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  1. Im more of a night owl definitely dont like mornings..
  2. StarChargeR

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Feeling ok just a bit tired
  3. I recently got the samsung 5.1 surround sound sound bar :3
  4. Im kinda like twilight there are certain things that just have to be even and straight for example my desktop icons have to be even and neatly and try to have them in order.
  5. Happy birthday !!

  6. Happy birthday !! 

    1. fare67t


      Thankies ^^

    2. StarChargeR


      Your welcome :3

  7. StarChargeR

    General How Cute are you?

    im...im not sure abut that xD
  8. becouse he is my oc / persona as if i was in equestria world :3
  9. StarChargeR

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    im feeling pretty good wide awake :3
  10. StarChargeR

    Visual Art Link - wounded

    looks awsome ! ^^ ...
  11. its ok i guess.......
  12. decided to watch this again XD
  13. firewatch , modern warfare at the moment...to many to choose to play xD
  14. ummm every time ! also its common sense XD
  15. ohh fluffy animals for sure im more of a dog person so ya XD
  16. id probally just do the normal things i would already be doing work and gaming lol.
  17. i mostly drive automatic...i cant get the timing right if i was doing stick XD
  18. going to the movies and eat popcorn togather then after the date play some games :3
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