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  1. AnonyPoni

    The "Welcome Back" Thread

    The feeling is mutual. I've written stuff that seems so dumb now that I look back on it.
  2. AnonyPoni

    The "Welcome Back" Thread

    How could I forget a mercenary assassin who could read minds? And it goes to show how long ago I stopped frequenting the forum, since I don't think I've ever met most of you guys before :/ (besides Jacket/Calirolls). Still, it's nice to meet all of you.
  3. AnonyPoni

    The "Welcome Back" Thread

    During the really long hiatus, a lot of us drifted away from the forum. It's been almost two years since I was really "active" on the forum. Luckily, it's pony season again. If you've came back after a long time, reintroduce yourself here. Maybe mention how the you and the forum have changed since then. I for one was surprised to see that the 200 character mins are gone
  4. AnonyPoni

    S05:E04 - Bloom and Gloom

    Does anyone else think the writers are getting better at pacing? I was impressed at how well they used the 22 minutes.
  5. AnonyPoni

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Singing too well
  6. AnonyPoni

    Ponify Your Computer

    You, sir, are a saint and a scholar
  7. AnonyPoni

    Ponify Your Computer

    I'm on Linux, so I don't anticipate this working out well
  8. AnonyPoni

    Advanced The Good King (OOC)

    Somepony had to say it. New episode: Bat ponies
  9. AnonyPoni

    Mathematical Nerds?

    Meanwhile, I have a C in calculus I have to confess, I read Euler in my head as Yuler XD
  10. AnonyPoni

    Gaming Pony mod for Europa Universalis 4

    I'm not sure if this will be an issue for you, but I wasn't able to get the mod to work using steam. Here's the mediafire link to the mod (hopefully, the maker of the mod is ok with this, since you cant get to it without being a member of the paradox forum)
  11. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's definatly really cool. Basically, you can play as some equestrian nations in north america. The creator of the mod includes a bit of lore as well. After milleniums of exploring the world, the Equestrian people settled on some land. As the time went by,the actual ponies were less and less numerous relatively to humans living with them. There are no ponies today, but the ponies traditions, culture and religions are still reverd by the ''Equestrian humans''. Here are some screenshots. the mod does have a few bugs, so watch out... dat loading screen I saw one with Cadence as well. There's probably a Celestia one too I was playing as Equestria, which is that tiny country with the green rectangle on it.... Unicornia and Ponyland are vassals of that country, which means that they are my "subject nations". You can see that our nation is a "Celestial Enlightenment." Our ruler has quite a funny name as well (all the people in this mod have funny pony names now ) Ponyland's diplomacy screen. "Pony Representation" is their government Unicornia's Diplomacy screen Pegasia And the Pegasus Colonies, which is a weird choice of a nation but oh well. It's a vassal of Pegasia. And I just wanted to show you the Equestrian technology group, which is "Enlightened Ponies" . From what I can tell, it's on par with the Western tech levels (and uses Western Units). All the other nations have "New World" and use native American units. So, yeah. Give this mod and m00nnsplit (the guy who made it) some love, guys!
  12. AnonyPoni

    Season 4: Predictions & Hopes

    Everything I might want has probably already been said and said again... However, there is one thing I'm hoping season 4 will do. I really liked MLP as a "Slice of Life" type of show. The direction they seem to be moving in (WHAT'S IN THE BOX?) seems to be a story arc sort of thing (like you see in many animes). This isn't a bad thing, and I'm not going to the classic "IM LEAVIN THE FANDOMMMMM!" if it turns out that that's what the ultimate plan is. However, I really hope MLP doesn't forget it's slice of life roots and will continue to make episodes like those.
  13. I am incredibly impressed with this review and how thorough this review was. I was planning on writing my own, but I feel like you did a much better job than I could ever had. You noted the good, as well as the bad. I look forward to reading your reviews in the future.
  14. Oh god she's she's going to talk my ear off...