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  1. I'm back! Most likely temporarily, but I'm back! (Don't get too attached)

  2. Nine Inch Nails, with their either extremely angry or quite depressing lyrics with a chance of sex and other M-rated themes goes great with extremely colorful and happy ponies on a kids show. The only thing colorful about Trent Reznor is his vocabulary. I don't think he uses any cuss except the F-bomb. (not in this song, though)
  3. Bah. I made an account here several months ago (I think it was last year, or was it last month? I can't tell), used it for all of a week, and forget about it. Sorta. I then sorta leave the brony community (I still watch the shows and read select fanfics, but I stopped frequenting forums). Then, about a week ago, I get ME2, get completely hooked and beat it in a week. (Maleshep, Vanguard, Paragon, romanced Tali, everyone survived, blew up base) I then return to EQD to check on a fanfic (the same day ME3 came out, apparently) to find Mass Effect EXPLODED in popularity while I was gone. (And, that, apparently I had 2 "Happy Birthday" messages and several alerts about my posts being liked and a friend request. You guys are too sweet. ) What the heck? I swear, the brony herd must have a mental connection, as every brony played Skyrim (like me) and suddenly Mass Effect (like me). I swear, if every brony starts playing other games I like, like the Dragon Age series, or Alpha Protocol, my mind will explode. Or I'll explode in a burst of biotic powers; I have yet to disprove me having them. I'm not sure if I'm exasperated or freaked out. (Though, on the cover of EQD, Twilight does make a good Tali. ) Anywho, back on to ME3, I do wish I could get it, but I don't see me getting it until Christmas. Which sucks, since I want to continue my Talimance already. >:| (Also, I now really want ME1)
  4. Nope. I'm sitting relatively normal. TPAM is between the ages of 14 and 20.
  5. Jum

    Imagine if...

    I'd be too flabbergasted to speak. Except for maybe "Uh..." Imagine if you lost the ability to imagine things.
  6. ((Yes you do. As do I. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.)) Pug couldn't watch. His face was turned when he blasted Deft's head off. Unfortunately, he had to look back so he could make sure he didn't shoot the wrong friend. Well, in a way, no matter who he shot, it was still wrong. But, you get my point. The site of Deft's headless corpse made Pug puke. He had to quickly make a decision of whom to shoot, as it was almost about to shoot on its own. Closing his eyes, he pulled the trigger, and off came Jake's head. The stress being too much, Pug curled up into the fetal position, and began to cry. He righted himself quickly though, and walked towards the next room. In a completely unrelated note, Pug was starting to feel dizzy from blood loss from his gaping eye hole.
  7. ((Yeah, but I shot one. There are only two friends left. :| ))
  8. ((Wait, wouldn't it be one shot left? I only have 3 friends, and one is now missing a head. :| ))
  9. ((This seems familiar. I remember seeing the same thing in one of the movies, except if he didn't shoot, a needle stabbed his hand, and like 2 out of his 7 friends lived or something. Can't remember which movie, though. Also, I hate you.)) Pug screamed the TV. "DAMMIT. I AM GOING TO RIP YOUR THROAT OUT FOR THIS!" Turning around he looked at his three friends, all male. One was Deft, a slender blue pony that also boxed, and was Pug's closest friend in the sport. Another was his early childhood friend, Luke. He played the guitar, and was damn good at it. Also, he was Pug's first friend, having met him in 2nd grade. The third was also an early friend, only coming a year after Luke. His name was Jake, and he played drums. Luke and Jake played together, and Pug liked to watch, since he had no musical talent whatsoever. Now that we're done with the rather lengthy exposition, it was time. The merry-go-round started. Luke was screaming obscenities, scared out of his mind, while Jake kept his eyes closed, consistently beggin "Please don't shoot me please don't shoot me." Deft had an odd expression, being completely devoid of emotion. Internally, though, Pug knew he was full of fear, Deft was just too scared to register it. Pug pulled the shottie once. Deft's head exploded, and both Luke and Jake jumped at the sound. (pausing for dramatic effect!)
  10. Pug solemnly dragged himself forward, hoping his mother would be OK behind. He entered the next room, his sadness and pain slowly being replaced with anger. By the time he went into the next room, you could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears, and he felt angry enough to rip apart this entire devilish facility, and the mastermind behind it.
  11. Knew it, Pug thought, looking at his mother and father. "Spare your mother, son", his father was saying, obviously greatly distressed, pleading to him. His mother was crying to hard to speak. His father had always been a noble man, willing to protect his wife. Now was no different. Pug hesitated, and his father said again: "I said, spare your mother!" This time it was an order. His father had always been a rather austere man, and it was no different now, either. Nevertheless, it took great strength to even move towards the gas pumps. When he got there, he turned around, tear in his one eye, and said "I love you, dad." His father replied with a rather cliche "I love you too, son." And with that, Pug turned the lever that would kill his father. The screams lasted for only a second, but it felt like an eternity. Pug didn't turn around, and his mother was hysterical with sadness, crying at the top of her lungs. "Who, why!? Who was that? Why did he make you kill your father?" His mother was screaming, and recessed into babbling incoherently due to immense stress. Pug didn't reply, for he didn't know the answer either. Rather, he silently vowed to avenge his father, again, in a rather cliche manner. Of course, that would be hard at the moment, for he was bawling his remaining eye out. His other one continued to cry blood, instead. ((Y U SO SADIST?))
  12. Pug hobbled over to the gate to see his mum and dad tied up with a hose pointed at them. Pug was speechless just thinking about what he would be forced to do to them. Oh, hell no...
  13. ((Yup. He's relatively normal. His family consists of his mom and dad, as he is an only child. He also has three close friends. That good, or do you need names?))
  14. Entering the room eerily lit by a single red light unseen, he studied the sign. Pressure Room. I'm assuming I'm probably going to be squished like a pancake if I don't get out of here fast. Pug looked around for anything else in the room that might help in getting to the next room. It was hard, considering he only had one eye.
  15. ((OK then...)) Pugs sat down to get his breathing back under control. His right hurt even more now, and was still bleeding rapidly. It wouldn't take too long for him to bleed out without some kind of medical assistance. Deciding that sitting around like an idiot while what was essentially his life force slowly drained down his face was a rather dumb idea, he got back up and entered the next room, prepared to do whatever necessary to survive. Hopefully it won't involve any more self-mutilation.