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  1. This episode was really emotional for me. I tried not to cry but the waterworks came anyway. There were lots of things that bothered me about this episode, not because they were bad decisions or anything, more like they were great decisions that made me super sad. I honestly didn't like that Pinkie married Cheese because he was never a big part of the series, and because I kinda thought they were too similar to fit together. And how Pound and Pumpkin looked? I wasn't a fan. But this episode made me super sad. I mean, the Mane 6 are so much older, and Twilight turned into a recolor of Celestia,
  2. Riverlight Moonrise

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    You know, there's always been lots of debate on whether EqG is actually canon to the show, but finally they put Sunset Shimmer in the show, if only for a half-a-second cameo shot that's barely noticeable.
  3. Riverlight Moonrise

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Most of the EG shorts aren't that interesting to me, but I like how we see that Sunset Shimmer is really quite the artist. I wonder what Celestia would say if someone asked her about that.
  4. I really liked the visuals with the song in this one. You could tell how throughout the song they got less and less excited. And Celestia got more and more pushy. That's why Luna is the best princess.
  5. Ya know, why was no one ever suspicious of Cozy's cutie mark? It's a chess piece, but we never see her playing chess, so it's obviously symbolic of her manipulative ways.
  6. Could someone tell me about long Starlight? I don't get it...
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    Thanks so much, guys!!!
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    Hello, everypony! I'm new, and I just wanted to say hi! My main OC is Riverlight Moonrise. She is a talented unicorn, about as talented as Starlight. She attended Celestia's magic school. She enjoys working with transfiguration and illusion magic. She doesn't yet understand the magic of friendship. She's kind of a villian. She kidnaps ponies and takes part of them, say a piece of hair, and uses it to turn herself into that pony, and makes their lives miserable. Kind of like Chrysalis in the Mean 6 episode. I hope she learns the magic of friendship soon!
  11. Yes! Friendship is magic, but who needs friendship magic when you have Starlight Glimmer's!
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