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    Private Room Mates

    "Ah, yeah sure." Vulpes smiled as he put his satchel on his back. He hadn't eaten last night so he was actually quite hungry. "Umm, you don't have a lecture this afternoon do you? And well by afternoon I mean late afternoon." Vulpes asked slightly nervous, as the two walked out of their room.
  5. Sky

    Private Room Mates

    (Sorry for not replying I unexpectedly became an uncle and had to go visit my niece.) Vulpes awoke and saw Wish still sleeping. Last night was a quiet night as Vulpes had went to sleep early. "Today I will invite Wish out. I heard there's a bar somewhere near here. Maybe she'll like to go there." Vulpes thought aloud as he got out of bed and began getting his satchel ready for the day ahead.
  6. Sky

    Private Room Mates

    Vulpes was still looking at the ceiling waiting for Wish to come back to their room. He was thinking about Wish's special talent and began wondering what her magic was actually like. Though Vulpes didn't want to ask Wish to cast spells because he didn't want to give the impression that he only cared about her magic like Wish's previous friends had. Vulpes had also decided that he wouldn't ask Wish to go to restaurant tonight but he would build up the courage to do it sometime during the week.
  7. Sky

    Private Room Mates

    (We're going to have to timeskip to 7pm.) Vulpes had spent most of the afternoon talking to Wish. He found that he got on with her pretty well. The only reason he had stopped talking to her was that he had to attend a lecture. Right now Vulpes was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling. He was kinda hungry and bored. "Maybe I should go take Wish out to a restaurant. Nah she probably has better things to do." Vulpes said a loud.
  8. Sky

    Private Room Mates

    "Well you're good looking to me." Vulpes said instinctively. "I really need to think before I talk." Vulpes thought. "Well I'm weak, I'm un-resourceful and I can't even find my special talent." Vulpes said hastily to try and change the topic of the conversation so he wouldn't say anything he would regret.
  9. Sky

    Private Room Mates

    "Well at least you had friends. I am still a blank flank and I am a weak Earth Pony. With those two traits you usually end up being looked down at by ponies. Collage is a new beginning though so maybe things will be better here." Vulpes said as he looked at Wish. "Though I thought you would have had more friends in your previous school. The good looking mares usually are the more popular ones." Vulpes realized what he had just said and blushed from embarrassment.
  10. Sky

    Private Room Mates

    "No, I don't mind at all." Vulpes said as he shuffled over a little to make room for Wish to sit down. "So I know it's only been a day but how are you finding college?" Vulpes asked Wish as he cocked his head upwards and watched a single cloud slowly float past the sun.
  11. It's one of my favorite animes too. Though if you were to start a roleplay about Elfen Lied here. I'd try my hardest to make sure it finished or got at least A considerable amount of posts before finishing.
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