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  1. It's just a quick commercial cash grab-up for little kids... so they can continue their sales until G5 is ready. In other words, its just filling for little kids, it really doesn't look deep at all, what else can we expect?
  2. I've watch a lot of netflix originals now that i See : Narcos , Money Heist , Elite , Freud , Dark Mirror , Love death and robots and some netflix movies, but looking at the shows.Overall, the best ones are the above. Dark Mirror : Just a masterpiece. Even if i some episodes were more interesting than others , the overall series follows greatly and with extreme creative its main idea of "what if technology... " and works great. Must watch Narcos: Second best for me, as my parent is colombian and witnessed a lot of shit that happened in the show and a lot of things are historically innacurate (which i knew before watchig), the amount of drama / suspense it generates in one episode is right on spot, with all the action that you would expect. I ended up watching twice , one alone and one with my father, in original language as it should be. Season 3 is kind meh , and i haven't watched narcos mexico yet, but im looking forward to. Money heist: With this , the hype for the 3rd season was just fucking unreal. Season 1 and 2 are really well written for my opinion : Right doses of action , betrayals and drama , sex/love , and brillaint moves from both the professor / the police. The 3rd season came and.... send everything to hell. Even if budget grew bigger , the quality got lost in the process , and Netflix decided to put over character's smashing each other and stupid action scenes than brillaint schemes. Season 4 tried to fix things a little bit, and even if it was , in my opinion, better than the 3rd, its not good
  3. Well , im not sure about outside viewers/ little kids that watch the show , but for the bronie community , i think sunset is the most charming / atractive character out of the seven ( Even in there are other popular characters like sci twi , adagio, etc ) The main reasons , at least for me : Sunset's mature depiction in the show , she is shown as a bad ass , and has a way better style than the rest of the 6 (this is because the other mane 6 are kinda based of the equestria mane 6 , while with sunset they have the freedom of doing her as they want ). She's always in different outfits that match his character without falling in stereotypes. Also, her personality , idk what she has but really , i feel like has something that makes you feel atracted to her, could be the bad ass look? Or the fact she is the oldest/ most grown up? She is also a gamer and when i learned that i was like : If she was best waifu , now she is even better waifu!! Funny thing :my discord pic used to be a sunset pic , and when i joined a chat with some friends , they didn't recognize that was something MLP related , they just thought it was some hot "deviantart girl"
  4. Biggest sunset fan here lul , really hoping to give a good look to this thread. She is best Pony/Human and my only waifu i've ever had , damn its hard
  5. Idk why but Legend of Everfree feel extremely fast to me... , even if they all last the same , and the songs i feel they had a shorter duration , or maybe they aren't as memorable as the previous ones (I only remember the song about the mane 7 getting their powers and the ending one). I think i'll used my free time to give it a rewatch. But srsly , legend of everfree got the best plot for me, and introduced so cool ideas like their powers and gems... wish they've done something bigger , as it was also the last movie
  6. I mean, if u are talking about after EQG graduation , i think the only thing left is doubt and speculation. If they do an ending special / comic , i think it would be enough to show us the mane 7 arc/ stories closing and opening new chapters in their life. Probably Sci twi goes to a prestigous kinda ivy league university , with sunset following her , RD going for a sports career in some team , and rarity going to paris/europe , while the other 3 stay. However, i dont think we should get a "the last problem" epilogue with our characters fates. As for other things , i can see sunset finally deciding to say in human world , leaving all roots of equestria behind , and some kind of closure between sunset/flash or sci twi/timber . Other futures 4 some characters : The principals / teachers would keep teaching , many students will leave / stay, trixie would pursue a magical career (or entertainmet career as magic isnt real lul)
  7. I would do a final movie, pointing out its the last time will see EQG. So, i would do a movie , the mane 7 are in their last year, and there'll be different storylines during the movie that finally conclude. First, the mane 7 are getting graduated (i thing this is obvius) , and are all worried about the future. Some of them are leaving to college / university ( im thinking Twilight , RD due to sports scholarship and rarity bc u know ) , while fluttershy , applejack and pinkie are staying. Sunset want's to leave to, but she is worried as she doesn't have relatives / family . While they struggle with this bla bla and think about graduation / prom , another plot involving a magical threat from equestria would develop , this threat uses fear/doubt as its energy source , and tries to use mane 7 and other students doubts of the future for powah. Mane 7 realize this and a way to stop it. Another plot would be sunset's struggle about leaving canterlot high / humane world and returning to equestria, as she doesn't know what else to do, we would see also her relationship with flash develop .At some point she would try to find human sunset for help, but fail. At the end, all 3 plots collide, the eqg defeat the main evil, sunset realizes there is no human sunset and she can be whoever she wants, heck maybe even princess twilight comes and congratulates everyone , and Sci Twi invites Sunset to move with her and live in together for college. The End . I mean, it's a pretty basic plot as it's just an idea, but i think in 70- 100 minutes it would be enough to close all the gaps , plus give a proper conlussion to EQG , and a fitting finale for sunset (who i think is the main character)
  8. If it's kylo , fuck even the weakest character could Now, talking about a real Sith , maybe they could (theorically) "defeat" Vader by reforming him, just like luke Did.I mean yeah they don't have any bond, but maybe if the mane 6 manage to know about his past and bla bla, they could. We've seen them reforming a lot of characters after all. But trashing that idea, if we are talking about a 1v6 fight to death, no reforming/change of hearts, my odds are completely with any sith.
  9. Unpopular Opinion : I would like a FPS shooter hero style (like overwatch) MLP game. I mean yes , u might be like wtf , how can u mix MLP with a shooter. Hear me for a sec. I think nowadays , the idea of videogames are only for men has already been broken , son it's pretty common to found people of all genders / ages playing games like CoD , etc . At the same time , it's been proved that a shooter doesn't need to be gory asf to be popular ,just look at some examples overwatch or splatoon. Also , brony community is still kinda huge , and a game of this kind would probably get popular between communities / youtube due to its "weird nature" ,but if they try it and see that it's actually a good shooter , they might stay. At the same time , I think that playing a fps in the eyes of a pony would be fuckin hilarous. The gameplay would be similar to Overwatch / Hero shooter , with Ponies for Assault , Support and Healing (and maybe recon idk) , each one would have a "primary weapon" (see below) , a defensive or offensive abillity , and also a ultimate. Add to that , there would be power ups dropping over the match , kinda like smash style. The maps would be based on mlp locations , and there would be different objective gamemodes. Some characters ideas that i've tought of Twillight Sparkle : Primary fire mode/ weapon : Laser beam (obviusly for her horn , kinda a nod of season 2 finale when pinkie pie uses her as a machine gun lol) Abillity : Teleportation Ultimate : Element of Magic : Throws like a big laser bean (rainbow colored obviusly) that transforms their enemies into stone , killing them (kinda like hanzo ultimate) Pinkie Pike : Primary fire mode/ weapon : Party Bazooka (Its canon lol) Abillity : Explosive cupcakes , works as a grenade pretty much Ultimate : Pinkie sense : Allows her to go faster / gets more damage resistance Rainbow Dash : Primary fire mode/weapon : Thunders (Kinda like when she becomes Zap in power ponies) Abillity: Dash , allows her to do a quick dash in a direction , can also fly using this Ultimate: Sonic raimboon , she performs a sonic rainboom in a specific zone of the map , dealing a lot of damage to nearby enemies And yes , i have a lot of free time lol
  10. Just found this topic lol If we talk about a mlp live action (with ponies in the real world) , i don't think that would've be such a good idea. The best i can picture is Detective pikachu , but talking color ponies aren't as popular as Pokemon ( also having in mind that in Pokemon , we are used to pokemons interacting with Humans, while in equestria there aren't humans) My idea , for a live action series / spin off , would be something like equestria Girls , however for a teenagers audience , following a magical girl anime style (they already have transformations and all of that) . The plot would be something like this : In an average high school , there is a group of 5 friends ( which share the traits and personalities of the original RD , AJ , Rarity , Pinkie and Fluttershy , however they aren't them). They live being bullyng , with the whole high school , by a "big meanie / queen bee " (which represents Sunset before his convertion , however is not sunset from the Pony world). For x reason , the Pony twillight gets in this world, and meets the 5 girls , that have just recently split apart ( kinda like first eqg movie). Twillight shows them magic of friendship bla bla, however this magic corrupts big meanie. When there is no hope , pony twi gives them the 5 geodes , being her the 6th one. This allows them to pony up (getting the ears and also the hair color of their pony counter part / plus wings and maybe even unique weapons). They defeat sunset and bla bla , however they decide to fight the magic that twi bring being "Equestria girls" . From this , i think it could adapat the movies / specials , while having also some differences that makes it unique
  11. Well, i don't know if i made it clear in the title ( i think that i haven't lol) , but i mean things like this If u see the promo , it talks about celestia being the only ruler in equestria , and the one being responsible of raising the moon /sun , because it appears this is a promo made by hasbro for the first episode (before the episode aired of course) The thing is, someone has promos like this? Maybe of the hub making publicity of the show before his airing debut. The reason i do this is . if you see the promo , you can clearly see that THE PROMO WAS DEFINETELY AIMED FOR LITTLE GIRLS, in contrast of how they then changed their marketing to also appeal to bronies, etc TLDR : Im curious to see more promos of the original debut lul
  12. It definetely does not concludes things , which sucks, but i founded a pretty good special. I would've liked more if it had an background history behind like the other specials, not just shorts put up together, but meh Also
  13. Well, this is my first post ever , but i wanted to share this petition in that i found, due to the recent rumor that EQG is getting cancelled without a proper conclussion. It has a decent amount of followers (800 at the time) , and i know that a lot of this kind of petitions have been done before, but we don't lose nothing trying. In my case, i only wish for one more finale special, with the mane 7 getting graduated from high school , sunset deciding what to do with life, and giving the series a proper goodbye.