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Status Updates posted by ToastedScone

  1. Good morning, everypony!

    I felt like offering the forum a question today, so I'll do just that; which Pokemon is your favourite? Or, if you can't pick just one, what are your favourite couple of Pokemon?

    My personal favourite is Quagsire, to the point that I have a whole team made up of its shiny:lie:

    Other top picks are Clefable, Crustle, Toucannon and the Regis! No, I can't pick just one Regi:ButtercupLaugh:

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    2. ToastedScone


      Good taste, friend:laugh:

    3. ShadOBabe


      Ninetales and Blaziken!

    4. ToastedScone


      Blaziken's really cool! I really need to play Ruby again:wub:

  2. Good morning, everypony!

    I opened an AMA on Ask a Pony yesterday, if anyone's interested in getting to know me a little better, as I'm aware I'm kinda...quiet, in terms of what I do outside of the FiM fandom! I'm hoping I can use it to make a few more friends:wub:

    In other news, I found a bid for some pony build a bears I'm missing this morning and it's looking like I can FINALLY snag them for a good price...if I don't get outbid at the last second again (looking at you, G3 lot I was going for:okiedokieloki:). If I do manage to win somehow, I might actually post some pictures of my plush collection finally...after I tame their poor Twilight BaB looks like she's been through hell:blink:

    I'm going to try and make these status updates more frequent, so keep an eye out:catface:

    I hope you're all having a great morning/afternoon/evening! 

    Scone x


    1. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      It's raining here in this morning, but I hope you have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening too! :pinkie:

    2. ToastedScone


      Weird coincidence, it's raining here, too!:ButtercupLaugh:

    3. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      Good luck! Hope you win! :eager:

  3. Just posted in a certain thread and once again reminded myself of this irritating thing someone said that refuses to leave me alone; I can't remember their exact wording, but it was something about women having long hair not for themselves, but to impress men. I've had long hair my whole life, and in that moment I considered cutting it all off purely to "look" more valid in my identity. 

    It's stupidly difficult for LGBT folk to prove that they are, in fact, exactly what they identify as without looking a certain way. You don't have to look girly to be gay, and you don't have to be a tomboy to be a lesbian; honestly, if I could just stop outside opinions from having effects on your psyche, I would.

    You may have noticed me posting in more LGBT positive threads recently; that is mainly because I really want to express that you can be LGBT and whatever the fuck else you want, so long as it isn't illegal. My main goal on this forum as a whole is to make people feel valid, and to anyone who sees this status update, please know you can DM me whenever you need someone to talk to about these issues. While I may not know exactly what you're going through, I want happiness and acceptance for all, in bodies that make them feel beautiful and valid.

    Whatever you need, ever, I am here.

    Your local lesbian lover of pastel horses,

    Scone x

    1. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      Amen, my friend.

      No one has to look a certain way to be a certain way. If you like having long hair, then keep it. Do what makes you happy. No one is under any obligation to do anything for anyone. You are the master (or mistress, or whatever title you like) of your own destiny.

      I've been there before. I've had comments that have stuck with me, made me doubt myself or made me wish I had at least thought of a better line to respond with. But it's not something that needs to hold me back. So I'm going to choose to hold my head high and keep going forward. :)

  4. This is a really weird status update but have any of you played No Straight Roads yet? I'm thinking about getting it but reviews seem really mixed?? I don't know why I suddenly thought to post this, I'm meant to be working right now but my dumb brain is just filled with cute pink mermaid music-- anyone whose played the game already, please tell me how it is! I can't seem to find many good/useful reviews online:worry:

  5. I have no idea how to introduce this but...I finally made a kind of sort of reference sheet for my ponysona and username, Toasted Scone!! The body sizes between the two drawings are wacky as heck but otherwise I think it turned out okay??20200823_004908.thumb.jpg.91163205526c9fa0068ccf986a93a2ae.jpg

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    2. ToastedScone


      Aaaaa, thank you so much for the kind, kind words!!! :yay:

    3. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      Haven't seen you in awhile! Welcome back!

      Very nice~! ♡

    4. ToastedScone


      Thank you!!

  6. I did a little doodle of one of my pony OCs, Nettlekiss ^_^


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    2. Kujamih


      Is it alright if i draw her..... What would be her color?

    3. Tacodidra


      She looks very adorable! ^_^

    4. ToastedScone


      @Kujamihher mane is a sorta grassy green, her eyes are the same colour and her coat is cream coloured! Her cutie mark is brownish and the lil flowers in her mane can be whatever colour:D

  7. I had a lot of ponies come in today, and the poor talking Cadance was in pretty bad shape at first, but I managed to tame her mane and now she looks great with the rest of my Lovebutt gang:wub:20200520_121253.thumb.jpg.d6667d5855af181fc9c846b1189c9b60.jpg

  8. Hello, everypony!

    I promise I'm not dead! I've just been struggling ever so with the quarantine, so I've been spending most of my time on my Switch (Mario Tennis Aces is my current go-to, as well as, of course, Animal Crossing:ButtercupLaugh:) and rearranging my ponies...but I'm here again now!

    Big love to @Denim&Venöm and @StarrySkyDash for their kind words on my birthday, as well as @Samurai Equine for tagging me in so many sweet "tag a user" posts! I'm not used to all of this love, you're all so sweet!:wub:

    Well, I'll sign off now, but know that I'm here to stay now! No more disappearing for a month...!!


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    2. ToastedScone


      That I shall! Thank you for being so sweet:laugh:

    3. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      No prob! :D And if you ever get tired of being sentimental, feel free to roast me on my latest status update. I'm inviting everyone to do it! :yay:

    4. ToastedScone


      Ooh, perhaps I'll have a little try at that!:ButtercupLaugh:

  9. Good morning, everypony!

    Today, I failed to get best girl (Bernadetta) in Fire Emblem Heroes...gacha really hates me...

    But opposed to that, my really weird lookin' Rainbow Dash came in!


    (Please Celestia, let the image work this time...)

    I found her on EBay for SUUUPER cheap (I won the auction with like...a £2.70 bid??), and was really happy to finally be able to own a one-of-a-kind piece of MLP memorabilia, cause she technically IS a secondhand custom, even if she isn't as show-accurate as others. She's REALLY soft and cuddly, and her legs splay out when you lay her down...she's adorable, even if she does look a bit...derpy?:derp:

    But anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day today, filled with friendship and magic!:wub:

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    2. ToastedScone


      Ah, I didn't notice it was linking to my Gmail! Thanks for telling me, I'll attempt to fix it now haha:catface:

    3. RaraLover


      Good morning, my friend! :squee:

      You play Fire Emblem Heroes? :wau: Nice! I play it too (a little bit)! ^_^ Yeah, I don't have much luck with those Hero Summons either. :sunny:

      Lucky you! That's a really great price! :ninjadash: She does look adorable, indeed! :kindness:

      I hope your day will be an amazing one! :kirin:

    4. Derpy Pon-3

      Derpy Pon-3

      Good morning :ticking:

      Awesome plushie :mlp_icwudt:


    Anyway, good morning everypony. Did any of y'all see the new Gorillaz Song Machine stuff? It seems like it's going to be really good, perhaps the best since Plastic Beach:mlp_smug:

    ALSO ALSO, ya girl got a good report card, so I may be able to get more pony-shaped plastic in the near future...nyehehehe...


    1. RaraLover


      Good morning, my friend! You've figured out how to do status updates? :o Awesome! :yay: Now I can start giving you plenty of brohoofs, starting with this one. :D

      Never heard of Gorillaz Song Machine. :adorkable:

      And congrats on your report card! :love: Who doesn't love pony-shaped plastic, especially when they have brushable manes? :P

    2. CookieCake


      Hey hey! Have a cookie for being so good and figuring out how to use the status updates!~ :ph3ar:

      I did see the new Gorillaz Song Machine stuffs! Pretty excited if you ask me! :kirin:

      And, that sounds great! Pony-shaped plastic is the only plastic that doesn't cause climate change and we know it, but what about fluffy pony-shaped plushies? Huh?! :mlp_yeehaa: