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    Tabletop rpgs such a D&D 5e, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk 2020, Tails of Equestria, and a whole lot more. Have GM/DMed a lot, but only been a player a few times.
    Computers and algorithmic design. Making both little programs that do simple tasks, as well as large applications to handle large inputs. Always eager to try and apply my knowledge, or learn something new along the way.
    Writing a variety of things. Mainly fiction, though research is interesting if I have the time. Working on setting up a FimFiction account once I have more free time. I'm trying to pursue a side gig with a Patreon writing page.
    Trying to figure out how to art so I don't have to commission as much.
    Nit picking apart headcanons and unnecessarily detailed fictional worlds. This ties into the above tabletop GM role. I like to plan out the systems a world has, and so like to figure out continuity and other details.

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  1. Oh boy, just remembered I had an account on here after being so busy with a boatload of college classes. Might try to make something in the coming month, or at the very least post about some tabletop stuff I have run/tabletop characters I hope to run for a MLP pony campaign a friend of mine will be running hopefully soon. I have so many character ideas, it's not even funny ^^;

  2. Thanks! The program did a lot of the heavy lifting for me, so it was mainly getting layout and such correct. I tried to get some references for the royal throne room, and while I did get some good images, the program does not yet have enough assets to make as detailed scenes as I would have liked. As for the show style, that's something I've long since abandoned, as most online maps are in a variety of styles, none of which ever seem to match up with the character icons sadly. I'll see if there are better throne assets, as there were a few that were larger and more stone looking.
  3. Found this new program called DungeonDraft, a map making program for tabletop games, and figured I'd take a look at it. Below is what I made in my first hour or so of idly making a map of the Canterlot Throne room. I'm loving it so far, and will probably be making more maps of locations in the show and putting them up on here if I get the time. The next game I hope to run is in the Royal Palace, so any suggestion for rooms that would fit are appreciated.
  4. Got Hearts of Iron IV a few days ago on a friend's suggestion. The main selling point he had for me was the fact that their was an MLP mod for it, and it did not disappoint. Spent about three or four hours playing with him, wherein I acted like an Almux inspired Celestia, while he was a meek Chrysalis that had to explain the basic concepts of the game to me. Suffice to say, Bug Butt was a big nerd in the scenario.

    This was the same guy from the Derpy's Reunion tabletop RP I wrote about awhile back, here, and this gaming session really highlighted out love of story and characters. We were in character for most of the time, and got some heartfelt interactions between Chrysi and Tia. We established as an alternate universe setting due to how we where working together. (Side note, when war can be declared, he and I are literally the two major super powers of the realm, so we'll squash everypony else.)

    He late sent me this image, and I whole heartedly agreed with him. x3

    I might write something on FIM Fic about it if I get the time. Until then, have a nerdy Chrysi


  5. So, just a straightforward question that I'm trying to get some opinions on. I've started recording pony themed tabletop sessions when I run them, and was wondering if anyone had thoughts on how many segments they should be cut up into. On average, a single session lasts about 4 hours, and I've already made the mistake of posting the first session in its entirety. My current idea is cutting it into about 1 hour long snippets, while trying to make sure I get it at a moment that gives the viewers a "cliff hanger" type vibe. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  6. Hope others are having an enjoyable end to the middle of the week on this Thursday evening. The only thing that could ruin this is if there was some sort of- zounds! Is that... Can it be?!


    It is! It's none other than Dan "Gansley" Ponie! The wild magic firing, three bronze medal winning, criminal investigator that has the most impeccable criminal catching routine in all of Equestria! You should have seen how crazy things got when he bored those bandit ponies to tears with his nonsensical ranting about his sports career.

    But oh no! It seems his wild magic is at it again! Randomly generate a number between 1 and 60, and see what bellow effect happens with his surge of wild magic!



    1. Wild Magic Overdrive. Roll 3 more times and all 3 effects hit random targets.

    2. Person closest to the target swaps underwear with them.

    3. Target's underwear changes to that of the opposite gender.

    4. It’s not like the target likes the caster or anything, b-baka!

    5. All money on the Targets person turns into Gansleybits. All previously owned Gansleybits burn, dramatically increasing their value.

    6. Summon an incompetent detective who is determined to solve the case!

    7. Target takes 1d4 emotional damage.

    8. Target and all targets adjacent speak like grizzled police detectives for 1d4 turns.

    9. Target now needs glasses. If the target has glasses, they now need 3D glasses.

    10. Objection! Target has a courtroom breakdown as their lies are revealed!

    11. Target must speak as though they are in a presidential debate.

    12. Target is convinced they have gorgon powers and will petrify people with a glance.

    13. The target is haunted by disembodied studio audience reaction sounds.

    14. Target falls in love with the person closest to them.

    15. Target can not tell a lie.

    16. Target is trapped doing a bad impersonation of the person nearest to them.

    17. Target can’t help but answer questions as incorrectly as possible on purpose.

    18. You are now wearing a distracting colorful hat. No you cannot take it off.

    19. Target becomes convinced they are incredibly knowledgeable about a subject they know nothing about.

    20. Target becomes convinced they are a pawn in a massive conspiracy.

    21. Target’s life briefly turns into a game show.

    22. Target is frozen in time for a round.

    23. Suddenly naked!

    24. Target is convinced it is Halloween and they need to throw together a costume right now.

    25. Confetti falls from the sky endlessly.

    26. Target now has a saved crit fail to use as a replacement for any roll they wish.

    27. Target now has a saved crit success to use as a replacement for any roll they wish.

    28. The next time a target is defeated, a mustache-twirling villain appears out of nowhere to reveal himself as the true villain.

    29. Target goes through a magical girl transformation.

    30. Target gains the speaking mannerisms of Dan.

    31. Target sees everyone in their underwear.

    32. Prom is tomorrow! And the target needs to find a date!

    33. Target relives their most embarrassing high school moment.

    34. Find 5 bits in your coat pocket.

    35. Target gains the powers of their Very First Original Character on DeviantTrot

    36. Target is gifted a lovely bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer.

    37. Target is convinced they only have 24 hours to solve the big case.

    38. Target is convinced an enemy target was once their best friend and the battle is now an “I Know You’re In There Somewhere Fight”.

    39. Target must freestyle rap for 20 seconds about the situation at hand.

    40. Target can only call their allies by pet names along the lines of “hun” and “dear”

    41. Target can only call their enemies by pet names along the lines of “hun” and “dear”

    42. Target is now carrying a big cartoon bomb with a lit wick.

    43. Target must narrate their next move like an anime villain’s internal monologue.

    44. Target can tap dance again like they used to... back in the day.

    45. Target gets one free phone call to whoever they like.

    46. Target is delivered 6 large pizzas they didn't order.

    47. Target and whoever is nearest them switch voices. Players do impersonations.

    48. Whenever the target stares at someone they feel intense menace.

    49. Target must sarcastically narrate the backstory of a nearby allies as though they hate them.

    50. Target is assaulted by memories of wizard high school, whether you attended or not.

    51. Target is now totally drenched in water.

    52. Target stretches and now occupies two spaces. They look as bad as their icon does.

    53. The music switches to something totally unfitting for the situation.

    54. Target is now constantly running out of animation budget and has to find inconspicuous ways to save money.

    55. Target is convinced they know kung-fu. They do not.

    56. A random trapdoor has been placed on the map.

    57. Target can briefly see into the future.

    58. Target sees everyone as naked but is too embarrassed to admit it.

    59. Target receives a shitty christmas present.

    60. Target gets a call from their parents telling them that they love them.



  7. The destruction of information seems reasonable. Having one of Equestria's rulers suddenly attempt to overthrow the other, followed by the second being banished isn't exactly a glowing image. Not to mention how such information probably soiled the reputation of the royalty in the social circles when it first happened. Having ponies forget about that would have probably been the only thing that would let Celestia try to move on with her duties. And if she had a hand in making ponies forget about her banished sister, she probably had full reign to make that prophesy herself. Infact, since no ponies are alive from that time period, it may have been less than 1000 years. That would make an interesting fic idea, if it hasn't already been done. I would think it'd focus on the first few decades or so, when the pressure or ruling by her own, mixed with any grief Celestia might have, would have impacted her princess duties.
  8. Just figured out how to enable status posts. A nice, easy problem to solve after a day full of math and physics equations bouncing around in my mind.


  9. Thanks, happy to be sharing it. I had a blast planning this out and running it for my friend, and like to channel the bottled up excitement a well run session gives me. And if you couldn't tell, I tend to go all out with making handouts and character icons. You should have seen the Roll20 map that was made exclusively for this one-on-one. Not to mention this was edited for brevity, as Raven interacted with a few more characters that didn't quite land right, like the cult in the school basement xD
  10. Awhile back I had the pleasure of running a one-on-one tabletop game with an online friend I made half way through 2019. I had messaged him after seeing some of his stories and art, and interacting with him in the typical way that a consumer interacts with a content creator. Telling him how good his art was, or making a funny quip about a joke in the comments of his story. I had seen several things in his work that indicated he liked tabletop games, so I invited him to a game I was trying to set up. After a bit of talking we hit it off real well, and are in the middle of a joint RP/story writing set up, as well as playing tabletop games when our schedules allow. One thing that started this tale was the fact he and I started doing one-on-one tabletop sessions. We'd spend a few hours, time permitting, every few weeks or so, and just play out a story. Largely improvised, we would have a blast voice chatting and going through a much more story focused tabletop experience. He led the first session by GMing for me. My tomboyish mare, Ivory Fire hunted down a disguised evil necromancer in Celestia's magic school, and proceeded to bully him until the royal guard arrived to cart him to jail. I returned the favor by GMing a session for him, were in a griffin named Raven had to help Princess Luna steal a magical present for her sister on their 100th Gift Giving celebration. After that he offered to GM a multi session game were I play as Ruby Aurora, my usernamesake, as she tried to go on the high seas with pirate ponies. I knew I had to plan a special session for him, as his own schedule made it tough for him to plan out a full game. Enter in, Derpy's Reunion. With Derpy being a favorite pony of his, I constructed an entire oneshot for him. The plot focused on Derpy going to an anniversary back at her old high school. Given her less than fond memories of the place, she requested that his character attend with her, as we'd already established Raven was a character that could get things done. Raven agreed to Derpy's request, since the mailmare had gotten caught up in the gift heist, and Raven felt a little bit of guilt. Just a smidge, I swear. Entering into the school, and then the gymnasium proper, a cast around 15 NPCs could be seen milling about chatting, browsing the snack table, and catching up on old times. I had music playing ambiantly as the scene unfolded, the event DJ playing songs from when Derpy and her fellow classmates had still been in school. The tracks were partially taken from Messer Chups - The Incredible Crocotiger album, with the bass and synth really nailed that prom/yesteryear party vibe. The entire feel was aimed at evoking a sense of nostalgia, and that was only a part of it. When he started figuring out what the problem parts were, "That's Gilda, we should steer clear of her" and "Hmm anypony seen Rockerhopper? I heard she's supposed to be here, and I know that Gilda would want to hang out with her old chum." Derpy's wellbeing was the primary goal, though the ditzy mare seemed to let her guard down a little bit upon seeing some of her old friends, one from the drama club, and the other from her math classes. That was when prong two of my nostalgia trip hit my player. I revealed a side quest that involved helping out the old school photographer find some photos he'd misplaced upon arriving back in town. Scattered throughout the school were polaroid pictures like this. Made with some edits, the pictures of things that happened in the background of Derpy's school days was put into full view. And the fun didn't stop there. For you see, there was more than just nostalgia in the air. There was also a hint of love. Now, Raven's player is a CheerileeXBigMAc fan. With that I wove a drama of a most devious sort. Cheerilee, busy with her studies to become a teacher, had neglected the stallion she'd loved during their school days. Her introduction at the reunion was Raven finding her having a bit of an existential breakdown as she saw Big Mac, as well as Sugar Belle. With Big Mac seemingly having moved on, the school teacher was sure there was no chance for her to even say hello to the farmer without losing her composure. Raven stepped forward, and did the only sensible thing her chaotic good griffin personality knew how. She called Cheerilee a nerd, belittled her a bit, and told her to mare up. Giving her a pep talk, she helped Cherrilee look a bit more presentable by helping her redo her mane, and helping her find a better dress from the drama department. But, as it seemed that Cheerilee had found the perfect wing mare (alright, wing Griffin if you wanna be pedantic about it) she remembered Gilda. Not seeing sight of Derpy, Raven raced out to find her. And find her she did. With Gilda and her cohorts having another crack at the mare by verbally taunting her and threatening to do some rather mean things. Not letting that happen, Raven thoroughly kicked flank, and dispatched the bullies, sending Gilda with her tail between her legs. One of the bullies, which Raven recognized as Rockhopper, a wanted small time thief thanks to her own dubious background, was placed into the one room that no troublemaker had ever been able to escape. Detention. Leaving the criminal there, she gave Cheerilee another pep talk. she then got Sugar out of the picture by locking her in a broom closet (hey, I said she was chaotic good. She does what her gut tells her to). After a completely improvised exchange between Big Mac and Cheerilee, my player was satisfied in seeing them sit down and chat. Cheerilee just barely managed to not die of nervousness while Big Mac was his usual talkative self. With everything looking like the day was saved, what more could there be to worry about? Right? Well, remember how Gilda had fled after getting beat up? She had returned, with a single challenge. Meet her in the restroom, or Derpy would be humiliated like she'd been during their senior field trip to the royal castle. Raven quickly accepted, and met the bully at the designated place. The muffled music of the gym was ever so slightly audible as they faced off. The whimpers of Vapor Trail, another reunion goer who Raven had left in a rather uncomfortable arrangement, i.e. with underpants on a hook, was the only thing they heard as they stood with bated breath. The fight was fairly one sided. Though Raven was quite the tough griffin, she was no match for the experienced talons of a bully such as Gilda. It wasn't until she received a swirly that Raven was able to at least try and fight back once more. Just as it seemed Gilda was about to dunk her head once more, Raven could hear a certain mare sneaking up behind the bully. With a quick yell from Raven to spur her to action, the cross eyed mare that had been belittled by the griffin did the one thing on pony would have ever expected her too. She wedgied Gilda. This act earned a meme worthy reaction expression of surprise/pain from the eagle faced assailant. That surprise was then leverage by Raven to beat the bully at her own game, and best her in their showdown. And thus, with the day saved by the power of friendship and bullying the bullies, Raven got to finally put her feet up, and enjoy the final slide show that played the session to a close. All the while the photos she'd found around the school were put on the projector, and she got the hear the NPCs recall all those fond memories. By the end the lights all flipped on, and Raven said a final goodbye to all those that she'd met at the reunion, as well as gloat a bit to the bested Griffin and Rockhopper. As Raven left Yakford, the session drew to a close, and a tale full of memories, regrets, hopes and the prospect of many more stories yet to be told came to a close. By the end, my player said he was shedding a little bit of a tear at how well the tone had gotten to him. He himself had never experienced a high school reunion, and felt it'd given him a second hand sense of what one might feel like (and I didn't point out a normal one probably would not have been as action packed). So there you have it. Using a combination of characters, music, and visuals, I was able to lay that sense of far off nostalgia of yesteryear upon someone that I am happy to call a friend, and who I hope to have many more stories told with in the years to come. If you have any questions about stuff I might have glossed over, or want to share your thoughts on this whole wacky session we ran, feel free to reply. I always enjoy sharing my tabletop experiences with others (the reason why I wrote out all of this to begin with) and love to hear what others think of the insanity and hilarity I and my players get up to. Also, I apologize if I posted this is the wrong section, I spent ten minutes trying to decide which one was best, before settling on this one, as it is a story, and the RP section is more for people searching for an RP.
  11. "Executing parsed order AE-761. I.E. you."
  12. Jailed for not adhering to the 200+ page documentation as it pertains to shipping anime couples. Weeb police on route.
  13. This OC is originally from a tabletop pony game that I never got to play due to busy schedules, though I will definitely try to use her more in the future. She's such a dork, and you can bet I would go all out and give her so much supporting material to really sell her academic nature. Name: Ruby Aurora Gender: Female / Mare Sexuality: Straight, though she's never had that presumption tested. Species: Unicorn Height: Average for a mare. Age: Around 26 in human years Appearance: Red / rose color fur Orange mane and tail that transitions to a white tint at the tips Violet / Lavender eyes Spectacles adorning her snout with a small saddle bag with books at her side. (For the tabletop setting she's from ponies wear clothes, so she's clad in mage robes ill suited for adventuring. Cutiemark: A dazzling, orange firework bursting into embers. Talent: Magic, with a specialty in illusion and light based spells. Personality: With her nose buried in a book or enthralled in an academic debate, Ruby is a brainiac through and through. Though she has her specialties and primary field of magical study, she is always eager to learn something new. Keeps to herself, and often finds other disagreeable to be around, especially if they don;t value a higher education. Quote: "You know, I've read about that before." Story / Background: Ever since her father showed her his hobbyist alchemical set up when she was a filly, Ruby has always possessed a pension for learning about magic and the natural world. Though, this often revolved around subjects that would bore most other ponies. If anything was written in a book, she excelled at soaking in the knowledge like a sponge. Though when it came to applying what she'd learned she would often find the theory to be much simpler than practice. Though she took after the father with her aptitude for magic, she utterly lacked the social graces of her mother. Because of this she often kept herself company with books than with other ponies. This eventually led to her becoming very familiar with the various techniques of bullies that saw her as an easy target, which only drove her further into her studies. The one upside to such a deep dive was that she excelled at schoolwork and her magic training. So much so that by the time she had finished her secondary education she dove headlong into the world of academia. She attended Celestia's College of Universal Magic, were she learned about ground breaking magical theory and fundamentals of all the various sub groups of magic. Knowing that she wanted to remain within academia, she settled in for the long haul, and is now finally ready to earn her PHD after graduation with honors. Now laden with all the book knowledge that a high cost university could provide, she needs to stumble her way through the world to get material for her thesis on an as of yet undetermined aspect of magic to help advance the discipline. To this end, she has taken up the role of a part time adventure to gain both knowledge, thesis material, and an income to pay off the mountains of student debt that she has acquired in her years of study. Goals/Dreams: Write her thesis and become a professor at Celestia's College of Universal Magic. Investigate the "Magic of Friendship" that she heard the princess talk about so much in a speech she gave during Ruby's graduation ceremony. (First she'll have to learn that such magic cannot be quantified like transmutation ratios or abjuration defense metrics. Like I said, she's a dork.)
  14. Thinking about possible story ideas that I could make in the future, as opposed to actually writing the tabletop module I need to be working on. Procrastination has a strong grip.
  15. Thanks @Kadae! I too love me some Octavia, so it's good to see another person that knows their stuff. But in all seriousness, thanks for the warm welcome. I'd say that if you'd able to find a group, online or in person, the system can be a blast to play. A bit more simple than other systems, but it's workable and enjoyable if you want a low numbers game to run. Speaking of, do you know which forum section might be appropriate to post links to the sessions that I''m debating on posting potentially? I'm pretty bad when it comes to that sort of thing ^^;