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  1. Here's a little sample page - Page 7 - for your convenience.
  2. (Note: This post is not meant to advertise, but rather to raise awareness of and invite discussion about a new comic. I have been in touch with moderators about it.) I've created and written a new comic series, Firewake, that takes significant influences from My Little Pony (and other Equine franchises) while spinning Unicorns into a setting and story they've rarely been put in before. Firewake, a veteran detective in the big city of Addax, already has a wife and young twin colts to deal with. After being further saddled with a cocky rookie partner, Zaffa, he must also now investigate and pursue Sable Nox, a mysterious psychopathic criminal mastermind out to take over the planet. But this is a planet of advanced, magic-fueled technology, complicating things. The city streets are filled with hovercars and hovertrucks, spaceships are mining and exploring the solar system, and hexvids entertain the masses. The legacies of ancient civilizations and recent wars echo to this day. What secrets did the unorthodox Agelonians seal away, and what is Sable Nox planning? Concept art by Cristian Santos. This comic series is safe for teen readers (so far, this means 11+). You can find out much more at the comic's own website, which has more art examples, information on the characters and world, and specifics of the current story. I don't just want to raise Firewake's profile, but also invite feedback and discussion on it, before we start production on the second issue. Is there anything you're particularly interested in? Or some aspect of the story or world you're looking forward to reading? The first full comic is out now from Rabbit Valley, so I can't share everything, but I can certainly try to answer any questions you might have. Thank you.
  3. There's a lot of good discussions and podcasts here on the forums, Ponyville Live, and Poniverse as a whole. Can you recommend some particular podcasts, videobloggers, or article writers who would be open to reviewing equine comics? I will be honest – I've got an equine comic out from Rabbit Valley, and would like to raise it's profile, and even get it put through the review wringer. Without going into too much detail – as I don't want to technically advertise it here – it isn't technically an MLP comic, but has a world and cast of entirely unicorns, and is rated T, so it'd be safe to talk about almost anywhere. ILoveKimPossibleAlot and Pony411 seem like good candidates, but I'm hoping there are writers/bloggers out there who have specifically covered tangential fiction before. Thanks for your help!