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  1. Leaning on more of Spike's. Though I prefer the Royal Sisters getting one too as well. Just well.. I think Celestia and (especially) Luna could get something since well.. it felt like they weren't done enough justice in the finale honestly..
  2. I am just going to copy/paste my post from the previous topic about Luna's dreamguardian thing since I am not in the mood of retyping all of that again since I have issues with that whole thing: Honestly I hope Luna continues being Dream-guardian pretty much.What else bothers me about her retiring is that apparently she has to give up raising the moon and being dream-guardian(both of which were essentially her freaking destiny according to her cutie mark) even though she didn't get to enjoy that destiny for much long since her return(like.. I think since a few years at most?). If she had to stop being dream-guardian and ultimately no consequences happen, it would make her job as patrolling dreams ultimately pointless in the end.(I know she helped others like the CMC in their dreams, but I mean like apparently Equestria would ultimately manage in the end without Luna's dreamwalking. It felt like her job as that is ultimately meaningless in the end due to that). It just felt like there should be a whole lot of issues from Luna retiring but the writers just ultimately brushed them aside.. (Something to add) It would also lower Luna's importance as Princess of the night if her dreamguardian stuff was ultimately pointless. Especially since someone pointed out in Royal Problem that her duties is just raising the moon(something Celestia can do) and just dreamwalking. That's it. Its probably why Luna felt so bitter on not getting enough appreciation that led to NMM. Really.. I wished the writers touched on Luna feeling like she ultimately didn't mattered due to all of these issues. So much conflict they could have touched on.
  3. What are your thoughts on the finale if you have looked it up?
  4. Ironic that the very event that caused the Mane 6 to be connected(and Spike to be born) and set up the path for the heroes is ultimately what caused the stuff that causes Starlight to fall down a dark path(and would be worse if Twilight didn't managed to get through to her)
  5. I wonder what stuff you disliked in S9 that made you unable to finish it?
  6. I enjoy EQG but Spike not getting to be human(and the fact dragons aren't allowed to be humans despite being freaking sapient as every other creatures such as ponies) is one of my huge issues with it. The whole "Diamond DOGS being humans" bs added insult to injury there.
  7. It kind of bothered me that he completely brushed aside the issue of he doesn't get to be human there. With how its really unfair, how it hinders him and the fact it implies he's more of a pet to Twilight and others than equals to them. In the long-run, he shouldn't brushed that aside honestly..
  8. Sadly compared to what the girls get to do, it would be just.. iffy. Still restricted Spike's potential badly here. Problem for the second one there, changelings actually get to be humans. According to that game app, theres a Human Chrysalis there(too bad she didn't appear AT ALL in animated stuff so far). Meaning changelings would be humans instead of other creatures. Big time. The writers did not think this darn thing through when they thought it was funny to make him a dog like that..
  9. Honestly I felt like the whole "Spike is a dog instead of human" thing would have brought up some issues for him. Just bothers me that he essentially brushed aside that issue big time. Spike really deserves to be equals with the girls there. Not being demoted to some pet in EQG like that.
  10. Big time. Honestly in the long-run, it screwed Spike over in EQG big time. Really restricted his potential on what he could do and his involvement. Most of the time it felt like Spike in EQG is just.. there, like a freaking prop. Can't really interact with anyone aside from the girls either. It just doesn't seem fair that he doesn't get to be a human like everyone else is. Pretty much one of the issues I have with Spike being a dog. Whatever iffy excuse they had on him not allowed to being human gets finished off from a bullet in the form of THIS fact right here. Diamond DOGS getting to be humans instead of well.. dogs.
  11. Maybe if the writers didn't think it was funny to make him a dog and have him be human, that wouldn't be an issue there. Really.. him being a dog would most likely prevent him from getting to be with the girls at times. Its probably a miracle he got to go in Legend of Everfree. Or should I say its a miracle that Sci-Twi is even willing to bring him to school in the first place.
  12. Really, I wished they addressed the issue about Spike not getting to be human(there is a bunch of issues that's hindering his character in EGG due to that). Like both Spikes deserve to be able to become humans in the human world. That would be really good for their development.
  13. Watch as it turns out that Discord adding his chaos magic into there ends up actually goofing up the spell and could possibly make it break at any time without warning. That would be pretty hilarious.
  14. For now, the season 10 comics would decide their fates if it does touch on them.