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  1. I would rather have 4 ears. Would you rather swim in lava or take a nice hike through Chernobyl?
  2. Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid
  3. There is a Shell and an Arco not to far from where I live.
  4. Spaghet, spaghet, I have no regret.
  5. MarkusTactician

    Hi there.

    Welcome back @Shadow the First!
  6. I'm American and I think Applejack is a wonderful character. I don't really see what's to not like about Applejack. She operates a farm with her family effectively managing a business and she is honest. Honesty is the best policy right? I think some people are looking at the wrong things when they see Applejack, she wasn't created to be a southern hillbilly stereotype, she was created to project a moral. She is an icon of honesty and success and is nothing more than a character like everyone (or pony) else which is why she may be viewed as bland, she is normal. She shouldn't be hated
  7. Iago - Shakespeare's Othello
  8. Rugal from King of Fighters 98' is so ANNOYING. Fighting him when I have a team of three is annoying but isn't necessarily rage inducing but fighting him on SINGLES is absolutely the very definition of HECK. All he does is GENOCIDE CUTTER, GENOCIDE CUTTER no excuse me he said it like GENOCIDE CUTTAH, GENOCIDE CUTTAH and then when you die he taunts you because he knows you lost 25 cents. LIKE STOP USING THAT MOVE YOU LONG LEGGED TROGLODYTE. Spamming only works if you are careful, he is the REASON why I main Yuri. Clownpiece from Touhou: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom was PEAK frustration for m
  9. Overgrowth is on my wishlist. I remember playing Lugaru and really digging the combat system. I saw some videos on Overgrowth and it looks fun so naturally I'd want to give the game a go.
  10. MarkusTactician

    Movies/TV Favorite Star Wars Hero?

    I really liked Obi-Wan Kenobi. His witty humor, skill and smarts really sold the character for me.
  11. MarkusTactician

    Animation Jackie Chan Adventures

    I only watched one episode of the show late at night years ago. My memories don't go to the show but the game it had on the Gameboy Advance. It was a fun little beat-em up. And the music was bumping although the game only had four or six songs. Regardless, I'd recommend it to anyone who has watched this show. It's pretty fun.
  12. @Bakugou is my Man Wow! You were in Air Force JROTC? I didn't know that, that's awesome! I was in Army JROTC. You truly do learn something new everyday. Anyways, yeah I know military time. I have it on my digital watch and even use it when I look at an analog clock.
  13. I hope someone never says "You are banned from existence" If they say that I'll go
  14. I'd be the protagonist because the plot armor would be on my side! Hahaha... RAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
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