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  1. Harkins

    General What shoes do you wear?

    Converse, Vans, and boots. Anything but but Nike/Addidas or any other athletic for me because everyone wears those. Not trying to sound like a hipster or anything.
  2. Normal: Eevee Fire: Flareon Water: Vaporeon Grass: Leafeon Electric: Jolteon Ice: Glaceon Fighting: Lucario Poison: Venusaur Ground: Torterra Flying: Charizard Psychic: Espeon Bug: Volcarona Rock: Golem Ghost: Shedinja Dragon: Haxorous Dark: Umbreon Steel: Magnezone
  3. Google!!! There is seriously no reason to use Yahoo, Bing, etc. They aren't as good and the never will be. (Edited because I realized this was a thread about browsers and not operating systems).
  4. Name: Jonathan Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: Suburban Atlanta, Georgia Interests: MLP, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Nintendo games, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra Music: Classic rock, grunge, punk rock/pop, house, dubstep, contemporary Christian Personality: On the Autism spectrum, socially awkward, introverted, feminine to some extent, sensitive, socially outgoing to friends, I can be very anxious and depressed when I'm not on my meds Personal Life: I am an only child living with a single mom who is very religious/c
  5. Harkins

    That's Gay

    I've been called "gay" many times at school. I don't think they realized that I'm actually bisexual, but it really hurts my feelings. Being gay should not be associated with being an insult. Gay is a sexual preference, not a mental disorder. Using it an insult just makes you look both homophobic and immature.
  6. 1. The thought of Hell and who is there 2. Satan/demons 3. Cancer or any other kind of long painful death 4. The American government/Obama administration 5. Not having a love life ever
  7. I'm bisexual in the sense in that I'm sexually attracted by feminine guys. Not to macho or wanna be macho guys at all. I do largely prefer women though. Oh, and did I also mention I'm also a devout Christian?
  8. In the United States, there's Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Toys "R" Us for MLP toys. For more fanbased merchandise and t-shirts, there are Hot Topic, F.Y.E., Spencers, and WeLoveFine (online only).
  9. My Little Pony (of course) Pokemon and almost anything Nintendo Yu-Gi-Oh! Sonic SpongeBob (mostly the older ones) Adventure TIme Regular Show Doctor Who
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