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  1. Iirc, in the season 3 premiere when she tried to teleport out of that black crystal trap, the trap's dark magic teleported her back in instantly.
  2. I headcanon Discord erased Sombra's memory of that when he brought him back or have it so he "conveniently" forgets about that if he ends up fighting Discord.
  3. I feel the same about the royal sisters in the finale too. Especially Luna.. Was disappointed how she(and Celestia) didn't properly battle at all but just lose their magic and only just distract the trio(and that moment got overshadowed by Starlight vs Chrysalis thing). It really stung with Luna's case there for me.. Back to Discord, they could have introduced some weaknesses to his magic without outright nullifying/stealing it so he can still do something but can't freaking break the story in two with a literal snap of his fingers.(My main issue with reality-warping characters pretty much..)
  4. Pretty much a problem I have with Discord. Due to how "op" his Chaos magic is, it can render the threats of any villain artificial(one issue I had with the season 9 premiere is how he made a fool out of Sombra there). They need to introduce ways of how his magic can be BEATEN without outright getting cancelled out by stuff like Chrysalis's throne(or at least execute the nullifying part right) or getting stolen via some magic stealing thing(if you catch him off guard). And as in without the Elements of Harmony/magic of friendship to beat his powers.. Its getting pretty tiring seeing people saying Discord can easily fix everything and screw the villain over by literally snapping his fingers and how "OP" he is.
  5. That's.. honestly iffy. Couldn't they have it so its both the trio AND the real Grogar for the final battle thing? Or something?
  6. I think for the animals' case like Cebererus, the magic there was what was maintaining their fused forms together. Giving that up caused the fusion to be undone and thus reverting back to all those animals that the creature in question was comprised of. Though that seems to imply they weren't originally like that to begin with.
  7. Pretty interesting, especially the bit about Chrysalis getting to reform(honestly disappointed how in the finale that she didn't reform but instead got turned to stone like Tirek and Coy Glow.) I wonder how the royal sisters would do in this idea? Was disappointed in how in the finale, Luna didn't get to do anything truly huge during the crisis(preferring she got to do more than turning the trio to stone..). Instead she(and Celestia) just lose her magic and not get to properly fight at all and all those 2 could do is just sort of distract the trio(while without magic) so the others could escape(and even that got overshadowed with how Starlight did beforehand), ended up getting captured again and ultimately sidelined(not even included in the final rainbow laser despite they wielded the elements before and their cutie marks were on the tree iirc, guess they're chopped liver now due to losing the ability to use the elements there..) Pretty much all 3 issues happened to them(Losing their magic, getting subdued/defeated and ultimately shoved aside in a way.) Just wished the finale would have something for Luna since she kind of started the show off with her story and being the first villain as Nightmare Moon. I just feel like she could have gotten something in this in order to make it feel like things have come full circle in a way.
  8. To me, it seems like Alicorns "age"(specifically they "grow") until they reach a certain point and stop. The flowing mane bit might be to show they have reached that point(with the alicorn magic within them has grown strong enough to cause the flowing mane part) About the retirement home part, it doesn't really sit right with me about Luna and Celestia living in a place like that honestly. Especially with Luna for me, it just doesn't feel right.. As for there might have been plans to delve deeper into the sisters' past, I wished they really did that. Would have love what their past would have been before they went into Equestria(I know theres the Journal of the Two Sisters but I haven't seen it while books are often non-canon or end up getting contradicted. Would be nice if many elements from it was confirmed truly canon by the show including them)
  9. I think I got a couple of more at the moment. Probably wrote the synopsis too long again, but wanted to put the thoughts out anyway. Never Judge A Nightmare By Its Cover: As Luna trains to control her dark powers and Nightmare Moon more, Celestia has to deal with shenanigans with the Nightmare Moon personality. She soon learns there is more things and interests to the "wicked mare of darkness" than just cackling and wanting eternal night. Conflicting Choices: Spike decides to go with Smolder to see how Ember and the other dragons are doing, only to discover the Dragonlands is threatening to break out into a civil war by dragons believing Ember is threatening the dragons' way of life/culture by forcing them to change and forcing the concepts of friendship on them. The group soon discovers someone has persuaded many dragons to do this and stand up to Ember while the individual is essentially threatening to putt all of Equestria into conflict with this. There Are Good Changes And Bad Ones: As the gang tries to investigate who is the culprit that has caused trouble in the Dragonlands and fearing that creature would target the Changelings next, Spike, Luna and Starlight get a nasty surprise in the form of Chrysalis, whos supposed to be trapped in stone, attacking them. Much to Starlight's shock, Chrysalis is targeting solely Spike for revenge. Luna discovers something very wrong is going on inside Chrysalis that is not only making her go even more crazy, but also causing her to be in agony. Not So Nice And Cozy: After the shock of Chrysalis's return and her being in the hospital while under close watch, everyone is frantically investigating on whats going on. To help the students keep their minds off of the recent events, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy decide to take the students on a field trip to Cloudesdale and the factories. Unfortunately the trip goes wrong with a mysterious Pegasus in strange armor launches an attack on the factory and the identity of whos behind the helmet would raise even further questions.
  10. If there was a second movie, I would like to see it happen. Though I hope that the princesses(at least Luna) don't get shafted. It really stung to me in seeing what happened to Luna in the movie there.
  11. Iirc, they needed that stonehedge-like place in order for their magic to be strong enough to banish the Pony of Shadows to Limbo(unfortunately along with themselves). Speaking of Stygian, I don't think we saw him in the finale, did we? Haven't been able to see him among the characters that came to the Mane 6's and Spike's aid yet.
  12. I can see they might also go with something that mirrors how her human counterpart got corrupted. Maybe the bell goes haywire and Twilight gets caught up in it and gets overloaded/overwelmed by all its power and magic it has stolen, causing her to go crazy as Midnight Sparkle until it takes all of her close friends to reach her and snap her out of it. Probably what restores her faith in friendship in a way.
  13. I feel like it can work if executed right. Especially with not having Twilight immediately become ruler after snapping out of her dark self.(Such as most likely postpone the thing until she recovers from that whole mess there.) In fact I wonder what would have caused her to become Midnight Sparkle in that original plan they had there?