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  1. @Pastel Heart As the alcohol-driven stallion vanished into the distance, Astral felt what could only be described as a mixture of confusion and sadness. "There goes the strangest pony I've ever known, and I've met the element of laughter. Well Pastel, all I can say is congratulations for earning your cutie mark. I hope to see you shine as an idol, for both Friendshire and your friends." @Dynamo Pad @GeneralDirection "Well, if you two wish to learn more in the world of magic, feel free to ask me for lessons anytime. I'm no Celestia when it comes to teaching, but I do have quite a few spells to list. Dynamo, your gaming magic was really something yesterday; with a few more years of training, you could easily become a wizard. And Silver, the same may go to you, no matter what your magical talent may be." While he couldn't say much more than had already been stated, Astral hoped the two would continue to practice onward; after all, Equestria always had need for more magically gifted ponies. @C. Thunder Dash Astral's ears turned towards the electric griffin at the mention of a concert, he figured best to inform the new face what had transpired in the past week. "It's funny that you mention a concert Thundy, the town had a talent show a few days back. It was quite the spectacle to behold, Dynamo and Pastel sung really well, it's no surprise how this pink filly became so popular overnight. Sadly, I myself didn't really get a chance to perform, though I like to think I helped in my own way." Astral still remembered that night, the dark backstage where he thought he sensed dark magic. He had made himself look a bit foolish, since there was no real danger revealed, but Astral started to think that, just maybe, he wasn't being paranoid at the time. Perhaps he had sensed dark magic, though it wasn't a danger to the group that night; the blue unicorn only hoped the town curse would remain harmless as well, but hope wouldn't ultimately solve the problem.
  2. @Pastel Heart A bright light flashed as Pastel argued with her grand colt, but as the glow faded, an amazing sight was revealed; the little pink filly had finally obtained her cutie mark! "Wow, congratulations Pastel! You should be proud, not many ponies get their mark at such a young age; surely this will help you to be an even greater pop star!" @Dynamo Pad Astral was intrigued by Dynamo's description at first, he wondered who could be looking for him, though his face soon grew dark at the description of the pony's appearance. A grey beard, lots of wrist watches, that description fit the bill entirely for one pony. "Final Premonition... It has to be. Listen, Dynamo, remember that night in the hospital where I briefly disappeared? The pony you described was likely the one responsible, and I think there's much more to him than he'd like us to know. He said to me that one day he would return to take what was his, or something of equal value, so it stands to reason he may come for the Laronde Box. Did he say WHY he was looking for me?"
  3. @C. Thunder Dash "Yes, I'm Astral, the one and only I imagine. I believe we briefly met at the buffet this morning. And yes, I have taught Dynamo a little of my magic expertise, have you been doing the same?" said Astral as he spoke in a kind tone. @GeneralDirection As Astral spoke to the griffin, his eyes wandered to another member of the group, who in fact turned out to be the kirin, Silver Slate. "Silver! Sorry I didn't notice you before, I thought you were still with Samurai?" @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart Astral didn't know if he should have chuckled or grimaced, the sight of Dynamo pinned down by a powerful and intoxicated stallion wasn't exactly calming. However, knowing of Pastel's care for Dynamo, it was unlikely she would allow any permanent harm to pass. But soon, Dynamo's tone grew in volume, and it seemed there was something important he needed to say. "What is it Dynamo, what's up?!"
  4. @Samurai Equine I do wonder what will happen once Samurai assembles the cast in front of the town; it kind of has a 'Final Destination' vibe, almost as if he's planning to prepare the group for their greatest challenge. But hey, that could just be my excitement.
  5. @Samurai Equine "I'll be sure to keep the name Beryl in mind; a Breezie you say, she must be brave to venture so far away from natural forestation. And yes, while I probably don't know as much about Friendshire as Samurai, the town has grown on me. Until we meet again Trilby, and thank you for all your help." While Astral didn't have a hat to tip, unlike Trilby, he gave the fashion unicorn a simple bow as he exited the shop. Astral had made quite a lot of progress today, he had finally met one of two mayors face to face, though the sight of Mayor White's condition was anything but pleasant. If the town events truly were helping to restore his health, Astral knew he had to keep helping the others make the town shine; and even though he wasn't able to discover the curse's creator today, in time, Astral promised he would help free Trilby Hatter too. @Dynamo Pad @C. Thunder Dash @Pastel Heart As Astral walked through the streets of Friendshire, pleased with his accomplishments, he stopped. He smelled something, something unfamiliar, yet the scent itself told a story. "Hmm.. I believe that's Alcohol, but who would be drinking in the middle of-" As the blue unicorn turned his head, he spotted two of his friends, Pastel's 'unique' uncle, and what appeared to be a griffin. Intrigued, and mostly free for time, Astral trotted over to greet the old and new faces. "Dynamo, Pastel, fancy meeting you here. As well as Mr. Shoal and.. Thundy, I believe? My apologies, but there are always so many new faces in this supposedly 'unpopular' town. What events have you been up to this fine day?"
  6. @Samurai Equine Astral nodded his head in understanding; both ponies felt the need to help save the town, even if it cost them their needed place in Friendshire. As he saw Trilby become rather saddened in his work flow, Astral knew he had to remind Trilby of why he was here. "Aren't we a pair, Trilby. We both know that helping the town may hurt our own positions, yet we still push on. But don't get down on yourself; you may not be a popular element of harmony like Rarity, but ponies still depend on you for your unique taste in fashion. So what if another fashion shop comes to Friendshire, maybe they won't have quality hats like yours? Even if they did, I'm sure there would still be many creatures who would turn to your shop for business. Just keep your head up." Astral decided it would be best to regroup with the others; he had the dark magic sample he had come for, and there would be plenty of time to find the curse's source later. "By the way, if you're almost done with that order for Samurai, I could deliver it for you. What do you say?"
  7. @Samurai Equine I've just posted some background info about Astral to Trilby, so if you want to have Trilby react to it before Astral leaves, we can do the time skip afterwards.
  8. @Samurai Equine Astral was relieved to move from his stance, being as still as a statue was a challenge both physically and mentally. As he checked his Amulet's progress, he discovered that it was unable to drain the curse completely, but the remains he sensed were far weaker than before. Astral took this evidence into a hypothesis; Trilby was acting far more humble compared to his attitude back in the alleyway, and seeing Shadow Trail, a pony he cared very deep for, was enough to free him of the curse's grip. 'It would seem that Trilby is only corrupted when his emotions turn selfish, but helping other creatures is enough to keep the curse at bay. This curse definitely uses dark magic; but then again, is there really any time it isn't?' Astral thought to himself. As Astral listened to Trilby's story, he felt he could relate to the struggle, though not in the sense of fashion. Astral had traveled far across Equestria in his mission to detain dark magic and forbidden artifacts, but this was only trusted to the most skilled of unicorns, so Astral usually kept to himself in work and training. Being alone on the road was never easy, but Astral was happy to see that Trilby had found a place in Friendshire, even if he had to work multiple careers. "It's a shame I didn't come to see your shop back in Canterlot; I may not be much of a hat pony myself, but I still believe every magic expert needs a proper accessory. Hmm, believe it or not, I don't actually have a career in Friendshire. Ever since I arrived, I've focused solely on ridding the town of its curse, though I guess I've also given magic lessons to Dynamo and Pencil; with a bit more training, those two could become great magic experts. I hope Celestia would be proud of my accomplishments, little ol' Astral from student to teacher like her, but the thing is.. I'm not sure setting up a business would be the best idea." Astral sighed, knowing Trilby would ask why this was the case; despite knowing the curse that plagued Trilby, Astral saw no reason why he couldn't open up, especially since the fashion pony just had. "Trilby, what the others don't know about me is that I'm actually a professional Wizard; I was trained to deal with dark magic artifacts and curses, and whichever of the two is here, its aura is what drew me to Friendshire in the first place. Once I finally solve the issue, I'll most likely be called back to Canterlot, meaning that anything I opened would be left abandoned. Don't get me wrong, I Iike Friendshire, and would want nothing more than to set up a post. But if the town really does need a magic expert, I'm willing to fill the role for the time being, or until I find an apprentice to cover for me."
  9. @Samurai Equine Astral was fascinated by Trilby's background knowledge of the town, it made him wonder how long the unicorn had been here; furthermore, if the town wasn't the best place for business, why had he stayed? All of these questions and more revolved around Trilby, though Astral knew he had to keep him safe first. As Astral continued to drain the dark magic from Trilby's body, he noticed something unfamiliar about it. This magic did not feel like it came from a pony, Astral couldn't exactly explain why, but something just felt... off. "Well I suppose that is understandable. A mayor, or any leader for that matter, acts as the representative of an entire community. If leaders are unable or unwilling to live up to their positions, people can begin to lose faith in their home and in themselves. Even though I'm capable of taking lead on a lot of issues, being on the road all the time can make you a little introverted, but some of my friends have already made great progress as town leaders. Dynamo has done pretty well as the Arcade manager so far, and he's made quite a good guardian for Pastel; I swear, looking at those two is like looking at a brother and his little sister. Samurai has also been succeeding in his goals, at least I think he is; never before I have I met anypony so passionate on returning prosperity to a town off the map." Trilby then came over with his various heating tools, and while Astral didn't know much about fashion repair, he knew he'd best stay still or risk getting singed! "Now that makes me wonder about you. I know this may seem a little personal, but why have you chosen to stay in Friendshire Trilby? Do you simply wish to help the citizens, similar to Samurai? Because if so, that is quite noble of you."
  10. @C. Thunder Dash Your two Griffin hybrids are certainly unique and diverse, I can only wonder what the two may do next.
  11. @Samurai Equine Astral listened attentively to Trilby as he sat, and little to the fashion pony's knowledge, he had already begun to drain the curse with his amulet. If Trilby kept talking, then removing the dark magic would be even easier, so the blue unicorn asked a question which could surely get a few minutes of needed time. "A gift huh, well Samurai is a very generous pony. Though Trilby, I'm a little surprised; I thought your business was very successful, isn't your shop the most popular in town? Given the quality of your workmanship, your negative comment only raises further questions."
  12. @Samurai Equine Astral nodded in confirmation and slowly walked into the store's back area; he soon stood calmly as he waited for Trilby to begin his work, but not before tucking his amulet into his jacket, and making sure it was active for what was to come next. "Alright Trilby, just let me know if I need to move or pose, no trouble. At least, I hope there won't be any trouble.." Astral finished with a soft whisper, ready to begin draining the dark magic out of the fashion pony.
  13. @Samurai Equine @Pastel Heart @GeneralDirection Astral expected the worst to come once Trilby had woken up, but instead he only felt sadness from his prior attempt in knocking out the fashion pony; while he was happy to see Trilby back to normal, this may create a challenge for ridding him of the curse. "I do have one other method for draining the dark magic, and this method will draw out the curse slowly one bit at a time, but I'll need to be in close proximity to Trilby in order for it to work. Luckily, I have another idea." Astral whispered to Samurai. The blue unicorn then trotted up to the desk, greeting the now awake Trilby with an apologetic expression. "Trilby, I am really sorry for that rude awakening before, and I hope I can do something to make up for it. While I don't have much experience in fashion design, I am roughly Samurai's size, so perhaps I could help as a model?" If this proposition was accepted, Astral would be able to drain the curse without Trilby even knowing; and better yet, Astral would be helping Trilby in two ways at the same time.
  14. @Samurai Equine @Pastel Heart @GeneralDirection Astral could tell Samurai was worried, and he had every reason to be; the blue unicorn hadn't revealed much of his background, so the group could only trust him based on his words. "Don't worry Samurai, my amulet here is a special artifact. It acts like a magnet for dark magic, AND has the ability to purify it; in other words, my amulet converts bad magic into good magic. While its power is no match for Alicorn level curses, something tells me that Trilby's curse won't be as difficult to-" Astral looked down to see Trilby was beginning to awaken, THIS WAS BAD! The unicorn had to think fast, so in a quick motion, he grabbed his book and darted towards Trilby. "THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE COMPELS YOU! *Smack*" said Astral as he tried to knock Trilby out once more. This action was surprisingly comedic, and would be expected of Pastel rather than Astral, but hopefully it would be enough to ensure the group's safety.