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  1. I exchange used PS4 disks with people in my city. For digital games I use steam (thanks to gaben that he acknowledges that Russia is not an Europe country and drastically lowers prices for us, unlike greedy Sony)
  2. "Do you like hurting other people?" - Richard, Hotline Miami
  3. Just like almost any other show. I remember Adventure Time meant that Finn was just an ordinary kid with enormous imagination
  4. ФNon of Avengers movies deserve hype they got Sitcoms like Friends and Big Bang Theory are not interesting in general as a genre Hazbin Hotel is great as an example that you can do wonderful things even if you're not a big animation company. But as a standalone show it's just good-looking average show with plot clearly about author (not-like-everyone girl surrounded by people who "don't get her"). I prefer Helluva Boss to watch Seasons 2-3 of Berserk are not that bad, as soon as you get used to weird animation and sounds it becomes a great anime! Did they changed the story from manga? I don't remember third arc at all but I also don't recall it being terrible. (Fourth arc (season 4 I guess) is absolutely awesome though)
  5. If we're talking about alternative version, this is my favourite one
  6. I wouldn't mind it. But good luck explaining cartoony plane or computer on your butt to your partner
  7. Is there a thing they wouldn't accept? I mean I feel like even if you say "I'm sorry, I really want to change" after massacring a group of ponies they would accept you
  8. It's likely I'd say. Writers usually base their characters on real people. Thought characters might be a fusion of a few personalities. And I don't think there are people with such kindness without their inner demons
  9. They just wanted to make the show more appealing to girls and made majority of characters females! Look what you've done, Hasbro, now ponies have population crisis Headcanon in 6+ show is now the thing you should take seriously, but it feels and seems like at least 70% of characters are females
  10. I don't remember much about story, but songs are great!
  11. Yes, yes, yes I lost my interest in the show because it's too childish (duh). But if the show was with adult themes, I would love it! And adult in clever way, more like Bojack Horseman, not Family Guy
  12. So, you discovered one of that weaboo type with dakimakuras and waifus in brony form
  13. Brony fandom is almost all about friendship and ponies, but after all we are people. So have you ever had a moment when you actively disliked another brony? (Please keep it anonymous) I have one such brony, youtuber who I really don't like. He used to have a channel dedicated to pony-related reactions, he told everyone that he would be with ponies till the end and even made a Fluttershy tattoo. Then mlp hypetrain started to slowing down and he suddenly hopped on another one (anime videos). After this moment he started to completely ignore bronies and never said a word about it, like he erased all memories about mlp
  14. I went to school and revised some physics themes today