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  1. I was just wondering can any of the wonderbolts pull off a sonic rainboom? They seem like they have the skills to do so.
  2. Lightning Swirl

    General Fav MLP Episode

    What is your favorite MLP Episode? My favorite is Sonic Rainboom and Testing 1, 2, 3
  3. I already switch genders almost everyday, that's why I'm bigender.
  4. Named my dog Clover the most clever dog in the whole world, and yes that is her full name.
  5. High of 39 degree fahrenheit, cloudy. Wind: 60 miles per hour. Morning snow.
  6. Most everyday I'll wear black leggings and a black hoodie.
  7. My favorite flavor is lemon blueberry
  8. I was bullied for being bigender and bisexual. I was also bullied because I have a condition called cold urticaria. And I was bullied because I have ADHD.
  9. Lightning Swirl

    I'm new here

    Hi I'm new here. My internet name is Lightning Swirl. I'm a writer from Toledo, Ohio, USA.
  10. I live in Toledo, Ohio. My favorite thing to do is go to Mud Hens games ( baseball) and go Medel Detecting on the shores of Lake Erie.
  11. Just heard that the MLP Movie 2 is going to be 3D. I personally think that 2D would be better.
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