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  1. Alright, here you go. Let me know if you need more. As for the background, I was a bit too lazy to type it, but just know that I know her entire backstory (Minus details like names or dates or timeframes) by memory. Species: Unicorn-Windigo Hybrid Age: 21 Gender: Female Residence: Ponyville Hometown: ~=[Redacted By Order Of Princess Celestia]=~ Occupation: Inventor And Item Repairer Personality: Icy is typically calm, but fun. When she gets really quiet, then you need to watch what you say and do. She will always help somepony she knows, or somepony she dosen't. She likes to talk to new ponies, or talk to ponies in general, and she likes having friends, but not so much that she can't live without them. And while she would accept somepony getting closer than that, she wouldn't like it, because she would be scared. Not for herself, but for their safety. When somepony is harassing her friends, she can become a bit mischevious. For example, freezing a bathroom door shut as the pony is trying to get in (Discreetly), or freezing the pony's hoof to the ground while they are walking. Or making it snow on them for a few hours. She is very inventive, always coming up with new ideas. Although not all of them are always practical. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ice Storm dosen't really have a personality. All Ice Storm can think about is absorbing more warmth. Physical Description: Her fur feels soft, but cold. The "feathers" of her wings feel hard and mettalic, but as flexible as an actual feather, and as light too. Her wings are even colder than her fur. Likes: Inventing, her inventions turning out right, the cold, snow, ice, snowball fights, making snowponies, ice skating, flying, improving her inventions, helping ponies, meeting new ponies, doing new things, exploring, milkshakes (She REALLY likes milkshakes), shaved ice, snow cones. Dislikes: Hot weather, her inventions turning out horribly, idiots, warm foods (Though she actually does like to eat some warm foods, she just freezes them and then waits for them to thaw.), not having anything to do, Ice Storm, blankets. Magic Spells: Icy Creation - Ice Focused Or Cold Focused Magic In General, Shield Spells, Firebolt, Other General Magic Spells (Though nowhere near as many as Twilight), Levitation. Magic Spells: Ice Storm - Icening (Ice Lightning, turns things into pure ice, which spreads through organics. If it strikes a pony, they are an ice sculpture within a single second.)
  2. Alright, here she is. Though I don't know if the link will work, since it's still awaiting approval. If not, then I could copy-paste.
  3. Question, is it fine if I come in from the cold? (You'd get the joke if you know my OC. Which you don't.) No, seriously though, can I join please?
  4. Honestly I just stopped reading when suddenly the story went, "Oh, hey, look, this universe is a story, and that is a physical law here! Now everyone is aware that they are fictional!" Though it is still the best in my opinion, before that happened.
  5. Songs of the Spheres, though I never actually got around to catching up fully. Still not a finished story, though.
  6. I really hope this dosen't count as necroposting, but here is my response. My main OC is Icy Creation. She is a Unicorn-Windigo Hybrid. Normally she looks like this, But when her windigo instincts (Evolved over time to consume warmth instead of hate, due to dilution of the genetics) she ends up looking like this: And she calls that form of herself Ice Storm. Because anybody nearby will typically end up as an ice sculpture by the time she goes back to normal. Plus the icy blue lightning that arcs off her that turns anything it touches into pure ice (And ponies into ice sculptures.).
  7. I say Shy. And Bow. Actually, probably just both of them.
  8. As you can see, I am very diverse. But still.
  9. I kind of want to say something here, but I don't know which parts to tell about her, there are a few more than just three.. Hmmm... I'm going to do both. Blue Midnight 1: Is literally me, but isn't a representation of me. IE He was exactly me when he first met Ian, and as of now he has been traveling the multiverse for several millenia. 2: Has a connection to the timeline. IE He can view all possible futures (Though not quite simultaneously) and choose which one occurs. But when he influences the timeline it destabilizes the 'verse and after too much altering, the fabric of spacetime itself begins to break down. 3: He is the only Guardian that is actually human instead of simply preferring to take a human physiological form. (Out of the four Guardians, two of them are energy beings and one was originally a pony.) Icy Creation 1: Is a Unicorn-Windigo hybrid. 2: Has an alternate, "personality," whose only goal is to consume warmth. Typically, a byproduct of consuming warmth from living beings, is that Ice Storm (the personality) leaves behind very realistic looking ice sculptures. That was what happened to the entirety of Icy Creation's home town, in fact. She killed them all. "I... Nee-need... h-heat... I can... F-fe-feel it f-rom you... I nee- I need it..." 3: Has a pair of artificial wings that she invented on her own. They let her fly pretty much exactly as well as real wings would and let her land on clouds, but not manipulate weather. The reason that they work at all is because Dash's filly rainboom imparted a little bit of her pegasus magic into the spell Icy was in the process of binding to the wings. So in other words, Icy has a bit of Dash magic in her wings.