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  1. ok, to blue shell someone before the finish line, somehow make a perfect ricochet shot off a wall with a green shell into someone, to nail them with a green or red shell point blank, or red shell someone, which is worse????
  2. whats worse, to blue shell someone or to red shell them point blank or green shell them point blank in mario kart?

  3. working on my first vector image. hopefully my pony oc will be uploaded in a few days, its difficult to start doing it from absolutely no experience lol.

  4. my cat can't meow, so he just looks at  me and opens his mouth silently  whenever he wants something, its hilarious

  5. welcome! im pretty new here myself but always happy to meet new people. i hope you enjoy your stay here!
  6. is my hero academia worth checking out???? lemme know please im looking for new anime too!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PoisonClaw


      I would say it is DEFINITELY worth checking out.

    3. XxdarkrushxX


      Thanks @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ and @PoisonClaw i definitely will check it out! thanks !  how quick will i get addicted ? lol

    4. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man

      ^ I was sucked in by the second episode. We’ll see how strong of a will you have XD

  7. im a sucker for history and mystery, so getting a book signed by my favorite historian for christmas is 10/10 i know, im sooo boring haha 

  8. an autographed history book, tickets to go see motionless in white/beartooth when they come to Denver next month!
  9. so last night i found out i can absolutely do an entire double shift by myself in a crowded bar on christmas eve, dont recommend doing that alone, but i can haha what happens when everyone else calls off. okay now i still want to pass out am dizzy

  10. Welcome to the forums! :applehat:

    1. XxdarkrushxX


      Thank you very much!!! i appreciate it:muffins:

  11. dont want kids, never have. all the cake twins did is remind me exactly why i dont want kids
  12. need new bands to listen to, anypony have any recommendations?

    1. DivineSpirit1000


      @XxdarkrushxX Crush 40! You can't go wrong with this awesome band!


  13. so, i have no idea how to even go about thinking about making a pony OC

    1. ShadOBabe


      Well first tip: You're not restricted to ponies. You can make your OC a non-pony if you want.

      But if you're dead set on making a pony, first step is usually picking which of the pony races you want it to be. Your favorite colors are a good option for colors.

    2. XxdarkrushxX


      @JingLBabe       so lets say like an equestria girls style character or bat pony is also still good ? okay! thanks for the tips!!! what app or thing do you recommend using for beginners to art?

    3. ShadOBabe


      Sure that's fine if that's what you want! There's also griffons, zebra, dragons, changelings... heck my character is an ahuizotl.

      Hmm... that's a harder question. I'm a good artist, but a terrible teacher. I always recommend people learn to draw their characters themselves, but if you want some more advanced looking artwork while you wait, you can allwys request or commission other artists. There's a section for it on this forum along with a section to get tips and critique on your own art.