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Everything posted by ToastedScone

  1. Pinkie Pie and Toadette...both VERY pink and happy, with somewhat irritating voices at times...I'm just a sucker for pink 'n cute, I guess
  2. The fact that she isn't unique at all, that's her whole gimmick She's a very boring, quiet Earth pony with no specific talent; her only really unique thing is that her best friend is an Alicorn, but she has nothing of her own to show...
  3. For sure. I'm more of a collector now than I am a brony, so I will still be giving Hasbro every penny of my income for pink pony plastic...
  4. CADENCE! A MILLION TIMES, CADENCE! She's so pretty, I've been enamored with her since she was first shown...pretty pink pony....
  5. I used to be a huge Scratch user and I'd constantly see MLP groups there! I thought the ponies looked cute, but I never actually got into the show until I noticed that the pink one had a very familiar symbol...I realised she was the same pony I'd loved as a kid (in her G3 form, though), so I HAD to watch the show out of interest to see if she was how I imagined her. Absolutely wildly, she was, and I was hooked IMMEDIATELY. I NEEDED more Pinkie Pie...and now I'm proud to own over fifty pieces of merch of her, as well as watching every Pinkie episode more than once
  6. I've never actually tried tacos properly?? I've bought the shells and put random stuff in them, but never had them properly, so I'm not sure which kind of sauce I'd like...
  7. Only my family and my girlfriend can hug me. I feel incredibly uncomfortable if anyone else does, as I'm incredibly closed off physically and don't like affection much from friends, it makes me uncomfortable
  8. Hamburger, with as much cheese as possible! The sauce on pizza makes my stomach feel like a rabid washing machine...makes me wonder if I have some kind of underlying tomato intolerance, now I think about it
  9. Good morning, everypony!

    I felt like offering the forum a question today, so I'll do just that; which Pokemon is your favourite? Or, if you can't pick just one, what are your favourite couple of Pokemon?

    My personal favourite is Quagsire, to the point that I have a whole team made up of its shiny:lie:

    Other top picks are Clefable, Crustle, Toucannon and the Regis! No, I can't pick just one Regi:ButtercupLaugh:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ToastedScone


      Good taste, friend:laugh:

    3. ShadOBabe


      Ninetales and Blaziken!

    4. ToastedScone


      Blaziken's really cool! I really need to play Ruby again:wub:

  10. I have had them toasted before, I just like toasting a lot of things...crunchy food is the best food! As for my nickname, I used to run an anime Instagram maaaany years ago and my username was SconesandHamburgers, after some kind of ship I think? I don't quite remember why I called myself that, but my followers all called me Scone and it soon leaked into the real world as it just seemed, somehow! I've kinda just kept it as my nickname ever since then
  11. Good morning, everypony!

    I opened an AMA on Ask a Pony yesterday, if anyone's interested in getting to know me a little better, as I'm aware I'm kinda...quiet, in terms of what I do outside of the FiM fandom! I'm hoping I can use it to make a few more friends:wub:

    In other news, I found a bid for some pony build a bears I'm missing this morning and it's looking like I can FINALLY snag them for a good price...if I don't get outbid at the last second again (looking at you, G3 lot I was going for:okiedokieloki:). If I do manage to win somehow, I might actually post some pictures of my plush collection finally...after I tame their poor Twilight BaB looks like she's been through hell:blink:

    I'm going to try and make these status updates more frequent, so keep an eye out:catface:

    I hope you're all having a great morning/afternoon/evening! 

    Scone x


    1. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      It's raining here in this morning, but I hope you have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening too! :pinkie:

    2. ToastedScone


      Weird coincidence, it's raining here, too!:ButtercupLaugh:

    3. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      Good luck! Hope you win! :eager:

  12. The best ones are the ones with the cherry chunks in them, especially with cherry jam, too...and toasting them just makes them super crunchy, and I can never get enough c r u n c h I'm a college/Sixth Form student! My favourite subject is by FAR English Literature, I absolutely love analysing the heck out of stuff. Shakespeare's great, too I once ate like, twelve bags of Space Raiders because they go all icky and weird even just a day after they go out for some reason, and I didn't want to see them go to they were my food for every meal that day
  13. "Oh my god pika pony cute", that one? Was your profile picture some sort of pikachu pony at the time???
  14. Have you seen Attack on Titan? I don't know why, but you strike me as someone who'd love Levi, so I just had to ask
  15. I think I missed a joke somewhere, so...uhh, what did that first question pertain to?
  16. Odd question, but what is your profile picture? It looks super interesting. Some kind of weapon?
  17. If you absolutely had to work together with another pony for a while, otherwise you'd lose your life for some reason, which pony would you choose?
  18. You mentioned phone what phone are you using, and do you keep autocorrect on or off?
  19. Does this topic pertain to the ponysona or the user? That's for you to work out! Regardless, the pone and the person are pretty similar, shy students with little to offer but oddly written text posts! I don't feel like I interact enough with the community, so this AMA thread will be my way into that...also, sneaky little colour code to discern the scones from each other above
  20. Little update to this...I have no less than SIX shiny Quagsire now! Pretty proud to have 'em all, as Quagsire is my absolute favourite Pokemon
  21. Humility, by Gorillaz...the Now Now is SUCH a good album
  22. I'm MUCH too frugal to buy a new set of joycons as my Pro Controller works just fine, but it's pretty much impossible to use my Switch in handheld mode because of the drift now
  23. Hey, you little piss baby You think you're so f*cking cool? Huh? You think you're so f*cking tough? You talk a lotta big game for someone with such a small truck Aw, look at those arms Your arms look so f*cking cute, they look like lil' cigarettes I bet I could smoke you, I could roast you And then you'd love it and you'd text me "I love you" And then I'd f*cking ghost you I mean, uh...did I say something?