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  1. Honestly, I don't really know. I mean, I don't ship Appledash, mostly because any M6xM6 ships are quite weird to me, although "zOMG iT'z CAN0N!!1!!!" people also kinda ruined it for me. That doesn't mean I 100% don't think she's lesbian. I do lean towards the "she's not/doesn't matter" side, but I honestly don't know. TBH, I feel like many things in the finale are up to interpretation, and that's one of them. Look, I get that she's the most tomboyish there and she happens to have rainbow hair, but it's honestly kinda dumb to use that as "proof". People saw that as evidence, and she had a friendly rivalry with Applejack (who does have similarities to RD), so then it was easy for people to ship them. In the finale, they did end up making fans happy and doing Appledash and Fluttercord (I like Fluttercord, but even that isn't "canon"), but because they can't make everyone happy, they ended up leaving them up to interpretation. So overall, I think she's probably bi or something, but I don't know. Also, as OP said, AJ is the most butch. I'm not sure about her either, though.
  2. 1. Dashie 2. Flutters 3-5. AJ, Pinkie, and Rarity (their positions change all the time) 6. Twilight (sorry about that guys)
  3. This episode was great. Probably one of the few good episodes from Season 8. So there was Scootaloo discovering the Washouts. When RD found out about the Washouts and that Scoot was making a Washouts fan club, she got jealous. Now I completely understand why Dashie got jealous. To have someone like Scootaloo act like they don’t find you cool anymore must be very upsetting. But at the same time, I also see Scootaloo’s POV. She probably finds the Wonderbolts cool, but they’d lost their novelty. Meanwhile, there is a cool new flying team that you think is really cool. Now let’s get on to the event. RD’s reasons to dislike the Washouts were ridiculous. However, she ended up growing to like them. And then she saw Lightning Dust. May I just ask how Scoot completely forgot who LD was for a second? In season 7, she wrote about her as part of her report. Anyway, when Dashie saw LD, she knew they weren’t good. The way they spoke about how they don’t care about safety was bad enough, but hey, it’s their choice whether to join or not, right? They ended up convincing Scootaloo to join, which wasn’t a very good thing to do. She doesn’t quite understand how bad the dangers are of joining, and it’s especially bad for her considering that she can’t even fly. So when Dashie ended up getting Spitfire to tell Scootaloo why not to join, that was quite funny. I can tell that Spitfire doesn’t quite know how to deal with kids. Then Lightning Dust forced Scootaloo to do a stunt she wasn’t comfortable doing. Scootaloo was just not sure about the stunt, and that’s probably the moment she realized that LD is not cool. Then comes RD saving Scootaloo. That is probably one of RD’s best moments. That shows how much she cares about Scootaloo. Scootaloo then gave RD a hug which was really heartwarming, and they ended up apologizing to each other. This honestly was a fantastic episode. EDIT: Just to clarify, I don’t think that RD was perfect this episode. When Scootaloo initially started the Washouts Fan Club, she did get quite jealous and whatnot. Also, I’m conflicted about Dashie being protective of Scootaloo when Scootaloo joined the Washouts. On one hand, it’s her choice, on the other, it’s not a smart choice. 94%
  4. Welcome here! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Honestly, it's never too late. I watched a little bit of MLP when I heard that Season 9 was starting, and I might have watched a couple of episodes when I was like 8, but I only started watching every single episode in chronological order around the start of this year. I'm up to S9 now. I have gotten into series that have ended before I was born before. I'm sure many people have. So yeah.
  6. This episode sucked. This episode was like one of those S6 episodes where Dash was like her S1-2 self, completely ignoring her character development. I won't review this episode, but I will talk about how much I hated it. Like really, Yona almost drowned, all because of RD and AJ's stupidity. And do you know what they did? They just stayed there, instead of saving her. I love Rainbow Dash, but I really wanted to slap her this episode. Good on Twilight for calling them out. The Young Six were much more mature than their "teachers" this episode. The teachers didn't even do the slightest bit of organization. I don't like Chancellor Neighsay, but he should be watching their school. He may be a little too obsessed with "Doing things by the book" and whatnot, but him inspecting the school is 300x better than nobody inspecting the school. If I could, I would tell RD and AJ that they are *that* close to losing their jobs. I mean, they put Yona's life in danger. I thought you were past that, Rainbow Dash. Honestly, I think that they must have taken a rejected episode from Season 1 or 2, and decided to integrate the Young Six into the episode. There is no way they wrote this episode after all of RD's character development. Really. I don't often do this, but I'm not counting this terrible episode as canon. Like what the fuck. Crap, crap, crap. By far the worst episode. Humour: 7/10 (+14) Storyline: 2/10 (+6) Execution: 2/10 (+10) Total: 30%
  7. So this episode is overall really great, but there is one HUGE flaw. It started off with Scootaloo going to Cloudsdale. She bumped into Rainbow Dash's parents. It was all really nice, although Scootaloo's screaming went on for a bit too long. True, that was just there for comedic effect and whatnot, but I just wanted it to end. The parents, while very nice, were also quite... Odd. It was just weird how they would literally save diapers because "She was wearing them when she said her first word!" or whatever. But anyway, back to the important stuff. When Scootaloo told the parents, and it turned out that they didn't know, I knew exactly how it was going to turn out. They were 100% going to embarrass her. I knew exactly how Dashie was feeling when the parents were cheering during Wonderbolts practice. Luckily for Dashie, Spitfire didn't punish her, which was good because I swear that she would have gotten into trouble if this episode had been like 95% of books and cartoons. The next time they came to cheer her on, it was 100 times worse than before. This time, they literally had fireworks. That was not a good move by the parents, that could have messed up the whole thing, in fact, I think that it almost did. It was all a nice idea, though. And then the next scene. When RD's parents started to get really annoying, she just snapped at them. Honestly, it was sort of justified for her to tell them to stop. I imagine that she would have gone over that with her parents before. Dashie wasn't perfect in that scene, though. She started to get extremely aggressive towards her father and her telling them to get out was not a good move. However, the massive flaw with the episode was that they tried to paint Rainbow Dash as the only bad guy. The parents were being obsessive and needed to know to stop. True, it's great having supportive parents, but they took it waaayyy too far. It would get really annoying having that happen to you. Then Scootaloo gave her thoughts on the matter. After a few more minutes of the episode her reaction made sense, but seeing Rainbow Dash's reaction to that almost made me feel bad for her. I must say, Dashie handled the whole situation after that incredibly well. She started off explaining to Scootaloo why she acted in the way she did, while showing how bad she felt for doing that. I have mixed feelings about the cameo appearances, but I will talk about that later. Scootaloo then explained the good things about RD's parents, and that she had the opposite problem. What was implied was really sad. Also, it was good to see Scootaloo teaching Rainbow Dash something, because it's usually the other way round. They really do have a good friendship. What was weird, though, was the set of examples she gave RD. "Best Carrot Eater Under Three" was really funny. When Dash realized that her parents made her "awesome, amazing, confident, awesome, and awesome", she decided to make up for her yelling at them. That was a nice thing for Dashie to do. What happened next, was Scootaloo's report. I will say that the moldy sandwich was funny, but are we just gonna ignore the fact that there was an old diaper in there as well?! Rainbow Dash and her parents cheering at the end was quite good. I loved Scootaloo's reaction, like "This is so... Embarrassing!". That part made me happy, actually. But it is really sad that she didn't have any parents to cheer her like that. Now let's go on to the cameos. I'm not the biggest fan of having Spitfire cameo. It just... Breaks the continuity. I like to assume that she wasn't really there, she was merely just there as a placeholder in Dashie's memory. Same goes for Lightning Dust, but that cameo wasn't quite as bad. The one that I found really sad, however, was Derpy Hooves. She started off as #1. Then she went down to #2 or #3. Then, as her eye problem got worse, I assume that that would make it harder for her to do well in the competition. But let's get on to the rating. Humour: 10/10 (+20%) Storyline: 8/10 (+24%) Execution: 8/10 (+40%) -2% for very minor errors. Overall: 82%
  8. The fandom won't die. I, myself only started to get into it around when Season 9 started, and I literally only became a real fan (like watching every single episode instead of watching small clips and very occasional episodes) a couple months after the show ended. There are plenty of book/movie series and TV shows with fans who got into them long after they ended. Sure, some people may leave, but we are still getting hundreds of new fans every week. So no. Also, I am really hoping G5 will be good, in fact, if it is good enough, there might be a lot of new fans.
  9. Welcome! I am late as well, I watched it occasionally and researched it last year, and I only became a hardcore fan about a month ago. Very nice to meet you, enjoy your time here!