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  1. I dont feel weird by watching MLP. I wouldnt spent that much time on ponies if I would feel weird about it. I just feel weird imagining to show it to my friends or watch an episode together. But thats not because its MLP, I´m generally a bit worried to show things I like to other people cause I´m afraid they dont like it.
  2. I´m not and I never have been. TPAM is a secret vampire.
  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Maybe, but I dont think so, we never talked about it. I dont go to my parents and say "hey I´m a brony", but I dont really try to hide it. I play MLP Music when they are in the same room but they never asked me about it. Most people dont know it I just tell them if they ask.
  5. I think health and happiness is most important for a good time in life. But also everything that makes you happy and healthy.
  6. Every crime that harms someone should be a crime and should be judged. If breaking a law just harms yourself, that law doesn´t need to exist, everyone should be free to decide if they want to harm themself or not. I hate to see people harm others.
  7. If I stay awake until midnight, yes. I hate being hungry when going to sleep, then I´m even more hungry in the morning.
  8. Definitely Salsa Sauce. Its maybe not as hot as some other sauces but I like the taste.
  9. OMG today I forgot my phone in my pants and I washed it. But luckily it survived. So I´m really happy at the moment. There were some ups and downs last few days but in general I´m feeling ok.
  10. A few days before the lockdown started. Really happy I went to the hairdresser this day. Last time you did a sporting activity?
  11. I dont want people to judge me by my age. They can find out who I am but age doesnt matter for this. For gender I like to know what gender other people are so they can see my gender too.
  12. A nightmare for you, but a sweet dream for me
  13. Luster Dawn is the new Twilight and Twilight is the new Celestia (maybe a better ruler but thats another topic), who has to teach her about friendship. Different characters but the roles always stay the same (Celestia, Twilight) (Sunset Shimmer , Twilight, Luster Dawn). We dont know much about her casue she was just in one episode, but she seems to be pretty similar to Twilight.
  14. It was a great time with all these people of the same age around. Havent seen most of them since then. But ... No ... I like the freedom I have now.