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  1. Given how there's a.. very controversial movie(as in with the law) that Netflix willingly allow to be on there causing many people wanting Netflix to shut down, this would actually put the MLP movie at risk due to many viewers might not have Netflix anymore due to that certain movie.
  2. While the "You have always been with me every step of my journey" was heartwarming, it falls flat when you realize Spike really hasn't. Due to so many times he gets excluded/left out from whenever the girls do something and such. Heck, this literally happened in the season 9 premire, he got shoved into the girls' shadows with how he was brainwashed like that. Sadly he wasn't with Twilight in every single step pretty much.. Which is a problem I have with the show on how Spike keeps getting left out(I know there's a few times he choose to not be with them but that is still bad since the
  3. I wonder if the tree has anything in store for Luna and Celestia? The sisters were apparently chopped liver due to losing their connection to the Elements(and the issue not being addressed at all)
  4. And the fact how did it call on Spike even though he doesn't have a Cutie Mark.
  5. I would love to see Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon and Spike again. Maybe Chrysalis too.
  6. She also acted like Luna alone was at fault after Luna got purified in the beginning of the show. Really wished the show properly touched on Celestia's guilt over the thing.(As in more than just a single scene of her shedding tears, like show us more than that, touch more on it)
  7. Really not fond of the prank the girls pulled on Spike in the end with the whole lake thing. Yes, he was kind of a jerk but that doesn't justify this dangerous prank there. Really not funny there. And her laughing at the "prank" they pulled on Spike was really not nice either. In fact I think why Spike suddenly switch and sided with AJ is out of fear that he would get screwed even more(AGAIN).
  8. And the fact some issues that led NMM to happen wasn't exactly resolved either in the show as well.. This episode shows there's still problems for sure.
  9. If only that was the case. But nope.. Heck, this same issue repeated in season 6, got 2 episodes or so on himself(and shined quite a bit in the premiere) but he got robbed HARD in To Where And Back Again. The season fell flat on its face in the end in regarding to Spike.
  10. That actually aggravated me alot when it turns out Peewee got released off-screen like that. Spike deserves to have his own pet(and one who is essentially similar to his origins, as in a egg hatches among a different species and such). Before someone goes "phoenixes are not meant to be pets", Celestia goes "Is my Philomena a joke to you?" They could easily say Peewee imprinted on Spike(due to being literally the first thing the little birb sees upon hatching) and/or the other phoenixes don't accept Peewee back in or something. In fact I think Spike getting experience with his own pet
  11. Spike is actually kind of older than a kid than he appears there. And the fact he clearly does stuff that "kids" wouldn't do such as doing all of those checklists, all that stuff Twilight needs. And the fact often times he's left alone to watch over the library(a rather annoying reason overused on him being left out alot, being made to stay behind to watch over something). You don't leave a "kid" alone to handle something like a library(or even alone to watch over a home) like that.
  12. Spike is not a freaking pet. He's flipping sapient there. As in talking, acting, etc. as the other sapient/sentient beings.
  13. I can't really do game design for anything though. Sadly I don't know a thing about coding there. So I guess Spike is just majorly screwed then..
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