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  1. The second issue of Firewake, Questions, is now available to preorder! This issue refines the visual style, and deepens the plot and world. It also features a mini-comic from notable My Little Pony artist Pony-Berserker. In Questions, Zaffa gets closer to Firewake's niece Daselle as he confronts the mobsters making a nuisance of themselves at Boroli's, while Firewake goes to meet the powerful and reclusive biomancer mare Fancyber. https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9884/1334/Firewake-Issue-Two-Questions-by-Devon-McBride-Wilson?fbclid=IwAR1RcezkP-gSlmqJgxqbUASAHvzQvQva93yuuz1-l3jc
  2. These are pretty great! I especially like the first picture, of the mid-transformation. I admit I haven't been big on changelings, as I didn't watch much of the later seasons (4 and later), where they were given an identity beyond 'those things under Chrysalis' control'. But this convince me to give them another chance.
  3. Bato

    digital muh gallery

    As I mentioned before, your style is quite effective at bringing out depth. Almost 3D without being CG. However, there's something a little...I hate to say it, but unnerving about a few of them. I think it's the square or snub noses and puffy cheeks. I'm not very well-versed in the MLP fan art scene (but I know comics and animation well), so the closest examples of similar art I know of are the pieces Jennifer Meyer and especially Andrea Radeck did for the Ponies: the Galloping cards. https://scryfall.com/sets/ptg Radeck's Rarity was effective as it created a toylike appear
  4. Bato

    digital muh gallery

    I really like your style. The strong shading to produce depth, combined with the broad, bright colours fits ponies pretty well. I especially like the Dash in clothes picture. I'd be interested in seeing other artwork of yours. Do you have a website or dA page? Also, would you be open to a little critique? I like your style enough that I'd like to discuss it more in-depth.
  5. It sounds like a good strategy, separating the more anthro characters from the cuter ones. Just make sure to give the two sides a different enough feel and name from each other, to reduce confusion. I think it'd help to rename either the Clyanthrians or Clyonies to something else to separate them further. I would suggest making, or at least proposing with concept art, a kids' book or storybook first. You could approach a wide range of publishers, and share it online. THEN, once that has been accepted and gained enough of a readership, follow it up with a colouring book. And
  6. The first half of this year has made things more difficult than expected, but Rabbit Valley and I have forged ahead and produced a second issue of Firewake! This issue deepens the world and story as Zaffa confronts mobsters at Boroli's, and Firewake meets a mysterious new ally, Fancyber. It will go up for sale very soon - in early September. Preview pictures will be up before then, but for now there's a new story tidbit in the Extras section of the comic's website. https://www.firewakecomic.com/extras/ This article, from the Ironwatch Times, covers the Gazellian war he
  7. This is a very interesting topic, so I'll come back shortly after reading through it all and doing up an in-depth reply. But I did want to mention that Hasbro is not the only one that can make equine properties. Nickelodeon has the Corn & Peg tv series, while Scholastic puts out the Melowy series of books. I wholly support making new original anthro stories. You should see my comic, Firewake, which is an original unicorn property that's being published by a big furry publisher. I really like the character designs on your dA page. Though, about the similarities, I think the f
  8. Bato

    Scarlet Gallery

    These are all quite cool. They seem to give a dark and aggressive edge that one doesn't see often with ponies. I especially like the flutternight piece. I admit, I wasn't sure exactly what was going on at first with the Sombra piece. It looked a little funny, with the posing of the legs and light beam. But I got a better sense of it once I enlarged it.
  9. It's worth comparing to the change from the early 2010s Littlest Pet Shop series – the one with Blythe – to A World Of Our Own. In AWOOO, there were mostly all different characters, that largely interacted in the non-human world, while in PL it's largely the same characters interacting in a similar world. However, they're both shorter than the series they launched off of, both less bound to narrative continuity than before, and both came around after the main series got long in the tooth. They also both seem like gentler sequels, not the radical redesign their predecessors were to th
  10. I like Insomnia the most. The unique elements - the hooked hair ends and drastic color gradients - intrigue me, and make me want to learn more about her. I didn't see a no critique tag here, so I apologize if its out of line, but the eye on insomnia looks a tiny bit off. Like, it sticks out a bit too far. Compare it to Forgotmenot, whose eye edge lines up with the eyebrow and bottom shade line. No big problem, just a minor nitpicky detail for a great design.
  11. I really like Lone Star, especially his background on the dA page. It's kind of like reading a full story about him, and gives him a lot of depth. I admit, I'm also partial to security/guard ponies, which I don't see a lot of.
  12. Bato

    Visual Art Midnight's Non-Pony Pictures

    I love these, especially Aisha (the one with the boots and vest) and Latasha. They show you have a talent for clothes and for detailed patterns, which I like. It's comparatively rare to see anthros in full outfits, but when it's done, it's done well, like here.
  13. The Digital Download version of the first issue is now available. It costs half as much as the physical comic, and with current global events causing high mail volume, may be more convenient. Why not give a new equine universe a chance? https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9882/1334/Firewake-Issue-One-Signs-by-Devon-McBride-Wilson-Digital-Download
  14. Well, production of Issue 2 is nearing completion. It has been coming along swimmingly, despite what's going on with the world right now, and will display refinements over the first issue while also introducing new, important characters. In other news, famed pony artist Pony-Berserker has created a funny piece based on the first issue of Firewake, exploring a side of Sable Nox not yet seen. You can check it out here: https://www.deviantart.com/pony-berserker/art/Even-Villains-Have-Parenting-Issues-843622559
  15. How do you feel about cartoons featuring, as more than just a throwaway joke, parodies or expies of My Little Pony? Would you feel differently if it was a parody/expy of the MLP Fandom in particular? Myself, I used to cringe at them. But over time, it affected me less and less, and now I can laugh at them as much as anything. But I'm not as deep into the fandom as many here, and so wanted to get your feelings on it. I'm a writer of original equine stories, and a cartoon screenwriter, so the opportunity may come up to write such an episode for a series. I would use a more sensitive, p
  16. Hey, that's pretty cool! I like the thick textures, and the layering of light in the background gives it a real sense of depth.
  17. An interesting thought exercise, for sure. While it'd be easier if we knew more about the character, here's a few I thought of: Void Tear Night Rush Carmine Gleam Vermilion Obsidian Flame What's the villain's personality? Mark? Place of origin? All of these might effect who they are, and thus what name fits best.
  18. Starla/Guinevere and the Jewel Riders. The original didn't make much of an impact, but that's a potential blessing in disguise. It means there's so much more room to evolve and change the premise without causing too much controversy, unlike some other older girl-oriented toy properties. There's reportedly an animated series based upon a series of novels based on the Jewel Riders, but it seems like that series is stuck in development, so who knows?
  19. Bato

    G1 (n Friends) Conception of Megan Williams

    This is an interesting topic to me, as I have a passion for animation in general. I couldn't find much with a medium amount of research. There IS an image - as someone posted on the comments on the G1 wiki - from the original 85 writers' guide showing Megan and her siblings were there from the very start. (link) But on a related tangent, it was generally par for the course in that era to have humans involved in some way to make cartoons more relatable to the audience. The Care Bears (which came out just before G1) had the various kids they helped, the Smurfs had Gargamel (at least),
  20. Very cool designs! I could easily see them in a comic, or as concept art for a game. I didn't know (until I looked it up just now) that toucans have blue legs. The only very small concern I have is that that rapier/fencing saber the hummingbird is wielding looks too thin and delicate to be of any use against even his own species.
  21. Hi everyone! I'm still available to answer questions if you want to learn more about the comic. Pony411's podcast episode is now out if you want to listen to them talk about it, as well as regular MLP comics and other things related to the fandom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG4sXQsQhho&feature=youtu.be&t=680 (Firewake discussion is from 11:20 to 20:41.) Plus, Rabbit Valley is offering a discount right now if you want to try the first issue out! https://twitter.com/rvcomics/status/1237806252123508736 The second issue is now in production, and like
  22. Production of Issue 2 has officially begun! More details will be unveiled closer to release, but this issue will delve deeper into main characters and the world of Zazemma itself. You will be able to hear a review of the first issue on an upcoming episode of the Pony411 podcast, as well. But if you can't wait for that, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have now.
  23. Here's a little sample page - Page 7 - for your convenience.
  24. (Note: This post is not meant to advertise, but rather to raise awareness of and invite discussion about a new comic. I have been in touch with moderators about it.) I've created and written a new comic series, Firewake, that takes significant influences from My Little Pony (and other Equine franchises) while spinning Unicorns into a setting and story they've rarely been put in before. Firewake, a veteran detective in the big city of Addax, already has a wife and young twin colts to deal with. After being further saddled with a cocky rookie partner, Zaffa, he must also now investigat
  25. There's a lot of good discussions and podcasts here on the forums, Ponyville Live, and Poniverse as a whole. Can you recommend some particular podcasts, videobloggers, or article writers who would be open to reviewing equine comics? I will be honest – I've got an equine comic out from Rabbit Valley, and would like to raise it's profile, and even get it put through the review wringer. Without going into too much detail – as I don't want to technically advertise it here – it isn't technically an MLP comic, but has a world and cast of entirely unicorns, and is rated T, so it'd be s
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