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  1. Kujamih

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    .......oh shit WHAT am I thinking? I DON'T KNOW.......HELP!!!!
  2. Kujamih

    Request Can someone draw Collapse for me?

    I love this design
  3. @Starforce @Zoom Jetstream "..... that's just it...... I have none....... except with them timber wolves...." Void's reply to them. her tone was monotonous and quite creepy that for some reason the ambient noise around them seems to be louder.
  4. that's the shark!?.... I'd tap that rrrrrrrr lol and that demon going crazy.... hmmmm was she born here in casual stroll? if so she has a potential to try and destroy this universe...... let us fix it! plus @Loud Opinion has dream power..... that could help that demon.....
  5. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    Light's worries of misunderstanding has vanished, as he has found out that the strange mare beside her was as gullible as the shark. now only questions and doubt swirls around his head. " ...errr...." Light would then not continue his reply to them as it would seem to be the proper route of action for this.
  6. Void shutters to Thamani's reply. "oOoh.... I see.." she replied while trying to hold her tears.
  7. let's make an example... GUNS! for an adult with knowledge.... it's technology... but to primitive people it's a magic boom stick.
  8. magic exist in the real world.... magic are things that are not explainable or not yet explained by science. alchemist is a mix of both. there's a lot of things that science can't cure here in the Philippines... and yet a witch doctor here could.... you know why? because they themselves made the sickness and they themselves made the cure.... I know, we assholes.... anyway once magic is explained it's science... hence a magician never reveals his her secret.... because if he does .... it's science now..... disappearing bunny! if not explained it's magic! if explained sl
  9. I was expecting..... original ish darkness? thems are just video game darkness.... I don't think some of them are dark at all.....
  10. nah everything can be lame if done right... in it's case done wrong
  11. ....hmm you know "fail safe" IS set up on a dark multiverse where my hero tries to correct the time line...... tis quite interesting, no?
  12. grogar made monsters.... reformed discord might make the peaceful mixed creatures..... or humer creatures... like the rats with wings...(pidgeon) became literal

    I'd like your opinion on this. it's been a while since I made a light novel.... and I haven't finished the other novel aswell....

    you can post it here or pm me?

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    2. Sparkly sparks

      Sparkly sparks

      you should probably go with "they had frowns on their faces"

      or atleast change it to "their face where always frowning."

    3. Kujamih


      oh don't worry I did :laugh:

    4. Kujamih


      I wanted to make it feel that Madeline is telling the story.


      " they had frowns on their faces" dosnt seem natural for someone like Madeline to say...is what I think.....

      I will still edit and check. thanks again @Sparkly sparks . I will soon put part 2!

  14. I don't know why but I wanted to make a back story for mad pie......
  15. Once upon a time, when I was still a filly. My mother had told me stories about my aunt, who is one of the elements of harmony. They have saved the world countless times and changed it for the better. My mother's stories about them were grand and epic, one can tell how proud my mother was about her sister. She also told me that one of my name represents one of her name aswell. So I'm inspired to be like my aunt! I have asked my mother more and more about her, and the more I knew about her, the more I got inspired and wanted to be like her! I have learned that my aunt represents
  16. I noticed the animals in gen 5 are tampered with. sure in gen 4 there are chimeras and bugbears and what nots.... but in gen 5 there's..... flying dogs? rats with wings? bunny's with prehensile ears? this is suspicious.... these animals werent present in gen 5...
  17. tis because people want the cheap way.....little did they know it has consequences...
  18. @Blitz Boom is there any stories in casual stroll that didn't finished or needed proper closure?
  19. Kujamih

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Starforce @Thunder Light ~Cali in the realm of darkness!~ Cali found herself inside the darkness. she would try stabbing and slashing randomly, but to no avail. she'd notice that more and more eyes are staring at her, so she'd quickly try to escape that realm. as she exits she throws 5 flash grenades inside the portal. " stare at this..." Cali said in a bad ass way. then she herself plugged the portal with a portal that throws anything that goes in it back where it came from. she'd noticed that Molotov is petting the weird spider. " what are you doing
  20. Furries, Underaged, Childrens, Kids, Eccentrics, Delinquents, Usurpers, Parents.
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