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  1. I wasn't really forced to watch it, I volunteered to babysit my cousin after all. MLP was just only show I watched with her that I actually enjoyed enough to watch on my own time, though some of the shows she watched were terrible. I have always wanted to go to a con, but I lack the time and money to really do it unfortunately. I am hoping that in a few years i'll be able to start going.
  2. I am new and figured this would be interesting. Feel free to ask me anything at all, or ask questions about my OC. ^.^
  3. Thanks ^.^ I plan to actually look around the forums when I have more free time and see if anything else besides just artwork catches my fancy.
  4. Tldr: I love MLP, and I want more art for my OC. ^.^
  5. It is a patora fusion between rainbowdash and a shiny umbreon which is essentially a perfect combining of the two. So main traits are loyalty, protectiveness, though a bit misunderstood at first due to darker appearance and quiet nature around new people, but once they get to know you, super outgoing, jokey and playful. Umbreon tends to have a moonlight type of theme, while rainbowdash has a rainbow theme. I had the first artist go with a low spectrum rainbow theme for the hair that I thought turned out well, though if you want to tweek the color scheme a bit i am down for seeing other takes on it.
  6. Not really. I figured you'd draw something better with free reign than I could come up with.
  7. Yay! ^.^ i'll commission it now.
  8. I love you art style If I commission a piece would you be willing to draw my OC in your art style? This is the only artwork I have for it so far, the Cutie mark is a little off were it should be. Let me know ^.^
  9. I cannot seem to pm you and i see no upload file option. I can only see an insert image from url option. Do you need permissions to upload on this site?
  10. If interested in posting a commission request where do I submit the reference art? I went to storefront and I didn't see anywhere to upload reference files.