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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Rainbow Dash
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    Bat Pony
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    Princess Luna
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    Rainbow Dash
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    Top Bolt
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    Awoken, Nightmare Night, Rainbow Factory, September, and Pegasus Device
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  1. Feeling good, just set up my elgato system to my laptop.
  2. I'm feeling good, how about you
  3. Last song I listened to was Monster by Starset
  4. I have officially reached 1000 brohooves on the counter. I thank all my friends and other users who brohooved me. In celebration of this 1000 brohoof point, I have made a picture of character named Nebula. Hope you like her Nebula.thumb.png.2caa82fe96cb034b8549a086733b6620.png

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Congrats, my friend. :)

  5. I've made my first pokemon picture of a shiny Umbreon. I hope you like it.Umbreon.thumb.png.ba1becda3904914f743e697bb4ff73cf.png

    1. Pandora


      Looks good! :D 

  6. So I've drawn a picture if the Division scenario hit Equestrian, specifically in Manehatten. One of the four factions is the Looters, who just take supplies from others and think 'survival of the fittest' is the way to live. The other four are the Convicts, Followers, and the Insurgents. Hope you like this picture I've drawn of a Looter, base is by StargazeAndSundance on DA. Looter.thumb.png.2a5978e5e7ab82f5583a0d878bf45ba3.png

  7. Thanks for the follow^^

    1. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Your welcome :BrightMacContent:

  8. Flying Pencil

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking of playing COD: Cold War
  9. Your an amazing artist
  10. Flying Pencil

    New member here

    Welcome to the herd
  11. Watching videos on YouTube
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