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  1. It dependss... I love for example the pizza with Prosciutto , Portobello mushrooms and small tomatoes , but i know isn't a cheap pizza , that's a pizza i would leave for a special ocassion like a dinner with my parents. For something like sharing with friends i would stick to a peperonni, altough i like putting olives or green pepper in my basic peperroni pizza. I don't think pizza should be overstuffed with toppings as I see in some places ,too many flavors that you can't taste anything! I also don't like chicken in my pizza, i had a bad experience (i think it was Pizza hut, pizza hut in my country iss AWFUL!) where the chicken was really dry... not good! Oh, and yesss, i also don't like pineaple in my pizza , but we all agree in that one right?
  2. Im not sure that there has been any MLP crossover, i heard about a MLP and Transformers comics coming out?But didn't hear anything else about that. More thatn crossover, i would've liked to see MLP collaborating with games to put skins or camos , like a Pony camo in CSGO or Call of Duty. I remember the times of Black Ops 2 where tons of people were rocking Rainbow Dash custom made emblems! It was really cool!
  3. Yes. She killed the fact that i said i would never simp for a fictional female character. Damnnn But being honest, i really cant see that happening, is mlp world after all, yeah there are bad ppl but never murderers or psychoss
  4. Happy BDAY MLPP!! Altough i became a "brony" in late 2012, the fact that 10 years have passed only make me realized how fast time has passed.... i was 9 when the first episode aired, I was just and average kid who did great in school and was looking for a new fandom after lego cancelled Bionicle.Im 19 now, and WOAHH, a lot of things have changed in my life (and I supposed so in yours) ... surprising how you dont realize about how much time has passed until you see this milestones... Happy bday MLP , for giving us good times , fights in the internet , and making people go nutssabout some grown ups liking ponies!! This 10 yearss have been a blast next to MLP,crazy how in this 10 years a lot of music , games and art have been influenced by MLP ... what Lauren Faust thought would break "female series schemes" ended up causing a real revolution irl... Lets just wait to see what awaits for us the next 10 yearss coming
  5. Hello Lazy Ferret!! I dont now you really so its weird to ask this , but I've seen some of ur art and u think is great!! So i was wondering if you could take my request! Could you put one of my custom characters doing this exact pose ? This is the pose im talking about. And this is the character , it doesn't have to be exactly the same.. just that it looks similar Thanks!!
  6. Well , i could see it being like Homelanders Laser from the boys, except the gore obviusly. I guess depends in the intensity of the user , if the user is using it against another living being, I guess he will use some kind of stun laser, like not strong enough to cut but just stun / harm you.
  7. Halloween has to be the best time of the year 4 me... i love to get a cool costume and go partying with my friends!. I always try to go for a unexpected costume like, not too conventional, that way you always stand up.I also like seeing all the people dressed up, is like for once in a year they can be someone else , and nobody is going to say anything. However, this year with the virus and all that i doubt there would be a party where I live... and if there was, my parents wouldn't ever let me go with all this going around.I'll guess i'll just do a cool cosplay/costume and post pics online, maybe hang out with 2 or 3 friends and chill... My plan for a costume this year was originally Alex from An orange clockwork but I guess i'll have to move that one for next year. With the pandemic situation and all that, maybe something like a doctor or hazmat guy works better
  8. Sunset's gamer girl banner is a mooooodd right now haha, loving it!!

  9. A lot of people say that they would've wanted to see sunset returning to equestria if we ever got some kind of closure,but i cannot dissagre more in that. Sunset's arc has always been about finding a place in the world where she is now. Yes, she was in equestria once, but she left and altough was forgived by Celestia, I doubt the things would be the same between them. She already cut her relationships with most of the people back there (even her family) , and yes she has Princess twilight friendship and the mane 6, but im sure she wouldn't feel the same way with them like she does with earth mane 6 , as they don't have the exact same personalities and traits. I think she has grown enough to realize where she belongs, not needing of magic to make herself a name or friends.... the friendship games was supposed to touch in this topic but didn't ended up doing as far as I know.. So, in case they ever do a closure, i think she should finally face the dilemma of going back or staying in the human word, finally deciding to stay after realizing that this world has given her the best thing : her best friends. In her future, i see her moving from the city after graduating from canterlot high... I'll think before going to a college of some sorts (we know she is smart asf)I see her travelling the world, exploring the differences this world has to his once homeland equestria, and also searching around for Equestrian magic (we know is everywhere as seen in the spring episodes) ... acting kinda like a mediator between equestria and the other world... just some thoughts haha
  10. Hello! I'll be short, does anyone know where to find cool MLP gif's ? I've been looking around places like GIPHY but the ones they have aren't as cool. Is there a brony/FIM Gif library somewhere? Thanks please!

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      I'd assume derpibooru has a tag for it.

      I'd also have quite some downloaded, but don't ask me about quality. I could send you these...

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      Thanks everyone!! I found some really cool ones in derpibooru

  11. Hello! I'll be short, does anyone know where to find cool MLP gif's ? I've been looking around places like GIPHY but the ones they have aren't as cool. Is there a brony/FIM Gif library somewhere? Thanks please!
  12. Feels good finally being able to post here. Be ready cause i'll try to be very , very active:oh_golly:

    Last final is today, wish me luck!

  13. It might sound like a silly question, but i've seen people posting status updates in their profiles , but i can't found anywhere in my profile where to create my own! Thanks