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  1. Not a fan of this episode. While I can understand the desire to let loose on others, it is never a good thing. In fact, by doing so you're showing weakness by letting your emotions run loose rather than showing the strength that is restraint. This was definitely a moment of weakness for our kind pegasus.
  2. I mean, the thought of lovemaking excites me. Seeing it is quite arousing. But actually doing it is quite an awkward dance. Yes, do make love before your queen. She does so like to watch.
  3. Pretty much never. When the show and fandom first started, I checked some out, but after a while I stopped bothering. I love music, but when it comes to the fandom I appreciate the art and fiction writing more. I can really only recall three pony-related fan songs off the top of my head: - Party with Pinkie VIP by Dj Alex S - 20 Percent Cooler by Ken Ashcorp - Everypony's Gay for Braeburn by Sim Gretina ft. Donglekumquat I listen to all sorts of sounds (might be some Indian classical music one moment, pop the next, then some rock...), but what I listen to the most is blues, heavy psych and hard rock from the late 60s and early 70s.
  4. I'm one big walking addiction, unfortunately. I get addicted to a lot of things, and I hate it.
  5. Subway sandwiches, pizza, and any Indian food (especially curry)
  6. Same, also something I tried once or twice in private, but I wouldn't do again. I did try wearing women's underwear for a bit, it was surprisingly wayyyy more comfortable than any briefs. I'm pretty sure there are some guys who do just that for the sheer comfort factor alone.
  7. When it comes down to real life stuff, I'd say I'm somewhere between asexual and heterosexual. I still find women attractive, but the actual act of making love doesn't do much for me. In terms of online RP and fantasy, I've been very much pansexual. Not that I'm super proud of my past roleplays, but at least I'm honest.
  8. Dizzy Gazelle was chosen by me because: 1) I've been dealing with vertigo and unsteadiness for a while now, with no relief yet in sight, and 2) gazelle are graceful, beautiful, and are very capable on those legs of theirs, all things which I envy and long for. Beyond that, other names are variations of Dizzy, like my current one, Dizzylis, which is merely a portmanteau of Dizzy and Chryslis. Chrysalis is my fav MLP character. Love my Chryssy.
  9. I have good memories of Windows 95, XP, and 7. XP was a great OS for its time, ngl. I'm with bronywhocodes, though, get a distro of Linux with customation options that make it look like old Windows OSes. As great as they looked, you wouldn't really want to go back to them.
  10. Nope, no plans to marry. I'm happily single and wish to remain that way.
  11. This is something I never even wondered about nor am I particularly moved by this revelation. Too little, too late.
  12. Jay Baruchel (voice of Hiccup from HTTYD) seems like a good contender for Dusk Shine (Twilight)
  13. You girls are utterly resilient. I knew periods were bad but had no idea just how bad they could be. I uh...hear it can be like...gelatinous globs... :/