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  1. Colon Leftbracket

    The best system of the next generation.

    Can't really deny that Gamesphere!
  2. Colon Leftbracket

    On upcoming next generation consoles

    WOW that comment was longer than I thought it was... In short, I'm now pro-Nintendo (well always been), pro-Sony, and now sadly anti-Microsoft.
  3. Colon Leftbracket

    On upcoming next generation consoles

    The next console generation is a heated debate that I am very passionate about. Oddly enough the debate is different for this generation than most of the previous ones. It isn't too much about the games, certainly exclusives do play a role, but not as much in our current market when most franchises have gone multiplatform anyway. It isn't too much about processing power or graphics because with the big 2 they are almost equivalent. No this generation's debate is extra heated and requires more passion from me because its about moral standards. The fear of this DRM take over of the mostly physical console market has been something feared for a few years now. I actually didn't believe that any company could be too stupid to actually go through with it, but unfortunately I was wrong. For my console decision I could only pick a console I felt I could morally support. I couldn't take part in a new generation if it sickened me. Nintendo seems pretty friendly and I will buy a Wii U eventually... but E3 was the deciding point of if I was going to buy either the PS4 and the Xbox One. Well, its certainly not the Xbox One because they seem to be blatantly anti-consumer which is something I will not support with my money. Its sad because I rather liked my Xbox 360, but I pawned it off as soon as Microsoft started to turn for the worst this year. I will sadly have to miss out on a few exciting games like Crimson Dragon, Titanfall, and the ever anticipated Killer Instinct 3. Now for the PS4... Sony did exactly what I felt they needed to do to win my support. Send a clear message saying they are not going to follow Microsoft in this anti-consumer DRM nightmare. If they did not say that on stage I wouldn't have a PS4 on Amazon pre-order as we speak. The only issue I have with them is that there aren't that exciting of exclusive titles. I'm not a big fan of Killzone or Infamous... Knack looks like something more my speed, there is the elusive Last Guardian that didn't make it to E3 again. Most things I am more exited for that showed up to Sony's conference I could technically get elsewhere like Destiny, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts 3.
  4. Colon Leftbracket

    Gaming Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Friend Codes are required to visit eachother's homes. Luckily, the 3DS Friend Code system is one step above the old DS Friend Code system with that if you add someone's Friend Code it adds you to One Friend list that works for the whole console, versus the old system where every game required its own code. There have been rumors of this getting removed when Nintendo introduces MiiVerse to the 3DS, but we'll see. I will be picking up the game later today. I'm going to head to the store and either purchase a physical copy or just buy an eShop Card to buy it digitally. I really can't pick which one I prefer. The collector in me wants the Physical, but the Digital seems more convenient and makes more sense with a game like Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I just came from a Livestream of someone starting out her town. It was a lot of fun despite it being late and not much to do. The stream concluded with her visiting a viewer's town who was very far along in their Japanese Version of the game. I saw many, many things there that has already lead me to believe this game is the best of the series. At last, Animal Crossing has a real sequel, and not just countless ports of a Nintendo 64 game. I purchased a 3DS a few months ago, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf were one of the top games that sold me on the console. Despite only owning Fire Emblem: Awakening since my initial purchase, I've been quite pleased with the console and what I'll eventually purchase for it. If you want to exchange 3DS Friend Codes with me, send me a PM.
  5. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: Pre-E3 VIDEO SPECIAL

    Unique Critique has its first VIDEO SPECIAL!!!!!! I figured this would be a bit more special then my usual walls of text! yeah... my laptop has a pretty shitty Webcam, but the audio is decent. Let me know what you think, expect the E3 follow up Unique Critiques to be done in a similar fashion,
  6. Colon Leftbracket

    What is the best "LOVE" moments in your life

    I say my best LOVE moment was a time where the woman who I loved needed me. She was going through a rough break up and I was scared for her. I rushed to her house as fast as I could. When I got there we talked things through and I calmed her down a bit. We then even cuddled together as she cried. I told her I loved her, I told her how I was scared, and I told her how happy I was to have her in my arms and that she was safe. It was like a scene from a really corny romance. ...she got back together with her boyfriend though.
  7. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: MASSIVE CHALICE! Kickstarter

    I wish they had more specifics on the the actual battle systems of MASSIVE CHALICE. I suppose it really could be anything, but I would like to know if its going to be more of a real time strategy thing, or a tile based game like Fire Emblem?
  8. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: MASSIVE CHALICE! Kickstarter

    I think I mention that Brazen is very similar to Monster Hunter... in fact my description of Brazen is most verbatim of how Brad Muir describes it. I think I can see why Brazen didn't sit well with publishers. It is pretty much a Monster Hunter clone without the brand recognition and on top of that has an odd animation style that probably wouldn't sit well with a young audience that have never seen the Ray Harryhausen films.
  9. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: MASSIVE CHALICE! Kickstarter

    So the other day I was on Twitter and suddenly I noticed Tim Schafer say they had something exciting to announce soon... Now if you don't know me, I freakin' ADORE Tim Schafer and I LOVE Double Fine, so things like this get me REALLY hyped up! Needless to say a few hours pass and I see this... Yep, you heard right! Double Fine launched their second Kickstarter project and it is called MASSIVE CHALICE! --- Now there's something I really liked about this project that had me sold even before they explained what the game was about... and that's Brad Muir! Brad Muir is one of Double Fine's extremely talented programmers and designers whom I also adore quite a bit. Certainly he isn't as memorable as Tim Schafer, and some people might be bummed that Tim isn't even on the development team for MASSIVE CHALICE, but trust me... Brad's a great project lead! Need proof? Well Brad Muir lead 2 pretty successful Amnesia Fortnight projects already. The first one which was called Custodians of the Clockwork (I may have got that name wrong) which was a tactical tower defense game with a steampunk theme... don't recognize it... well it turned into a game called Trenched which turned into a game called Iron Brigade! He also lead another Amnesia Fortnight project called Brazen! Its basically Monster Hunter meets Ray Harryhausen. Unfortunately it seems Double Fine have been having difficulties getting it through to a publisher... shame. The prototype was made playable in last year's Amensia Fortnight, and was offered again during their Humble Bundle. He also pitched a concept called Kaiju Piledriver last year... it just barely missed its mark to get made into a prototype... but damn... just its name makes me want to play it! So basically Brad Muir is a cool guy who really deserves a chance to make MASSIVE CHALICE! He's also just a cool dude in general when I saw him on Amnesia Fortnight livestreams or in the Double Fine Action Forums. --- But hey, what about MASSIVE CHALICE? Well it seems to be this bizarre tactical RPG hybrid. There isn't much to go on with specific mechanics, but it seems to be a game geared towards people who love tactics games like X-COM, Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and a feudal fantasy theme similar to that tv show that everyone wants me to watch Game of Thrones. The game so far seems to be centralized around commanding generations of heroes in long running bloodlines. A lot of the game will be spent just raising these Houses to create massive families of epic heroes. And also slaying demons... there's that too. This seems like a solid game concept and we've only scratched the surface. The MASSIVE CHALICE forums are alive with people coming up with interesting ideas and the developers noting down what people seem to want and what good ideas they're consumers have for their game. Its another example of Double Fine's openness with their consumer base that I love. Already in the few days the Kickstarter has been up and people have been coming up with neat ideas about how skills and traits can be passed down through Family Genetics or Family Training. Even more controversial topics have been raised like Same Sex marriages possibly being in the game which seemed like an unlikely concept due to the initial concept's focus on genetics, but then with some consumer and developer input, people have brought up ways it might be able to be done. Or in a lot lesser words... this game is going to be hype! --- Also... One Month... $100... One Bloodline... Last time, I missed the Kickstarter for Double Fine Adventure... This time, I'm going all in... HOUSE YOCCA OR BUST! I'm making it my own goal to personally raise and back $100 to get the House Yocca Bloodline into MASSIVE CHALICE! I want my name to be immortalized among the powerful dynasties of MASSIVE CHALICE! The Shafers, The Muirs, and the other Houses of the kingdom will band together to fight the demons, and I want House Yocca to be there... --- But why Kickstarter... again? Now I've seen quite a lot of people get up in arms about Double Fine quickly returning to Kickstarter, claiming that the company's greed has caused them to abuse crowd funding... I disagree entirely. People see Kickstarter as this Indie Game generator. Certainly it was cool when Double Fine did it once, but people seem to think that having Double Fine dip in it again is asking for too much. Really? You mean the very people who made Kickstarter what it is today shouldn't be allowed to go back? That sounds kinda silly. Also Double Fine might just spark some more interest into Kickstarter again making more possible backers come back to the site. After Double Fine's initial Kickstarter I kept going back to check out other ones and made my donations. Who's to say others won't do the same? Also Kickstarter isn't made just for nobody Indie Games... actually it really wasn't specifically made for games in the first place, but what it is for video games is an alternative publishing method. Double Fine have stated that they have had trouble finding good publisher deals for their games. And they have people to put to work so why not crowdfund to publish another project. But Double Fine Adventure made SOO much money, why do they need more from us? Well that money was raised for Double Fine Adventure and Double Fine Adventure ONLY! Those millions go only into that project. If they went anywhere else, they'd be stealing from their backers. But Double Fine Adventure isn't finished. I need to see results from Double Fine Adventure before I invest in a new project. Actually... that's fine. I personally think what they've done and shown for us is more than enough for me to want to invest again without seeing a finished product yet, but its fine to have that mindset, its your money. But this thought that Double Fine should be required to finish a Kickstarter Project before starting a new one is ridiculous. That is not how games publishing works. A developer can get multiple games published simultaneously from one publisher as long as the developer has a team to work on the second project. Kickstarter is essentially a publisher so they can go back to the crowd as frequent as they damn well feel like it. --- So will MASSIVE CHALICE get backed? Will MASSIVE CHALICE be the new tactical RPG that has been prophecized to win the hearts of tactical RPG fans everwhere? Will House Yocca become the strongest dynasty of the land and smite all foes that stand before them? Only time will tell!
  10. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: Console Conundrum!

    Funny enough I was going to touch on Valve's Steam Box, but then I realized that I have literally no info other than the fact that its probably being worked on.
  11. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: Console Conundrum!

    Also German eBay highlights what makes the Wii U such a good next gen console!
  12. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: Console Conundrum!

    Hey guys I think Sony won! They gave Notch a golden PSOne! Oh happy day!
  13. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: Console Conundrum!

    @@Flareon, Also I'll eventually get a Wii U. That is a given at this point. I want to say I'll get one either this summer or winter or something, but I really can't predict my financial status at that point. Though other things like a new computer graphics card, games for my 3DS, PS2, and PC libraries, and a car have my priorities at the moment. Nintendo will have to wait I suppose. ...That is unless the PS4 shows me something to the point where I have to have it as soon as possible AND they prove that they actually care for the consumer.
  14. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: Console Conundrum!

    @@Flareon, I actually wrote this right after watching the mentioned Balrog the Master video. My original draft of this ended in a similar conclusion where I figured I'll wait for a price drop, but actually getting a new graphics cards is probably just about as costly and has more long term benefits.
  15. Colon Leftbracket

    Unique Critique: Console Conundrum!

    That was pretty much my deciding factor in loving the Xbox 360. I remember a few times where my older brother offered to help me trade my 360 in to pick up a PS3 so I could play with him online. I said no mostly because I wanted to play Halo and Gears of War with my friends. Though sadly those two franchises just don't have the same power they used to have. I think it was when Halo: Reach came out I found myself generally dissatisfied with Halo in general. Halo 4 released and I thought overall the multiplayer was greatly improved. But the removal of Firefight was a disappointment and their episodic content was a major upset in my opinion. The campaign was what made me want to drop the franchise altogether though. I still say Halo 4 was pretty good, but none the less it killed my interest. Gears of War... ehh... Gears 3 was just trash in my opinion. I haven't played Judgement, but I hear its awful. But yeah, I have a friend who's a die hard Halo fan. He says he doesn't care what dumb things get put on the Xbox he'll get it because Halo. I just think about games and consoles differently I suppose. lol