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  1. Yeah, that's why I've been debating just crossing out the women's division. If only because 2K is extremely limiting with what you can do with them, and they'd pretty much require a whole separate thing to themselves.
  2. I still think they could hit some kind of big thing by incorporating a TV or Internet title. Especially an Internet Title that's only defended on AEW Dark. They need to take more advantage of that full roster they have. So many talents just middling around, including some tag teams(TH2 in particular).
  3. Tag team does not cover all the bases like an actual singles secondary title would. There's actual TRIOS in AEW that some guys are the odd person out as well. And 2K19 is more enjoyable to watch than 2K20 by far.
  4. Even the smallest feds tend to introduce some sort of secondary title for others to fight for. There's a lot of midcard talent almost entering stagnation because they don't have a tag team. Jimmy Havoc, Sonny Kiss, Shawn Spears, Joey Janela, Kip Sabian, D'Arby Allin, you could probably keep going on at this point. Anyways, off topic, I've decided to attempt to see if there's interest for a wrestling themed rp on MLPF that will use 2K19 for matches/show results and such. I made a thread and everything. https://mlpforums.com/topic/189689-professional-wrestling-company-rp/
  5. Vitamin C. Anyways, well, now I need to find probably more people willing to do some rp so I don't feel like I'm making another fictional fed where everything is up to me, pretty much, heh.
  6. For those wondering about the roster, here's the default one.
  7. I should download SCU, but I only really have the default roster of 2K19 right now, heh.
  8. Something completely else, because it will not be exactly pony-related.
  9. Real. If only because it's literally a game and I'm not going to brute force winners/losers.
  10. Kinda, yeah. I mean, there's probably going to be matches setup from stuff that happens in-thread, but there also could be just stuff to get everyone involved. I assume there's going to be a lot of 'well, these two are going to have a match so now they have a reason to talk about each other and make rp posts.'
  11. This thread is to gauge interest in a Canon Wrestling RP where rpers play as certain actual talents to be a part of a fictional wrestling federation that spans timelines. The general thread would be used for promos, backstage conversations, various things of that sort of nature. Stuff would happen, fictional shows would be ran and made in WWE 2K19, and everything would be streamed or recorded for everyone to view. If you've seen EWE, imagine like that but with actual wrestlers and on WWE 2K19 instead. I'd expect a small roster to start, and only a few matches a week with just a world title, but that's a starting point. Reply if you'd be interested in that sort of thing.
  12. Alright, installed WWE 2K19, I think it might be time to have a little fun with it, using it as the wrestling rp support. Time to gauge interest.

    1. EquesWrestlingEnt


      Thread now up to gauge interest.