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  1. ...nope not really... If you going for the feels, ypu bryter get on violet evergarden level..... Now that needs sn Emmie Sry big thumbs and all that
  2. What is more powerful than god Eviler than a demon Marshmallowy than rarity And faster than light? ....... Nothing
  3. Cyclist shave their legs though.... But not me.
  4. I would like to hear a person without an accent... Can anyone tell me what does it sound like?
  5. Yup! But when you get to a certain age.... It can harm or kill you now....one of our senior's senior had that case. It was nap time at work.... But i guess he forgot to wake up
  6. Im thinking about ten more years will be the next illuminati.... Like " hey i heard our neighbor worship twilight sparkle.", " Didn't you know? His a brony!"
  7. Snow breeze is good too..... Shimmer brittle?
  8. She's like a shinning snow from the suns beam....hmmm Oh okhmmmm.... Theres wind and snow flakes.......so an ice and wind type.... I also see a letter S and B Shiver breeze, silver breeze, snow blight... .............. There
  9. What is her cutie mark? That usually helps a lot
  10. Who is ready to RISE AND HUNT MONSTERS!!.... WELP  we have to wait until march 26...:okiedokieloki:

  11. Sweetie gem....but im a guy soooo....whats a manly name for sweetie? ....
  12. Don't wear stuff that dosn't fit you is all i wanna say...but if it fits and you got nothing to wear...hey better than not wearing anything... But please...please? what the hay... I wouldn't even notice a cross dresser.