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  1. Totally exhausted. I hate Wednesday mornings.
  2. MLP movie was the first time I feel like I've been genuinely taken on an adventure in a long time. #1 Honorable mentions to Gyo and Suicide Squad
  3. 15 15 is the number of the Devil arcana, which represents inner strength
  4. The only shows I'd rank above MLP are: Pokemon (First season to the end of Johto) ECW Hardcore TV Raw and Smackdown (Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression eras only) Powerpuff Girls (original series) Ed, Edd & Eddy
  5. My Little Pony should have had a wrestling episode where Fluttershy saved the day. :angry:/^_^

    1. Pastel-chan


      Flutters is already halfway there, she wrestled a bear once~

      Bruno Sammartino would be proud

  6. >///< hauu~ *hugs @Samurai Equine* ♡
  7. Even if unicorns and earth ponies got mechanical wings, I doubt they would be as mobile and agile as natural pegasus wings. It's not like airplanes make birds invalidated, and dragons can also fly but there's no fighting there. It would just expand the places other ponies can go, and even then, mechanical wings would probably be a luxury thing and hard to operate.
  8. I don't think of people in superficial terms like ratings, so yes
  9. I tried to learn Japanese. There's so many different verbs, expressions, characters, meanings for different kanjis and katakanas, some of which look alike, it's kinda crazy. I couldn't keep up. I can say some things and write some stuff in romanji but that's as far as my legs took me
  10. I only want to be loved and accepted for who I am. That's enough expectation for me ♡
  11. In pain due to health complications. Also nostalgic and missing how my life was before
  12. I like cute clothes most, anything pink and cute I adore; I really like sweaters, bright shirts and skirts. If I had more money I would definitely buy some lolita clothes; I've wanted some for years. Personality wise, I guess I'm usually pretty simple minded and I try to stay energetic and happy despite my circumstances; never grow up, you know? In the winter time I'm usually more of a romantic, as I love cold weather especially
  13. 1). "Ohhh, I totally forgot all that happened! Nothing bad happened to me personally, but like, if he's good and stuff now there's no problem right? Besides, he can do all this cool stuff! I wish I could play with him." 2). "I've got lots of love to give! As long as any creature is nice to me I don't care what they are or what they eat. I wonder what love tastes like?" 3). "Princess Twilight! She's super smart, and really pretty!" 4). "That would be totally awesome! Sounds like an adventure! I'd be their friend and embark on an epic quest to get them home. And at the end, when they're just about to leave, the tears fall from my eyes and I confess that I always loved them from the beginning! And then, in the next adventure, I'd travel across Equestria to..." (she trails on in her elaborate, cliche fantasy)