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  1. August 29 1997. The last day everything was normal. The day the fire nation launched a war on the vermiscious knids. We took no prisoners. I committed war crimes you could only dream of. All for that golden ticket... No one will bring them back...
  2. Sonata~

    General How Old Do You Feel?

    Sometimes I like to pretend like I'm 12 and play dress up with my wife's uncle
  3. People call me cute alot because i'm short and look young
  4. Sonata~

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for having the most handsome behind
  5. Sonata~

    Ask Pirate Pony

    Have you ever swashed tips with another pone on the high seas matey??
  6. Sonata~

    Im new! Yeah!

    Put er there ole pone
  7. Apple bloom ___________________________
  8. Sonata~


    Hi. I am @MaiBigButt a long time fan of mlp ( c. 2012). My favorite pone is applejack but i like rainbow dash too. I hope we can all be good friends here
  9. I don't like social gatherings but my aunt's nephew's niece invited me to go to prom with her one time. The room was a little stuffy but I had a blast
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