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    Tabletop rpgs such a D&D 5e, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk 2020, Tails of Equestria, and a whole lot more. Have GM/DMed a lot, but only been a player a few times.
    Computers and algorithmic design. Making both little programs that do simple tasks, as well as large applications to handle large inputs. Always eager to try and apply my knowledge, or learn something new along the way.
    Writing a variety of things. Mainly fiction, though research is interesting if I have the time. Working on setting up a FimFiction account once I have more free time. I'm trying to pursue a side gig with a Patreon writing page.
    Trying to figure out how to art so I don't have to commission as much.
    Nit picking apart headcanons and unnecessarily detailed fictional worlds. This ties into the above tabletop GM role. I like to plan out the systems a world has, and so like to figure out continuity and other details.

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  1. Hope others are having an enjoyable end to the middle of the week on this Thursday evening. The only thing that could ruin this is if there was some sort of- zounds! Is that... Can it be?!


    It is! It's none other than Dan "Gansley" Ponie! The wild magic firing, three bronze medal winning, criminal investigator that has the most impeccable criminal catching routine in all of Equestria! You should have seen how crazy things got when he bored those bandit ponies to tears with his nonsensical ranting about his sports career.

    But oh no! It seems his wild magic is at it again! Randomly generate a number between 1 and 60, and see what bellow effect happens with his surge of wild magic!



    1. Wild Magic Overdrive. Roll 3 more times and all 3 effects hit random targets.

    2. Person closest to the target swaps underwear with them.

    3. Target's underwear changes to that of the opposite gender.

    4. It’s not like the target likes the caster or anything, b-baka!

    5. All money on the Targets person turns into Gansleybits. All previously owned Gansleybits burn, dramatically increasing their value.

    6. Summon an incompetent detective who is determined to solve the case!

    7. Target takes 1d4 emotional damage.

    8. Target and all targets adjacent speak like grizzled police detectives for 1d4 turns.

    9. Target now needs glasses. If the target has glasses, they now need 3D glasses.

    10. Objection! Target has a courtroom breakdown as their lies are revealed!

    11. Target must speak as though they are in a presidential debate.

    12. Target is convinced they have gorgon powers and will petrify people with a glance.

    13. The target is haunted by disembodied studio audience reaction sounds.

    14. Target falls in love with the person closest to them.

    15. Target can not tell a lie.

    16. Target is trapped doing a bad impersonation of the person nearest to them.

    17. Target can’t help but answer questions as incorrectly as possible on purpose.

    18. You are now wearing a distracting colorful hat. No you cannot take it off.

    19. Target becomes convinced they are incredibly knowledgeable about a subject they know nothing about.

    20. Target becomes convinced they are a pawn in a massive conspiracy.

    21. Target’s life briefly turns into a game show.

    22. Target is frozen in time for a round.

    23. Suddenly naked!

    24. Target is convinced it is Halloween and they need to throw together a costume right now.

    25. Confetti falls from the sky endlessly.

    26. Target now has a saved crit fail to use as a replacement for any roll they wish.

    27. Target now has a saved crit success to use as a replacement for any roll they wish.

    28. The next time a target is defeated, a mustache-twirling villain appears out of nowhere to reveal himself as the true villain.

    29. Target goes through a magical girl transformation.

    30. Target gains the speaking mannerisms of Dan.

    31. Target sees everyone in their underwear.

    32. Prom is tomorrow! And the target needs to find a date!

    33. Target relives their most embarrassing high school moment.

    34. Find 5 bits in your coat pocket.

    35. Target gains the powers of their Very First Original Character on DeviantTrot

    36. Target is gifted a lovely bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer.

    37. Target is convinced they only have 24 hours to solve the big case.

    38. Target is convinced an enemy target was once their best friend and the battle is now an “I Know You’re In There Somewhere Fight”.

    39. Target must freestyle rap for 20 seconds about the situation at hand.

    40. Target can only call their allies by pet names along the lines of “hun” and “dear”

    41. Target can only call their enemies by pet names along the lines of “hun” and “dear”

    42. Target is now carrying a big cartoon bomb with a lit wick.

    43. Target must narrate their next move like an anime villain’s internal monologue.

    44. Target can tap dance again like they used to... back in the day.

    45. Target gets one free phone call to whoever they like.

    46. Target is delivered 6 large pizzas they didn't order.

    47. Target and whoever is nearest them switch voices. Players do impersonations.

    48. Whenever the target stares at someone they feel intense menace.

    49. Target must sarcastically narrate the backstory of a nearby allies as though they hate them.

    50. Target is assaulted by memories of wizard high school, whether you attended or not.

    51. Target is now totally drenched in water.

    52. Target stretches and now occupies two spaces. They look as bad as their icon does.

    53. The music switches to something totally unfitting for the situation.

    54. Target is now constantly running out of animation budget and has to find inconspicuous ways to save money.

    55. Target is convinced they know kung-fu. They do not.

    56. A random trapdoor has been placed on the map.

    57. Target can briefly see into the future.

    58. Target sees everyone as naked but is too embarrassed to admit it.

    59. Target receives a shitty christmas present.

    60. Target gets a call from their parents telling them that they love them.



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