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  1. The land the original tribes lived in was the location of where the Crystal Empire now is. We know that the area around the Crystal Empire has an ongoing snowstorm that was more likely created by magic as the Pegasi cannot control it, nor can Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Just like the snowstorm the Windigos created. So what if this magic snowstorm is what’s left after the defeat of the Windigos? The hatred between the 3 tribes went on for so long and was so strong that even long after they united and defeated the Windigos the snowstorm in their original land kept raging on. Or maybe the Fire of Friendship only undid the snowstorm in Equestria and not the original land. As for the Crystal Ponies, perhaps they were originally part of the 3 tribes, but decided to stay instead of leaving to live in Equestria, they found the Crystal Heart and discovered that the Heart’s magic could keep the snowstorm at bay and protect them. Over time the Heart’s magic affected the ponies living in the Crystal Empire and turned them into the Crystal Ponies that we see today. Or maybe their transformation was more instantaneous. After the Heart was found and it’s magic used, it sent a wave of magic that turned the ponies in the immediate vicinity into Crystal Ponies. (Like we see in The Crystal Empire Part 2 and the other episodes it happens in) but instead of the ‘crystal effect’ wearing off like it does for the Mane 6, the Crystal Ponies changed permanently with the ‘crystal effect’ tied to their emotions.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I have looking a lot into synonyms and symbolism to help me pick a name and I reckon I have a name. Kalypso Dove (or perhaps Dovetail, but I think that makes the name a little wordy) According to what I've found, Kalypso means 'she that conceals' in Greek and Doves symbolises peace, but can also represent soft and gentle. I did find a butterfly that apparently is called a dovetail butterfly that's got a similar colour to my pony but I know my butterflies and I'm pretty sure it's a swallowtail, it could be an alternate name that I've never heard of though.
  3. Wasn't sure where I should put this, so it's here. A few days ago I commissioned someone to draw a custom pony and I can't think up a name for her. So I'm hoping everyone here can help give me some ideas. This is the pony in question she's a mix between best pony Flim and Fluttershy. Here's a little info on her: on the outwards, she appears to be shy and withdrawn but this is mainly so ponies will put their guard down when around her. Like Flim she's good at tricking ponies using words, she has a fascination with butterflies and other insects like dragonflies, bees and ladybirds. She has a few pet butterflies that accompany her almost everywhere (which also helps with here whole 'shy' persona) This is her cutie mark Thanks in advance for any help :3