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  1. Ok (meta) question! What on Earth were the developers thinking when they made the team Chaotix Halloween level
  2. Hello please do not say such things on this space. I haven't met him ever but I like him as a mascot. He is much better than that happy meal face mascot they use now that is far scarier.
  3. No! They are dry and horrible I liked the Simpon episode where they have the pretzel van though
  4. I did not eat from this restaurant when I went to the USA on holiday a year ago. Not because of the gay marriage thing but because I do not think their meat is Halal I have heard that their food is very good from friends who are not Muslims so i would say go for it as the food is apparently very good
  5. For me it's devoting myself to my faith and making sure I am the best possible person I can be. When times are hard or I have lost my way I can place my faith in Muhammad (PBUH) to show me my the light and get me back on track. I hope you can find something worth living for like I have.
  6. I live in Saudi Arabia (Hence the title ) and I am a devout Muslim (Hence the name ). I am a huge fan of MLP and I don't know many other Muslim bronies so I am looking to meet some likeminded people.