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Status Updates posted by fare67t

  1. AW WHAT?!

    I think I missed Huggo Buggo day ;w;

  2. Happy New Year everyone! ^w^

    1. Sparklefan1234





  3. Ah yes, that ever so classical feeling of someone that joined later then you having 2x the amount of posts, and almost 5x as much likes x3

    1. Oblivion


      Hey, some people that joined way after me have like 3 times as many likes

    2. fare67t


      It's just kinda funny is all~

  4. Guess I should probably go to bed now since family is gonna wake me up early for Christmas stuff. Soo...good night everypony ^^

  5. *in Mokey voice*


  6. Happy Birthday~

  7. Jesus dude, do you like...live on these forums? how the heck do you have more posts then me in like 1-2 weeks, and a bunch more likes? x3

    1. applesjck


      @fare67t Basically. :awwthanks:

      But really, I’m just super active I guess! :P

  8. Would really appreciate people either commissioning me for art, or just straight up helping me with funding for...sensitive things (not like that).

    1. fare67t


      I have some issues with family irl, mainly involving a cousin of mine dying recently, and I don't think the part of the family that lives down where he was has the money to afford a funeral.

      But I know its probably not good to just randomly ask people for money on here, so I'll refrain / say forget it.

  9. Since my writers block isn't going away any time soon, time to go to sleep. Night everypony~

  10. I sincerely need some inspiration (and/or help) to write my fimfiction! >w<

  11. Ah yes, that ever so classical feeling of having to isolate yourself in your room for a while because someone in your household came home really sick, and you don't want to catch it x-x

    1. Splashee


      x-x <- Yes, hold your breath!

  12. Super duper confused about life right now...

    1. fare67t


      Oh nothing all THAT big (kinda), just feeling a little lonely / jealous of people that are way younger then me, but already have BF / GFs, and why what im doing with my life / persona atm may prevent me from ever really getting someone

  13. Struggling to find a way to go to Babscon 2020

  14. Still upset that I took a large pony hiatus

    1. ShadOBabe


      Don’t be. I did too, and I just hopped back in!

    2. fare67t


      Well yeah, but I'm one of those people that feels rather sad when I miss out on things, even if its something I could watch any time.

  15. Finding it hard to fit in / be noticed amongst some groups of bronies...

  16. In need of some hugs, stat~

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    2. fare67t


      Yeah I'm fine, just a little "art depressed" and what not, plus suffering from a writers block -w-

    3. Splashee


      Don't worry about it!

      There will be more chances with art contests later. *hugs again*

    4. fare67t


      its not even the art contest that I'm talking about at the moment, its just drawing in general *huggles back*

  17. Tempted to try and enlist help for the writing of my fanfiction

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