right now the Equestria Daily Stream And my talks with my best friends on discord have completely lifted my spirts. I must say thank you everyone for this amazing fandom. It was an honor to be by all your sides these past 9 years.