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  1. I'm not quite sure how to describe this feeling, it's like the feeling of safety and comfort when there's a rain, storm or night outside. Also wake up an hour earlier just to give yourself time to gradually leave the bed
  2. - Not to feel pain. It's obsolete for an adult, simple feeling that something is wrong with your body without putting you in agony would be enough - Not to degrade in couch potato lifestyle. Seriously, why can't organic bodies be like machines: less use - more lifetime
  3. I rather feel happy when people remember about my bd. If they don't, well we're just not close enough not a big deal. But if a person remembers about my bd, it means a lot
  4. I finally can say it CPU: i5-10400 GPU: RTX 2070 8G RAM: 16gb DDR4 256gb SSD 1920x1080'144@ display
  5. I haven't had much time despite quarantine and only watched: Bojack Horseman (absolute masterpiece and my favourite cartoon) Berserk (another masterpiece, tho new anime adaptation sucks at many points but still watchable) Samurai Jack (interesting show, I already forgot that old cartoon usually had per-episode stories with one simple story behind it and I'm not a big fan of such format, but Samurai Jack has a charm)
  6. I used to be a hardcore gamer and couldn't live a day without playing. But I grew up, became busier with studying and now I only play on weekends from time to time Tho I was and still very involved in gaming industry
  7. Time format was changed from 24-hour to 12-hour along with system language when I changed it about 6 months ago and while I kiiinda got how am/pm work, I apparently still haven't got used to it

    Yesterday I was in bed surfing internet and noticed that the date on the phone is 15th and it's Sunday. I immediately freaked out because on Monday my holidays are over and I have first classes, and I still was in my grandma's house on the other side of the city! I texted to my friend explaining the situation, thought how to make believable excuse to miss the school "tomorrow"... And then got a message from the friend "it's 00:30 no shit it's Sunday". And then it clicked in my head that 12:30am is already another day for 30 minutes and I'm not missing school:sealed:

    1. Califorum


      12 hour system is really stupid. I hate it. 

    2. ExplosionMare


      I tried very hard to learn the 24 hr system and I just couldn’t comprehend it :scoots:

  8. Chell from Portal series And of course Marble Pie (aka Inkie Pie)
  9. I'm really excited, I finally bought a new laptop after 7 years of using potato and I can't wait it to arrive. Also sad and happy at the same time that holidays won't be extended more, without school my chances to successfully pass finals are low
  10. I really like Luna, she has very appealing color scheme and beautiful nightsky mane
  11. The snow is cycling through falling out and melting for the last 3 weeks. The weather is awful during this, no show, no sun, just moody overcast cold weather with a lot of mud
  12. Idk, watch it. What else can I do? Hope it'd be at least nearly as good as g4
  13. First, Introvert is not necessarily a shy person and vice versa, extravert is not necessarily outgoing party person. Introverts enjoy time alone and get emotionally drained after spending a lot of time with others. Extravers enjoy time spent with other people and find hard to entertain themselves alone I'm almost completely an introvert, I don't need people around me, I have a very small circle of good friends, during hard times I'm better coping with it alone without support (and don't really know how to support others) and I'm fine without friends (like I don't need them texting me every day). I noticed those little details in contrast with my friend, at first glance she's introverted and shy too. But she told me that she loves meeting new people, supporting them and be part of their lives. When she's alone she feels depressed, betrayed and shallow. So in fact she's an extravert despite her being shy Now I'm interested what type of person are you?
  14. I wouldn't wear them, I like normal socks But damn do they look sexy and cute on females at the same time UwU