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  1. Hardcore, but instead of going deep into one particular game i spread my time out among several. Resulting in me appearing casual on any given game, but being a hardcore gamer overall due to the amount of time i spend gaming.
  2. Discouraged? I'm floored. This is easily the best feedback I've gotten on any of my videos, let alone my songs and covers. Thank You very much. The break up in pacing between the intro and the first chorus was intentional, but wasn't meant to throw anyone out of the experience. Thanks for pointing that out. If you have any resources for how I can improve my tonality please Shoot me some dms here or hop on the discord server I have linked. And your points of the lyrics are very well founded. The song was originally designed to go with a story that i haven't finished yet which a
  3. Yes please, any notes you have would be appreciated.
  4. EtherealSpectre

    Fan Fiction Epirus's Folly

    Link to Original Devianart Post: https://www.deviantart.com/xertris/art/Epirus-s-Folly-859807261 This is the tale of Epirus. A man consumed by his lust for battle, among other things. An entry into the Bonefish writing collaboration on the Guns of Icarus Discord. Its set in the universe of Guns of Icarus. A place where the entire world was destroyed by a great war. Those that remain survive on the single habitable region of the planet. Land and resources are scarce in these lands, leading to wars between six factions that vie for control over it. With their fleets of steampu
  5. Doylist Answer: Its based on an M Rated game where violence and conflict is the main draw, and the author wanted it to be. Watsonian: (Warning Minor Spoilers below): Fallout Equestria is set in an Equestria laid waste by a terrible war that ravaged the planet. The lack of resources caused by this conflict drastically increased competition for the scarce resources. This stiff competition along with other social and political factors pushed even the peaceful ponies we know into killers, some more reluctant than others. Almost any time violence and death occurs there will be blood.
  6. A song for nightmare night on nightmare night, about nightmare night. Why is it that every year? people gather from far and near, to dress in costumes so austere, and scare the pants off their friends. Perhaps they know some frightful stress, is in the long run best, to put foals and fillies to the test. And stiffen their resolve. Regardless the holiday will commence, whether or not it does make sense. To all I wish your night is tense, in all the ways you desire. Have a terrifying nightmare night, and all enjoy the fair moons light. For in the end its just one night, til the sun rises again.
  7. I don't really care how big the studio is as long as they make good games. I like indies like Chucklefish, but most of the time I don't even check who makes the game. Some devs i'm skeptical off like Ubisoft, Activision, and EA , but if whats in the game is good, I'll play it.
  8. A sky shanty set in the Guns of Icarus Universe. Hope you enjoy.
  9. When i first started playing MMORPGs there was only one role where i excelled in any capacity.
  10. The Crystal Heart protects the empire, sheltering it from the cold, but i believe i has an impact beyond what we've been told.
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