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    'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.' - Gandhi

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  1. Technoblade

    Animation Longest Anime You've Watched?

    re:zero season 1 no i don't watch that much anime, but that's because there aren't many anime i like and lots of anime are impossible to stream without paying actual cash money (which i don't have because i'm 14 and my single mum isn't made of money)
  2. saying any of them are my 'favourite' implies that i like any of them (which i don't) but scootaloo is def the least worst
  3. *insert drug joke here* jokes aside coke is acc dead lol
  4. fandom. honestly, i don't even really like MLP anymore. i don't even consider myself a fan at this point
  5. sushi? i'd rather eat shit nigiri crisps or potato chips yes it's a joke you idiot
  6. Technoblade

    I love you because

    i love you because apparently i have to
  7. pinkie pie (nobody even comes close)
  8. i'm not smart enough to learn a whole language
  9. yeah. in terms of appearance i definitely wouldn't be my type be my type (tall-ish, black hair, near-black eyes, light-brown skin) but honestly i'd love anybody with my personality
  10. i know this was six years ago but do you have a flame thrower?
  11. not polite or mean really. i just talk normally innit. i'm not posh but i'm not a dickhead either
  12. joke answer? yes (depression big funy xd) real answer? yes
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