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  1. I come from the Dark Woods Circus
  2. Happy Birthday @Supreme King! I hope you have and continue to have an awesome day! :) 

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  4. hoo boy

    hey uhh my computer just randomly turned itself off

    finally got it to

    power back on

    but not sure how long this is going to last

    so if I vanish that's why

  5. one game I wish would get remastered is Oogie's Revenge

    yes I would actually buy a remaster of Oogie's Revenge

    I can't be the only one right?

  6. okay so am I the only one who thinks that maybe Cardfight Vanguard

    should do what MTG does

    and put a Booster Pack in with the Starter deck?

    it can be a regular Booster Pack

    it doesn't need to have super expensive cards in it

    but a typical booster pack

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    2. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      Hey. I admit that I'm not the best when it comes to building a deck, but I can give it a try. I believe Blaster Dark Diablo is the grade 3 and has a stride skills when using stride, right?

      Also, did you see the news for the upcoming cards for this year?

    3. Supreme King

      Supreme King

      neither am I but I try

      hey sorry it took me so long to get back to you

      I got extremely Busy the past 2 days

      Grade 4s

      4 Dark Dragon Phantom Blaster Diablo

      4 Dark Knight Grim Recruiter

      1 Dark Dragon Spectral Blaster Diablo

      1 Dark Dragon Animus Pile Dragon

      4 Dark Knight Ludvik

      Grade 3s

      4 Blaster Dark Diablo

      1 Phantom Blaster Dragon (Break Ride)

      3 Deathspray Dragon

      Grade 2s

      4 Black Chain Flame Dance Formation Hoel

      3 Dark Night Maiden Macha

      2 Dark Saga Painter

      1 Scornful Knight Gyva

      Grade 1s

      4 Pitch Black Sage Charon

      4 Black Chain Spirit Dance Formation Kahedin

      4 Little Skull Witch Nemain

      2 Dark Heart Trumpeter

      1 Cherishing Knight Branwen

      Grade 0s

      1 Promising Knight David

      4 Revenger Undead Angel (Critical)

      3 Black Crow Witch Eine (Critical)

      2 Leaping Knight Ligan Lumna (Critical)

      3 Howl Owl(Draw)

      2 Witch of Black Cats Milcra (Heal)

      2 Healing Revenger (Heal)





    4. Supreme King
  7. uhh I think the fabric of space and time have been warped

    can someone explain as to why there are 2 Yuya Sakakis?

    Image result for yugioh arc v yuya

    all I know Sombra Opened a portal while he was going crazy

    and the other Yuya popped out


  8. I play Yugioh Cardfight Vanguard Future Card Buddyfight Dice Throne MTG
  9. Related image

    I asked for Crystal Beasts but got a

    Turbo Buggo?


  10. Monkey King Hero is Back I have the Video game but i've never seen the movie
  11. well I got to test out the Hypersphere system for Beyblade

    it's actually pretty good

    unlike slingshock

  12. just got a ghost rare Heroic Champion Excalibur

    and a Holographic Heroic Champion Gandiva

  13. Borderlands is my personal favorite FPS I like the Characters the story and it's petty fun overall