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  1. How are you this Friday? :ticking:

  2. I'd like to move back to Norway. No country is perfect, but there's really not a lot wrong with Norway. I miss it.
  3. Clearly men have it better. Even though the differences in social equality might be extremely low in certain parts of Europe, they're still worryingly prevalent in the US (and this leads to other factors, such as economic inequality) and are absolutely appalling in some parts of Asia and Africa to the point where, in some of those places, literally abusing women and making them subservient to men is seen as a normal thing. And that's not even taking into account biological inequality - men don't bleed every month, we're (typically) less emotional, we're of greater physical stature, we don't have to deal with having boobs (I guess on the plus side women live a few years longer than men on average, but that's literally where the positives end). There's also no social pressure for us to look immaculate or keep up with the latest fashion trends, and we're spared from a constant barrage of media-driven influence to look and/or behave a certain way. It's just literally inexplicable to me how anyone can unironically think that women have life easier than men. I'm so glad that I was born a guy so I don't have to suffer through any of this, and I always try and take extra time to be kinder to the women that are in my life because I want them to know that what they go through isn't okay and that they have support behind them should they need it. And I'm not a 'feminist' btw, or anything close to it. I'm a normal guy, and while biological (and possibly social/cultural) differences between men and women will never be eradicated, I simply lament that both groups aren't always treated as though they are of equal value to the world.
  4. I don't think I'm that cute. I don't think I look very threatening or anything either, though - just like a regular guy.
  5. Dinner, for sure. I'm generally not a fan of most breakfast food and I usually eat "normal food" or a protein bar in the mornings rather than traditional breakfast food, assuming I eat at all. I almost never eat lunch so that's automatically relegated to last place in my rankings, and then I usually make dinner my biggest meal.
  6. "The remote", "The TV remote", like, I don't know what else I *would* call it.
  7. Eh, not particularly, but it depends. Whenever I travel I don't stay at the 5* places and usually go for something mid-range instead, like 3-4 star. The beds are almost always fine, but to this day I've never found a bed I believe to be more comfortable than my very own - hotels are generally just functional things to me, rather than a highlight. Although the last time I stayed in Norway I stayed at a hotel that had an amazing (complimentary) breakfast selection, that was pretty cool.
  8. Personality for sure - like, it's not even close in terms of importance for me. Body is just a bonus.
  9. I liked it when I was a kid, but nowdays I think I'd be too concerned over the hygiene of the bowling balls to ever actually enjoy it.
  10. Slowly. Back in England I used to stick to 70 mph (that's like 110? km/h) on motorways and obsessively never went over 30 when driving in cities. I still remember watching an ad commercial on TV in England when I was about 18 and had just passed my driving test that said "If you hit someone with your car at 30 mph, there's an 80% chance they'll live; but if you hit them at 40 mph there's an 80% chance they'll die". I'm sure that's probably not factually accurate, but it's stuck with me anyway.
  11. Pretty bad. Tired, sick, and like I'm in one long dark tunnel that I probably won't get out of.
  12. Nope. Never tried a cigarette and I don't want to.
  13. Since @ridaranka kept asking me to, here you go:
  14. I like black coffee, but I'm trying to cut down on it as genetically I'm a slightly slower at metabolising caffeine than most people and I don't want any unforeseen heart problems in the future.