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  1. So I take it you saw that picture Silverwisp made?

  2. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Sweetie Belle I think! I do a lot of voice acting, and I love imitation I can't sing that well though XD
  3. This sounds like an amazing idea! I'm pretty used to writing for kids, and my ten year old sibling loves MLP as well. And I'd love to read/help write a story that isn't dark and depressing like a lot of the fanfictions out there are. Like something you could find on the show.
  4. Definitely Pinkie Pie! Other than getting her in the quizzes, some of my brony friends have taken to calling me Pinkie, and I'm a lot like her
  5. Well, I'm actually already VAing in a project of yours I think, but I'll apply anyway XD I can do Applebloom from the show, and Twilight from the show! Name and/or Nickname : Isobel Age : 15 Skype : isobel.the.great Type of Mic : Blue Yeti Past experience :
  6. Wishing everyone a happy Christmas :D

  7. I can't quite remember how much it costs, but I use the Blue Yeti mic. It was on sale when I got it, for $85, but I don't know the normal price! Anyway, it's an amazing microphone. There is literally no background noise with it, there are four different settings depending on what you're doing (Voice acting, recording an instrument, a call, etc.) It's also a USB mic So yeah, I'd recommend that one
  8. Here's a Pinkie and a Fluttershy voice reel, if you need one to hear what my impressions sounds like I don't know if I need lines or not, but this can just be an audition for now
  9. I've done my fair share of voice acting, and I think the accent was really well done. It sounds fairly natural and stays consistent. However, like Stellafera said, it was a bit deep, and needs to be a little more energetic. This was actually a good AJ impression, and that's saying something because I know nobody who can imitate Applejack in the community. For the rest of the mane six (Maybe not Rarity) somebody can do a nearly perfect impression, but nobody with AJ. She needs more love
  10. I can audition for Pinkie, Fluttershy, and maybe some others! I'm on my phone right now, but tomorrow I'll post my demo reels and experience!
  11. My hair is blonde-ish brown-ish redd-ish XD It was pink two months ago XD And my eyes are brown, but according to my optometrist they're amber O_O Which sounds cooler. This was the picture he used to describe my eye color:
  12. I don't like my name. It's Isobel, and I just don't like how it sounds XD Though my last name really sucks. My name is alliterative, so it's fun to makes jokes of, and also it sounds like more of a Asian name, which I have no problem with but some people kind of tease me about it. I don't really care, having an alliterative name makes me feel 'Pinkie Pie-ish' XD
  13. I can probably play the little girl if you want I'll create a character profile, but do you have any specifics about her that I should put in? It would be helpful for creating the profile