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  1. good night yall! Have a good one!
  2. Thank you haha. I realize how weird the eyes look lol. I might try to fix it after i'm done eating. Tysm!
  3. I heard the "Time to Be Awesome" song and i was like yah i gotta draw dis lol
  4. Good morning all! I drew this last night but I fell asleep and forgot to post. Here's a little WiP!
  5. Acksel


    Comparing your art to others won't help you improve your art abilities. If you feel your passion is art then let it be. There is always room for improvement, no matter what. There is no such thing as the best artist or a better artist. The best critiques find beauty in any art. I've been doing art for around 10 years and I still have a whole bunch to learn
  6. Acksel


    Sorry, not currently ^^'
  7. I appreciate it bunches! Thank you! :3 Thank you so much! Thank you! <3 I greatly appreciate it! Glad to hear! Thank you!
  8. Howdy! This drawing is of my best friend InterstellarCat's Pony OC! She has a fantastic character and I just love her.
  9. Heya. I drew this a bit ago for testing my pony anatomy. Hope you like it! <3
  10. Acksel


    Thank you!! Thank you so much! <3 Thank you! <3 Gracias!
  11. Acksel


    Hello! I drew this a while ago and I hope you guys will like it ^^. My pony OC. Her name is Snowflank. <3