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  1. I usually don’t get colds but if I do it takes me ages to get rid of it.
  2. Definitely they’re cheap and always on sale at my local grocery store.
  3. Yeah if I’m overthinking and not paying attention I run into stuff.
  4. A month ago. If I eat too much I get sick.
  5. Definitely teleportation. No more driving and being stuck in traffic.
  6. My hair is almost halfway down my back. It’s not too long.
  7. I color my hair all the time now. Well more like I get different toners put in it and it comes out different colors. Got a purplish red going on rn. Here for it. Were gonna start lightening my hair up again so I can try to go blue. Always wanted blue hair.
  8. I get hit on by old dudes all the time. Had one guy I used to work with stalk me to the gym. He’d follow me and say disgusting things to me and try to get me to sleep with him. Even threatened me a couple times. Had to get hr involved. Glad I don’t have to see him ever again. Well I mean I could see him out and about somewhere but it’s not happened yet. I was approached by a dude my dads age at a gas station and he was hitting on me. He seemed like he was on....drugs or something. Really freaked me out. Ive also had men in random cars pull up along side me when I’m out walking. Hitting on me, had one dude randomly yell at me telling me to get in his fn truck. Legit ran back to my car. I have a lot of bad stories with creepy men. However I will say since a cop started patrolling through where I walk to my dentist and doctors office things have improved immensely. I know they’re only doing it because the nurses park where I do and have to walk now. It’s greatly improved things in that area. If someone creeps me out I try to avoid them as much as possible.
  9. Searching for Nayeon gif icons to use.
  10. Wishing I had a nice dp and sig set of Nayeon
  11. I’ll just eat a few goldfish crackers as a snack.
  12. I took it in like......10th grade? Don’t remember a thing.
  13. I was originally put on it when I was like 12. I was on and off so many different kinds. It did more harm than good for me. I either ended up more angry, more depressed, forgetful to the point of screwing up a lot at school and in my jobs, a lot of pretty bad side effects.They finally diagnosed me as treatment resistant to antidepressants. They wanted to retry the same medications at higher doses that didn’t work for me. In hopes maybe it would work but they weren’t sure. I made the call to stop. I wasn’t spending anymore money or anymore time on an approach that wasn’t working. I’ve been figuring out other ways to deal with my depression and anxiety. Things aren’t perfect but they’re much better than they ever were all those years ago.