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  1. Anyone wanna see a few images that make me snicker 

  2. I love how within 9 (or a little less than that by around 4 days I believe)months my tag for Freddy Krueger is in the quadruple digits. Even if I’ve reblogged a similar post or even the same post. 
    Like I’ll go through other blogs I’ve reblogged from check their tag for him and then occasionally go on a little reblog spree. And if I’m in the mood to reblog stuff from a certain film in general I reblog from that films tag if it has one. With Dream Warriors having the highest count aside from the first since every post relating to the series get that tag. Only thing that sucks is that the tag replacing site I used for three movies titles don’t show up in the archive under the fixed tags. 

  3. Banned for unbanning over their favorite pony
  4. Is- is it bad that I would love to see this actually happen? Freddy Krueger vampire hunter. Also professional therapists. Idk. Just something about it seems like that to me for some reason.
  5. Krazy? :O Are we in Mortal Kombat now?