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  1. I don't like Sombra very much, personally, but I'm open to change! Tell me your opinions of the ol' crystal boi!
  2. I'm not so much talking about the episodes as I am talking about the concept overall. I have so many unanswered questions! 1. Are crystal ponies made of crystal, or are they perhaps made of silicates? 2. Why do they live in the arctic, of all places?! 3. Why is it called the Crystal EMPIRE if there's only one city? 4. What are the magic abilities of the crystal ponies? 5. Are they able to survive for long stretches of time away from the crystal heart? 6. Is the Crystal Empire supposed to be Atlantis, but with snow? 7. Can they eat gems like dragons do?
  3. Shine Runner

    Critique Wanted Where to POST a fanfic?

    Can you add pictures among the text on dA and FiMficfion?
  4. Nightfall Darkle Nightfall Umber Nightfall Storm
  5. It has been decided... his name is Inker Blink! Thank you to everyone who gave me input!
  6. I think we are on the same page! That pretty much sums up exactly what I intend to do
  7. Yes it is! He will have 3 core friends and a few secondary friends. His 3 core friends will be a pegasus named Squeakers who takes care of bats, a unicorn designer named Shine Runner, and Inker Blink, a rubber hose toon pony that came to life from a comic book. His secondary friends are Dulcie the pink hippogriff, Tarsus the changeling, Sweetgrass the moose, and Grandma Veil. Squeakers is very particular about how she likes things to go, and gets easily frazzled (for comic effect.) She is very plain and simple, and is often the voice of reason. Her goal is to take care of her bats, and so
  8. I'm working on a pilot episode script for my own personal MLP reboot, because ya know what? I really enjoy colourful horse creatures going on magic adventures where they kick butt and learn empathy and kindness. That is my JAM. Anyways, I'm stuck on some parts of the outline/story, and I'm struggling to finish it! Right now, I have a main character named Hopper who has to get rid of his Tantabus (a nightmare creature and spirit of self-harm that arose from Hopper's magic spells.) The pilot episode is about his journey through his fears, and the rewards that lay on the other side (frie
  9. Practicing facial expressions, still brainstorming names!
  10. Sufferin' splash pages! He still ain't got a name!
  11. Oh, excellent! Thank you for helping me!
  12. Anyone getting any more ideas?
  13. More art of him, if this helps
  14. A little too on the nose... hmm...
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