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  1. Probably Princess Skystar. I found her and her shells really cute, but Tempest is also awesome, and my second favorite.
  2. As many people have said, keeping the show going will just make it get worse with each episode, and the makers of the show will lose motivation. I would like it to keep going, though, if somehow that wouldn’t happen. I know it’s not really possible but I have enjoyed the show a lot, but all things must come to an end.
  3. Wow! And I just finished watching it a bit ago... It was a great movie, especially the soundtrack. And the animation was just... great!
  4. I really love to breed for shinies. Or, I used to love to do it. It’s just sorta something I did in my free time, but I wasn’t too serious with it. This reminded me of the fun moments I had doing that, and now I wanna go do it some more.
  5. Overall good. Little stressed from some work, but I'm otherwise just fine!
  6. I licked my cat. Tasted pretty darn good.
  7. Awwww it's beautiful! I can certainly imagine being greeted by this when I walk into a bakery
  8. Smile, smile, SMILE! Happy Smile Day everypony.
  9. This episode was great. I was happy they showed the wedding on screen, I was kind of doubting that would happen.