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  1. Comic strips could actually be more serious. Basically the plot of the 90s animation of moomin is same but they took out some parts that were more serious to make it more suitable for family and kids, its good though. But one Example
  2. I like the language culture, it sounds awesome Also thanks for moomin as a kid!
  3. I can only remember some of the lyrics dur ru ru, dur ru ru ru "I understand how you feeeeeeeel, or what if this isnt reeeeeeeal"
  4. Deer are suicidal, because they cant see
  5. Deer in general unless they are tamed dont ever go near a human. They eat but they keep safe distance
  6. They sure have enough energy to complain huh. Low energy people, i blame hipsters If you wanna kill it, listen to "Nickelback - Rockstar" and play Sonic Heroes on PS2. That is hipsters worst enemy. High energy, hipsters are the opposite of it.
  7. Think its the logic of. People dont want a company to expand, take over other companies and become bigger than it needs to be
  8. I mean companies helping is one thing. Example an american oil company is what helped Norway find oil in 1969, before that it was poor. EU isnt like that entirely, it is a collective set of bureaucratic rulings, which work on international globalist enslavement. A company helping a place grow is fine. Its when the illuminati starts to get in that i shrugs. I heard Facebook is gonna make internet free in Africa through pipelines or something, if that can help develop. Then Kudos.
  9. Well you wont be poor. Its more you wont have any value, like job markeds will be occupied by sociologists, social workers and psychologists. Whats the point of living if you get paid for doing absolutely nothing
  10. Yeah Euronites love globalism. I live in Norway, can confirm. Its a manipulative form of economy and hugely self righteous one that is. Cant make job marked but hey they can support this. Atleast in Scandinavia i think Denmark is one exception since they have more work effeciency there, work ethics and encouragement
  11. Sounds like heaven for elites in a sense if you think about it. You get global economy... but everyone at bottom just can screw themselves in the world. Easy to stay rich and make jobs for psychologists, sociologists and social workers to manipulate those people. Good way to manipulate the economy and people living in that society
  12. Yes and no Bionic arm seems legit But female warrior on allied forces in WW2 was non existant almost. It was just man on man war, only exception was Soviet Union when Germans hit them hard, so female soldiers became a thing. Not sure why they didnt pick soviets. I looked up Female soldiers during WW2. One mentions that Japanese for example didnt have female warriors in battle, exception was Okinawa i think when they needed to defend that place. But often it was not a thing with exception of soviets. I guess if the idea is CULTURAL SHOCK, since people arent used seeing WW2 depicted this way as how its pictured by majority. Then there is that too.
  13. I just dont get why Americans cant be treated like Americans.. Just as a whole Baiters, rilers, media. Everything about that, pure amusement. And just garbage.