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  1. Image


    i drew tails :)

    1. Splashee


      Awesome! :squee:


      Also hi! :kindness:

    2. Tacodidra


      Cute! ^_^ Nice to see him get some appreciation! :yay:

    3. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      nice :>

      Good work :)

  2. guess whose back and whose half way done highschool :)

    1. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :D Welcome back!

  3. happy new year friends. i'm doin ok, i guess

    1. Miss


      hey happy new year! Hope it's goes great

  4. happy hearth's warming everyone! i got a drum kit

  5. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: May your day be a wonderful one! :oh_golly:

  6. update on the loser kid: uhhhhhh gender dysphoria kickin my ass so i feel like shit a lot but i kinda wanna start making covers of mlp songs!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Princess Zara

      Princess Zara

      Just to let you know @Kujamih I'm feeling the same way too. 

    3. Kujamih


      I'm lucky I'm dumb..... so I don't think of much about it..... if I see pipi I'm meme:crackle:..... I has no idea why I said that...... it rhymed so I guess that worked for me....

    4. SpittyPie2005


      @Duck Birdheck yeah!! i sing like all the time

  7. i've already watched the new g5 movie twice and i'm literally so obsessed with pipp-

    1. Tacodidra


      I really need to get around to watching it. :adorkable: I've been way too lazy when it comes to pony stuff. :derp:

  8. i can't believe halloween is next month....i'm gonna be uma from descendants, btw

  9. here's my new bird, her name is evie (after the descendants character), and i love her.


    1. Splashee
    2. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Is she a parrot? She's one magnificent birb

    3. Tacodidra


      She's cute! ^_^ *boops*

    1. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Edit and write everything you supposed to say.

  10. alright, i go by meg AND myron now

  11. i turned her into a puppy dog

    chrome-capture - 2021-08-08T205105.693.jpg

    1. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      I really loved that movie back then :3

      Another one I need to rewatch :o

      Nice work :3

  12. *jumps onto a table* hello there FRENDSSSSS lol

    so i'm pretty good i guess. i got my second vaccine and my mom is giving me more driving lessons!!! 

    1. Tacodidra


      Hi, my friend! :D

      That's great to hear! :yay: I'll get my first vaccine soon (finally).

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