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  1. Pastel Heart

    LGBT Chatroom

    I've come to feel that jerks will be jerks no matter what so be who you are genuinely today~ and if people don't like it, erase them from your life :3 I think hanging around more accepting people and more often (or by yourself if there is none) and just being away from toxic people will help lots, and remember you're always you and you have peeps here that will always treat you as you are <3 come as you are nya~
  2. Pastel Heart

    Music Favorite metal band

    Nightwish take my breath away~ <3
  3. Pastel Heart

    Movies/TV What's your favorite movie?

    Akira! A masterpiece~
  4. Pastel Heart

    General Chat Thread

    Welcome back! Nostalgia is good! ^-^ I'm a new user but I assure that my mind has been frozen in time!
  5. Pastel Heart

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I feel super little and soft <3
  6. owo this is what happens when you tag me in forum games nya @Kyoshi shall bear my sin
  7. The literature isn't the issue as I have read the Satanic Bible and I like Levays philosophy (otherwise I wouldn't be a satanist), I just don't like the dogmatic nature the church has taken in recent years with the current leadership. I feel that they've projected their own views of Levays philosophy and centralized it. Like @Renegade the Unicorn I'm more of a fan of the Satanic Temple which is more open and closer to my personal views, but I'm not affiliated with any group currently
  8. Yes! Good nostalgia and nommy~
  9. Pastel Heart

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Nervous, but fuzzy inside >w<
  10. Sending positive vibes to a super cute cutie~! <3

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      Positive vibes are always welcome and I shall send you some. 

      Mio moe moe kyun GIF | Mio Chan

      Moe moe kyun hehe.

    2. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      Moe moe kyun~! *hugs* x3

  11. Pastel Heart

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Like I wanna dance nya~
  12. @Samurai Equine Ive been ready ~ just waiting on everyone else
  13. This used to be a bandana :3
  14. Pastel Heart

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Drunk and totally adorable~
  15. @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @C. Thunder Dash @GeneralDirection @Kronos the Revenant Participating would be fun, but organizing the tournament sounded just as fun! She always fancied herself a booker. Proudly wearing the shirt, she smiles at Trilby "Thanks a bunch, Trilbeans! You've come a long way from selling toilet paper! We'll all make this the most exciting thing since, uh... The last exciting thing!" Pastel strutted up as if she were Canterlot royalty wearing the shirt. "Look, look! Trilbeans gave us free stuff! If we're gonna book this thing, should I d
  16. @Dynamo Pad "Well, considering I'm an experienced vet now, I'll do super well in a certain bloody fighting game~ I'm gonna go do that right now!" Pastel trotted off to sign up. Seems she was gonna do her own thing for now.
  17. @Dynamo Pad Pastel smiled happily, squeeing happily. This was the best. While clinging onto Dynamo like a tick, however, something odd caught her eye, breaking the hug before jumping up to pat him on the waist. That was dangerously close to a spanking. "Hey hey! Dyny! You got like, a magic card used on you something!"
  18. @Dynamo Pad "You realize I was just doing the right thing is like the most cliche hero thing to say right? If nothing else, you're my hero!" @Samurai Equine The situation over there looked pretty serious though. Unlike in that world, there's nothing of use she could do here. Unless the mayor wanted a song... She looked up to Dynamo again and saw him give off an odd expression. Not to be outdone by Chelsea, she hugged him as well.
  19. @Samurai Equine @C. Thunder Dash @ExplosionMare @Kronos the Revenant @Windy Breeze @GeneralDirection @PawelS It was like scenes from a memory, but the epic dream came to an end before she could add much commentary or cause trouble at the end. She expected something more bittersweet, but she liked a happy ending too. Appearing back in the 3D (or at least for them) world, Pastel shook and smiled brightly. Looks like she was totally back to normal. "How cool was all that!? We totally kicked butt! I had a this dream, and you were there, and you were there..." She blinked. Oh ye
  20. Tonight the stars will set your heart free Have faith let the whole world know what you see <3
  21. Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Dual Stories on GBC. Grindy. But not as grindy as Forbidden Memories atleast.
  22. Pastel Heart

    General Early Bird or Night Owl

    The night belongs to lovers~
  23. 1999! Pokemon and WWF Attitude at their peak, so many good cartoons now on TV and making their mark and every day was a lot of fun! I consider 2000 an honorary 90s year, however.
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