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  1. A random episode.... Its like they practiced the 3d there and when perfected applied to the movie
  2. .....,..next project...


  3. Kujamih

    Adventure Fail safe chapter 2

    Wait! theres more help to be done!
  4. Theres a bad reaction to your body i guess Sometimes it happens to me with coca cola.... Maybe it had too much fizz in it or what not
  5. Eeeeiiiiyyyyup.... Especially this one remix where they extended and added new lyrics
  6. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    Light kinda see this one coming..what did he expect. "....welp that's depressing... I make a heroic speech and i lose one audience and the other one just filtered it out... At least i managed to entertain you right Blitz?"
  7. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    "Ahahaha nothing we could do about the contamination?" "... I don't want to sound like a racist but... That's what got all the humans extinct.... Except with this one dimension i know of... But that one is going downhill as well." Light sighed. " Of course... you are a human being after all... Your first instinct is destruction and chaos...hehe i remembered our first mission in a human dimension... We messed that one sooo bad.... Ahmmm... But that doesn't mean you can't do better right? " If you see someone litter does that mean you can litter there as well? No! " If a
  8. A game where you put a word and the next player explains it like a dictionary that has equestrian connection For example... "Twilight Sparkle " Next player answers "A crazy pony who likes books." "Quills" Next player. "A sharp writing object that can also become a lethal weapon when used by unicorns." "Sweetie belle" Next player. " A dictionary" Aaandd... This game sounded fun in my head... Oh uh.... "Equestria"
  9. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    " Cali i did say that i want to avoid contaminance that doesn't exist in this world.... ponies exist meaning i can allow "US" specific contaminance to somehow as few as possible to contaminate this dimension.... But you turning into human has somehow didn't pollute it in some weird way... Meaning a human has already existed here or has already polluted this place... But that cellphone... Are you sure that that's the only material inside that? And that doesn't mean that if the materials exist that cellphone exist... Like what Molotov has said before... That device has no use for pony kind... An
  10. I do love scythes..... Oh and where are we going on this story? You didn't shake the hoof... Does that mean we are in a dangerous situation with you...or just the stubborn part of Cali? And Light is just misunderstanding.
  11. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    "True.. i mean we are considered a contaminance... But the contamination i want to avoid is changing this dimensions path.... Sometimes a contaminance wont do nothing like the material i just gave molotov b cause the material i handed over exist in this realm... And that cellphone you just presented has it's negative effects. Because it's not supposed to exist in this universe and the materials don't exist in this universe." Light paused and pondered some more on what Cali has just said. Is he not seeing something while Cali has? " wait "Already contaminated"? How?"
  12. But Cali is already cool.... Why are you making her even weirder ... I know you like weird but come on
  13. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    @Califorum @Blitz Boom @Windy Breeze "Sure but will you stop with the contamination and i wont bother you." Light put a hoof out gesturing a shake of "HOOVES"(HAND).... " Cali....shake on it.... Pleaaaase???" Light kinda knows that all Calis are stubborn by default, but has pride on what she does... And a shake of hooves or hands will show what kind of cali she is... A cooperative one. Or a dangerous one.
  14. Kujamih

    Private The Æther Project

    @Illiad Easle Light is stuck... If he tells the truth that he is a pony from another dimension. They'd probably lock him up or get killed... If he sticks to amnesia... Actually now that he thought about it... He is totally screwed... And if he tells the truth now... It just proves that he is a lier... So sticking to his story is the best action he can do... " PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!! I'LL CLEAN YOUR ROOM ..FOR A WEEK... NO FOR A MONTH.... A YEAR!! no wait maybe just 2 months..... 3 months is my final offer... PLEASE O HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON IN THIS WOOHUHUHURLD! Why am i beggin
  15. .....,..


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    2. Kujamih


      I have the same reaction as the blue kelpie

    3. Jesse Terrence

      Jesse Terrence

      Wait, when did IDW started to use kelpies?

      Dunno if this is good or bad for my upcoming stuff :confused:

    4. Kujamih


      Hahaha there are also ponies who talk to plants.

  16. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    "......" Light was lost for words. Instead of questioning Cali's actions he went to Molotov and said, "... Just watch out for her... I think she means no harm... But if you let her loose.. your world will be contaminated with things..." Light then went to Cali and said, " look. I know a bit about you because another Cali is a part of my team trying to fix dimensions. She's a very good friend of mine and have saved each others butt a lot of times....well she did try to kill everyone in the team... but still, a good friend. I know what your gunna say. "You have friends!?" I'm sure you
  17. ... I actually wanted to add a bit for us when you are going to the physical exam. Im gonna say to you character. " Hey don't worry about the physical exam.. it's easy, you got this. Your name is written all over it." Ehhhh eeehhhh
  18. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    @Califorum @Windy Breeze @Blitz Boom Light face hoofed himself again, but this time it got a little bit forceful. " Ouch...." Light is now rubbing his four head. " For someone who jumps through other dimensions, You should've gotten used to strangers knowing who you are by now. Or who have grudge on you." Light said with a sarcastic tone. " I'm gonna say it again.... Don't contaminate/ influence other dimensions with other dimensions."
  19. I guess you didn't read this then ... Or is it really on purpose cuz i can see Cali doing that. But the dice have been roled. Let's stick too it.
  20. @Blitz Boom.... No not me Its @Midnight_Aurora @Califorum And why did Cali just shrug me off!? I was expecting a good come back!?
  21. Oh anthropology... Thats a good song too
  22. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    @Califorum, @Windy Breeze, @Blitz Boom Light face hoofed. " damn it Cali! even your other self ain't listening to a word i say.... Hey CALI HELLO! Did you not hear what i just said? why did i even try." Instead Light turned his attention to Molotov. "It's not you who I'm worried of... Its her... i can trust you, you're smart... Cali on the other hand....i know she is smart too, But... Child..ish... and careless...and has a traumatizing past.... That's why theres a lot of creatures want her...dead... Think of it this way. What if it wasn't you who Cali gave the phone too?.
  23. ...what that!!!... * Looks it up on youtube*
  24. Kujamih

    Private The Æther Project

    @Illiad Easle Light was sweating and gave a long pause. " Well... If thats what a cultist is as you described... Wont i be too... I don't know... Obvious?" please work. Light said to himself. "And why would the lord of chaos use his goons? Instead why not just flick his finger and be done with it?"
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