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    Twilight and Trixie
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    Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis?
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    Sweetie Bell
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    Vinyl and Octavia
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    too much
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  1. Death Grips - Turned Off and Nightmare Night by WoodenToaster
  2. bruh, if i seen this in night dark corner - +heart attack but its kinda cute. kinda. maybe.
  3. without internet maybe i can be a normal person with normal mind and have normal full social life. but because internet exist i can one thing - thanks for kill my social life. without jokes i think its greatest thing what human create. 0h yes without memes and mlp on torrent i maybe kill myself because depression. thanks for this too, internet
  4. Only because cheating i able to complete school and doing absolutely nothing. thanks its old 2012 lmao. god i hate russian education system.
  5. man, radio modding easy thing in fallout, just google some guides and let's go but i think in fallout 4 custom radio need only new radio cuz all mods doing this, dk, never touch radio modding sector some guide in F4 nexusmods i hope this help you
  6. last time i seen brony offline its like 2012 or 2013, now 80% old bronys left in anime fandom bruh and new brony ofc in "im not brony, lmao, dude, its for kiddos" mode. so... noyes?
  7. Some MOBA's like LoL and Dota(rip after reborn) and gameloft mlp farm.... i hate this gameloft donate-only game but i don't have analog farm games with mlp theme
  8. IfChan


    after technically unofficial death of popular russian forum "Tabun" i searching new forum and remember about nicest english forum in web - mlpforums. so, about me: old brony who drop fandom after 2012 and 2016, open and close some russians servers in gmod. for now doing absolutely nothing, but wanna make some VR mlp experiments. i hope y'all nice guys and friendship is magic, you know. thanks for reading. don't know english for 100%, sorry if have some issues in grammatically